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How Much Stock To Give Friends And Family In Startups

How much stock to give friends and family in startups? When you're trying to start a new business, friends and family are generally the first people you turn to for funding. Friends and family investors are essentially a type of crowdfunding and the people you would go to in order to present the presentation that you crafted on top of one of the best pitch decks from startups that you got for inspiration. To raise a more considerable sum, you could collect small amounts of money from various family members or close friends.

What Are Board Written Consent Agreements

What are board written consent agreements? Boards of directors meet as often as necessary to evaluate the startup's current and future performance. Board meetings are also an opportunity to examine risks and look for ways to expand the company. For the majority of board concerns, regular business meetings are suitable and sufficient. But, certain issues require immediate attention and cannot always wait for the boards to meet at a convenient time.

How Long Should Pitch Decks Be

How long should pitch decks be? A pitch deck is one of the main components when you're raising money for your startup. A pitch deck needs to make potential investors excited about your ideas and should get them engaged in conversation regarding your company, in the hopes of it leading to an investment.

How To Show Financials In A Pitch Deck

How to show financials in a pitch deck? Financial projections are a vital aspect of gaining funding for your business. When you're looking for investors, your pitch deck can be your make-or-break point. As a start-up company, you want investors to see the potential in your business. At the same time, investors want to see the possible traction you have and why your business would be worth their money and time.

This Entrepreneur Raised $53 Million To Fuel Easier And Safer Connectivity Across Applications

Varun Talwar has already raised tens of millions of dollars to empower developers to build more new technology faster and to drive the success of small to enterprise-sized companies. On the Dealmakers Show Talwar shared how he encountered the seeds of entrepreneurship, his experiences working at Google India, and his tips for working with your investors, and picking the investors for your journey. Plus, how his startup is fueling what’s next.

What Are The Standard Venture Capital Terms

What are the standard venture capital terms every entrepreneur should know? A Venture Capital (VC) term sheet is the first formal document between a startup founder and an investor in the startup fundraising context. The terms and conditions of investment are laid out in a term sheet, and it's used to finalize terms, which are subsequently set down in a contract. The investor prepares the VC term sheet which is usually less than ten pages.

He Sold His Business To Under Armour For $150M And Raised $180M To Inspire People To Live An Active Lifestyle

Robin Thurston is an energetic person who began life in sports. First as a skier, and then as a professional bike racer who competed internationally before switching to business after a major accident. His rise in the business world has been plutonic ever since, carrying lessons from each part of his life to build better. When he appeared on the DealMakers show, Thurston shared his experience starting his first startup, managing it, and being able to sell it for $150M. He also details how he went on to start another company that has managed to raise over $180M and buy new companies strategically.

How To Create A Pitch Deck Narrative

How to create a pitch deck narrative? In a world where the venture capitalists are inundated with pitch deck after pitch deck and more compelling business ideas, you’ve got to stand out to make a difference. People use many ways to stand out and sell their pitches but to capture the investor’s mind hook, line, and sinker, you have to use stories.

How To Navigate A Friends And Family Funding Round

How to navigate a friends and family funding round? Did you know that 40% of startup funding comes from funding rounds with friends, family, and coworkers? Before a viable product even hits the market, it needs a considerable amount of startup capital. While the majority of capital may come from investment capital firms and angel investors outside of your immediate circle, many startups rely on family and friends funding rounds to get started.

He Built A $2.2 Billion Business By Turning Apartments Into Hotels

Francis Davidson launched his startup while still in school. That company now has over 1,000 employees and is going public through a SPAC deal. On the Dealmakers Show, Davidson shared with the audience his journey of going from jock to bookworm and entrepreneur. Plus, moving to America, raising capital, and the three levers for success.

How To Decide When To Sell Your Startup

How to decide when to sell your startup? Whether planned from the beginning or not, most startups will end up in some form of exit, unless they fail first. This is the pinnacle of the journey. While most entrepreneurs don’t realize it until well into their company, it is the exit that is really the thing that will often be remembered as the barometer of the success of this venture.

