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Whether hitting a plateau in business, already fielding incoming offers, or racking your brain for the best way to take your venture to the next level, or simply cash out at the right time, consulting the right M&A advisor can make all the difference.

The truth is that the vast majority of M&A deals fail. Even among those that close, founders all too often find they sold far too cheap, on painful terms, and have to watch their businesses fail in the wrong hands. With the right M&A Advisor in your corner the outcome can be dramatically different.

“A players hire A players.” – Steve Jobs

Why Do I Need An M&A

There are many ways a M&A expert can help and add value to this next step in your journey.

  1. Pinpointing the optimal valuation
  2. Preparing winning pitch books
  3. Preparing for and surviving due diligence
  4. Negotiating the best possible acquisition terms
  5. Shopping and securing the best price for your business
  6. Finding the best strategic fit in a new acquirer
  7. Connections to other top talent
  8. Keeping the deal alive through the closing
  9. Preparing you for what’s next after the sale
  10. Maximizing your time to keep the business running during the process

Throughout the 100+ hyper successful founders with big exits featured on the DealMakers Podcast you’ll find many entrepreneurs who have turned early offers into deals 2x to 4x larger M&A transactions.

You’ll also find great disparity between startup stories out there of those who regret their terms after spending a year in the process, versus those who closed in weeks, and have either gone on to their next hyper-successful venture or have found the perfect partner and culture to scale their mission.

They say that “companies are bought not sold,” but it is your job as the founder to ensure you get the help to sell your venture in the best possible deal.

Finding The
Optimal Acquisition

The ideal acquisition: it’s more than just a number

An experienced & connected M&A broker can help you get top dollar for your startup.

Yet, unless you are just a startup churning machine, most founders will find there is a lot more to a successful exit than just the top line price tag.You may want to engage in another round of fundraising to achieve a fresh milestone or roll up additional acquisitions before your IPO or own business sale. For some this may unlock immense value and make your startup far more appetizing and irresistible for your ideal strategic acquirers.

However, beyond the highest possible sales price, founders will find peace and satisfaction in obtaining the right terms and fit in an acquirer. It’s all about the execution and fit.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into this venture. Not to mention a fair number of hours, several buckets of sweat, and put many of your own dollars on the line. All for this important and valuable mission and vision you passionately believe in.

The best M&A exit is the one which also ensures the best potential for your startup’s vision and mission to be realized.You’ll also want to ensure a great return for your stakeholders. As well as being sure your customers and the team which sacrificed so much to help are well taken care of.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to ensure your pathway is clear for your next steps. There may be vast additional value to be found in earnouts. Or you may need to be free to pursue a new opportunity you’ve already been incubating.

It is the holistic picture of all these factors together, which really determines a successful exit, and whether it will be the best move you’ve made in your life so far, or one you will regret for many years.An organized, proven process with the insights of an M&A expert who knows how to find the right matches can prove invaluable in achieving what’s most important here.

Meet Your M&A Coach

Creating value through acquisitions for the best possible combination of price, terms and strategic fit.

M&A Expert Alejandro Cremades is a founder, repeat entrepreneur with his own exits, author of one of the best ranked business books on The Art of Startup Fundraising, weekly Forbes M&A columnist, host of the DealMakers Podcast and a fundraising and mergers and acquisitions advisor.

With over 20 years experience in this ecosystem from the legal and transactional side of M&A to launching and exiting his own startups for millions of dollars, forging the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs (over 500,000), and participating in hundreds of financing rounds, Alejandro Cremades knows what it is like to be in your shoes, and what it takes to efficiently and effectively move through the next stage, and procure a noteworthy exit.

Since selling his most recent venture Alejandro has dedicated himself to providing founders with entrepreneur-centric resources, knowledge, and professional assistance to gain the capital and exits they need and deserve.

He has also been a pioneer in facilitating the new crowdfunding landscape, and has been invited to share his insights at the White House and US House of Representatives. He has been featured in GQ Magazine, Entrepreneur and Vanity Fair as one of the Top 30 Under 30. He contributes his free time to guest lecturing at The Wharton School of Business and NYU Stern School of Business.

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