Alejandro Cremades

Fundraising Consultant and M&A Advisor


M&A Advisor

Cremades has guest lectured on entrepreneurship at New York University Stern School of Business in New York, at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia Business School, and multiple conferences around the world. He is an internationally recognized entrepreneur and M&A advisor with several successful exits under his belt. He has played a vital role in multiple multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions.

Fundraising Coach

Cremades is the author of The Art of Startup Fundraising. With a foreword by Shark Tank‘s Barbara Corcoran, Inc. Magazine, named it one of the best books for entrepreneurs. When you join Cremades’ Inner Circle, you’ll get access to exclusive insights on startups from early stage to growth stage, crafting presentations, business templates, optimizing the strategy, building momentum, identifying the right investors, and avoiding the common mistakes from one of the world’s leading fundraising consultants.

Serial Entrepreneur

Cremades most recently founded Onevest/CoFoundersLab which is with 500,000+ registered entrepreneurs one of the largest communities of founders online. In less than a year, the company was mentioned by TIME as one of the best platforms in the world, as one of the top 10 digital tools for entrepreneurs by Forbes, and as one of the hottest startups to watch by Business Insider. The company was acquired in a multi-million dollar transaction by a media company in California recently. Cremades is also the host of the DealMakers Podcast

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The Art of Startup Fundraising is an easy read with a lot of good advice on how to raise capital. One of the biggest hurdles of early stage companies is fundraising. Entrepreneurs are not experts in this arena which makes this book a worthwhile read.


Author of Delivering Happiness, CEO, Zappos

The Art of Startup Fundraising is a must read for anyone who even considers starting a business. Fundraising is hard. This book gives you the roadmap to get where you are going. Alejandro Cremades speaks with wisdom and from experience.


Founder, Draper Associates, DFJ, Draper University

The Art of Startup Fundraising should be a mandatory reading for entrepreneurs that are looking to raise capital. This book will enable Alejandro to help many more early stage companies answer the tough questions when fundraising.


Chairman, Atlantis Ventures, Former Chief Operating Officer at Apple

Raising capital is often the most daunting and least understood aspects of starting a new business and there are few people more experienced than Alejandro Cremades to act as a guide. The Art of Startup Fundraising unlocks key secrets of fundraising for newly minted entrepreneurs.


Author, Chairman of BrainGate, Inc. and Vice Chairman of Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.; New York Times bestselling author of Breakpoint and Wired for Thought

This book provides a clear, concise tour of the fundraising game. With his crowdfunding and entrepreneurial expertise in full display, Cremades does a terrific job making a complicated process simple and accessible.


General Partner, General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School

Raising money is perhaps the most daunting challenge faced by any startup. For the uninitiated, it is also mystical process filled with an increasingly complex array of investment options and practical considerations. As one of the finest entrepreneurs I know, Alejandro has put together an authoritative guide that should be required reading for all nascent entrepreneurs, as well as veterans looking to brush up on the latest the field has to offer.


Professor, The Wharton School


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