He Built A $1.4 Billion Business By Helping Retail Brands Generate Online Revenue Growth

Tomer Tagrin has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his startup which is empowering large brands and entrepreneurs alike to win online. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast Tagrin talked about broken reviews, product-market fit versus scalable startups, pitching Bessemer, the keys to success, hiring and culture, and unicorns versus flamingos.

Communication Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Use To Influence Others

What are the communication skills successful entrepreneurs use to influence others? Succeeding as an entrepreneur is all about communication. It’s about using their skills to influence markets and create winning businesses. From gaining early validation for your idea before going all in, to recruiting co-founders, securing funding and the best board of advisors, to selling customers, growing a team, and achieving a spectacular exit, it is all about communication skills.

He Built A $2 Billion Business By Turning Online Transactions Into Relationships

Oisin O’Connor built a formidable eCommerce company by bootstrapping it for years before taking outside investor money. Now they’ve raised almost $300M to empower even more businesses to go online. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show O’Connor shared how he discovered he was just cut out to be an entrepreneur, the importance of knowing yourself, and what you are not great at, as well as finding the right market and timing. Plus, the advantages of building a remote-first company, and the pros and cons of waiting to raise money.

Startup Valuation Methods Explained

Ready to have your startup valuation methods explained? As an investor, one of the most critical pieces of information about a startup is its worth. As a startup, you must determine your current or projected worth without over or undervaluing yourself.

Why Investors Want Preferred Shares

Why investors want preferred shares? It’s no secret that many investors love to acquire preferred shares of a company as opposed to common stock. As the name suggests, preferred shares come with a wide variety of advantages and holding them can be an incredibly lucrative venture. While beneficial to purchasers, preferred shares are also a fantastic way of raising funds for a company that needs an injection of capital.

The Importance Of Burn Rate

Understanding the importance of burn rate is critical for every entrepreneur. Having cash is very necessary for early-stage startups to stay afloat. Yet, having money is one thing; knowing how to spend and manage it is quite another.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Teach Your Kids Money Skills

Alex Zivoder has been involved in building and scaling several companies. His latest venture has already attracted tens of millions of dollars in capital, and is proving incredibly popular with parents and their kids. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show Zivoder shared what he has learned on his journey in entrepreneurship, the importance of unit economics, and how to raise $2M in one weekend with a crowdfunding campaign.

How To Structure Friends And Family Investments

How to structure friends and family investments? Startups often experience challenges in funding. It's often difficult to secure funding from banks or venture capitalists or trading of shares in the beginning. The easiest way to finance startups is to get funds from friends and family. Friends and family act as a form of crowdfunding. They allow you to take a small amount of money from several family members and contacts, to combine for raising a larger overall sum.

He Went From Navy Officer To Selling Four Companies For Over $300 Million

Will Graylin is a true serial entrepreneur who has done it again and again. Today, he is juggling two big startups that have already raised a combined $150M. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Graylin shared with our audience how he got a taste for entrepreneurship, the roller coaster ride of executive and board power struggles he has seen on the journey, how he sold one company to Samsung for $250M, and the two exciting ventures he is working on today.

How Investors Review Pitch Decks

How investors review pitch decks? Most new businesses need investors. This is especially true if you are starting out as a new entrepreneur. No matter what type and size of funding you are seeking, the best way to create the perfect impression on the potential investor is through a well-crafted pitch deck and being effective in its delivery.

Why Is It Important To Update Your Budget And Forecasts

Why is it important to update your budget and forecasts? Updating budgets and financial forecasts is critical to survive and thrive as a business. Perhaps even more so in a startup, where things change so fast and frequently, and even small changes can have a big impact. Think of this as your armor and equipment for minimizing risk and optimizing success.

Difference Between Cash And Profits

What's the difference between cash and profits? You are an ambitious entrepreneur with a great business idea in your hands. You have done all the research, scanned through the markets, and analyzed the competitors. You’ve also brought together a team, organized your plans, and are ready to embark on a journey of making your dream a reality.

What Is An Account Receivable?

