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Jacqueline van den Ende’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of adaptability, self-belief, and a global perspective. From her early days in private equity to her current role at Carbon Equity, she continues to push boundaries and create lasting impact.

Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder that with determination and a willingness to embrace the unknown, one can turn bold ideas into reality.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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Embracing Uncertainty and Global Perspectives

Growing up as the child of a shell engineer, Jacqueline’s formative years were marked by international experiences. From the shores of Australia to the heart of Syria, her adventurous upbringing instilled in her a unique perspective on wealth and adaptability.

This global outlook became a cornerstone of her entrepreneurial journey, setting her apart in the business world. Jacqueline’s exposure to diverse cultures and environments imbued her with a sense of fearlessness in the face of the unknown.

Her early years laid the foundation for a life marked by a willingness to take risks, an attribute that would later prove pivotal in her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Private Equity to Startup: A Leap of Faith

Transitioning from a thriving private equity career to the unpredictable world of startups was a bold move for Jacqueline. Her decision to build a company in the Philippines, a place unfamiliar to her, showcased her comfort with uncertainty and her willingness to embrace new challenges.

This pivotal moment in her career demonstrated the power of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and venturing into the unknown. Jacqueline’s ability to adapt to new environments and industries was a key factor in her success.

Her experience in private equity provided a solid foundation, but it was her willingness to pivot toward entrepreneurship that truly set her on her path to making a lasting impact.

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Entrepreneurial DNA: A Family Legacy

Jacqueline’s family background was not steeped in entrepreneurship, yet her innate entrepreneurial spirit always shone through. Even as a student, she was drawn to the world of startups. The creation of The Kleine Consultant, a nonprofit student-run consulting organization, was a testament to her entrepreneurial inclinations, setting the stage for her future ventures.

Her early endeavors in creating The Kleine Consultant highlighted her natural ability to generate business ideas and rally people around them. This experience planted the seed for her future as a successful entrepreneur.

Lessons from Private Equity: Thinking Beyond Templates

Jacqueline’s time in private equity at HAL Investments provided her with invaluable lessons in thinking independently. Unlike consultancy, where templates and structures guide problem-solving, investing demanded original, non-conformist ideas. This shift in mindset empowered her to trust her own judgment and think beyond conventional approaches.

In the dynamic world of private equity, Jacqueline honed her ability to think critically and independently. This experience equipped her with the skills needed to navigate the unpredictable terrain of entrepreneurship.

The Quest for Freedom and Lasting Impact

Identifying as a builder, Jacqueline recognized that her true passion lay in creating something lasting. This drive for freedom and the desire to leave a meaningful legacy fueled her entrepreneurial pursuits.

The journey from the inception of The Kleine Consultant to its current stature as a household brand in the Netherlands exemplifies the impact she’s made. Her journey is a testament to the power of persistence and the ability to turn ideas into tangible, long-lasting ventures.

Jacqueline’s story encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to seek out their own opportunities for impact and leave a meaningful mark on the world.

Navigating the Philippines: Trials and Triumphs

Jacqueline’s experience building a Rocket Internet-backed real estate startup, Lamudi, in the Philippines was characterized by both challenges and victories. Hiring the right people proved to be a significant learning curve.

The importance of not settling for mediocrity and striving for excellence in team selection emerged as a critical lesson for her entrepreneurial journey.

Her time in the Philippines was marked by the invaluable lesson of hiring for excellence rather than settling for adequacy. This experience solidified her understanding of the importance of assembling a high-performing team. Eventually, Lamudi was acquired by Dubai-based Dubizzle Group (formerly EMPG).

Carbon Equity: Pioneering Climate Innovation

Jacqueline’s newest venture, Carbon Equity, is a testament to her commitment to addressing climate change. Recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, she’s developed a platform that allows individuals to invest in innovative climate technologies.

By democratizing access to climate investments, Carbon Equity aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Carbon Equity is not just a business venture; it’s a mission-driven endeavor to combat climate change through accessible and impactful investment opportunities.

Jacqueline’s vision for a sustainable future is driving the platform’s growth and impact. The company has raised €9M in funding, of which €6M in October 2023. Carbon Equity has raised over €160m for her climate funds.

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Jacqueline van den Ende’s entrepreneurial journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring business leaders and climate advocates alike. Her ability to embrace uncertainty, think independently, and create lasting impact serves as a beacon for those seeking to make a meaningful difference in the world.

From her diverse upbringing to her pioneering work in climate innovation, Jacqueline exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship in addressing global challenges. Her story stands as a testament to the potential within each of us to drive positive change and leave a lasting legacy.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • Embrace uncertainty and seek opportunities in unfamiliar territories; it’s where true growth lies.
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t bound by familial context; it’s a mindset that transcends backgrounds.
  • In investing, originality and independent thinking trump conforming to templates and structures.
  • Building something lasting requires a steadfast commitment to freedom and a desire for impact.
  • Excellence in team selection is paramount; never settle for mediocrity when hiring.
  • Climate change presents both a challenge and an unparalleled opportunity for transformation.
  • Success in entrepreneurship hinges on persistence through ups and downs; keep moving forward.


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