Understanding what is an account receivable is critical for an entrepreneur. Account receivables are payments or proceeds that a company expects from its customers who have been offered goods or services on credit. Account receivable exists after a sale has happened and a customer is issued an invoice.

He Sold His Business For $500 Million And Now Is Investing In Startups Not Caring Much About Returns

Carey Smith bootstrapped his own startup from zero to selling it for $500M. He is now a startup investor helping others grow their own ventures. During our time on the Dealmakers Podcast Smith shared his experiences and lessons from building multiple companies, business naming, moving to the other side of the table, what you do with a $500M check, bootstrapping, and what equity fundraising and face tattoos have in common.

Why Pitch Decks Require Equal Balance Of Text And Visuals

Why pitch decks require an equal balance of text and visuals? When your startup is looking for funds from investors you know your pitch deck needs to be great. Getting the right balance of text and visuals is a big part of this. As you are seeking funding for your startup, your pitch deck must have all the necessary information required by investors.

How To Make Your Pitch Deck Stand Out For Investors

How to make your pitch deck stand out for investors? According to experts and researchers, an average investor spends less than four minutes evaluating your pitch deck. This means that you do not have much time to mark your proposal as good or bad. This is the time taken by investors on pitch decks sent through electronic mail. In the case of stage pitches and presentations, the investor might give you a little more time to make the right impression. Though you only have seconds to make a strong first impression.

This Entrepreneur Raised $750 Million To Transform The Way Organizations Use Energy

Erik Schiemann has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in financing to scale commercial solar across the US. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show Schiemann shared his passion for exploring what else is out there, developing the mindset of comfort in the chaos, the principle of learning to clean your own weapon first, and what’s happening in the renewable energy space. Plus, how to create and pull off a spin-off.

How To Memorize Your Pitch Deck

How to memorize your pitch deck? Presenting your pitch deck in front of investors can be intimidating. Every little detail has to be strategically done - from how you present yourself and the presentation style to perfecting your script. To deliver a stellar pitch deck, it needs to be tailored to the audience. If each pitch is customized, memorizing them can pose a challenge.

This Entrepreneur Raised $170 Million To Modernize Dental Benefits

Alex Frommeyer has been a builder all of his life. He has taken that from childhood construction projects to engineering technology, and now creating a large and fast-growing startup. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Frommeyer shared his experiences raising $170M in capital out of Ohio, working with investors and board members, and even being fired as the CEO of your own business. Plus, Insurtech, and the future of dental insurance in America.

How To Pause During An Investor Meeting

Learning how to pause during an investor meeting is one of the important skills for an entrepreneur. Whether it’s to regulate the pace of your pitch or to give yourself some much-needed breathing space. The art of the pause is crucial to maintaining your flow in front of investors.

He Grew Up In A Trailer Park And Now Raised $68 Million To Tackle A $3.5 Trillion Industry

Reichen Kuhl is an entrepreneur who seems to have a knack for turning challenges into big wins. He has already raised tens of millions of dollars to solve a problem facing millions of US households, that was born out of him being told “no.” On the Dealmakers Podcast, Reichen Kuhl shared his journey into entrepreneurship, including participating in the Amazing Race. We talked about how getting denied for an apartment changed everything, proving your business idea, and finding a B2B angle for your product.

Tips On How To Pitch To Investors

What are the best tips on how to pitch to investors? For startups, raising capital is one of the most important aspects of your business survival. Stepping in front of investors for your pitch can be nerve-wracking and difficult. Don’t fret. This article compiles a list of the best tips for entrepreneurs like you to follow to ensure your pitch lands with potential investors.

Best Pitch Decks From Startups

Now that you’re ready to raise funding for your venture, it’s advisable to check the best pitch deck from startups. You’ll get some great ideas on how to proceed. Entrepreneurs have to network with the right group of investors, have several investor meetings, and most importantly, give a pitch.

He Went From Homeless To Raising $64 Million For His Google-Like Digital Attribution Engine

Rasty Turek has gone from living on his own at 14 years old to raising $64M for a startup that may be in one of today’s fastest-growing markets. On the Dealmakers Show Turek shared his journey from homeless to working at Google and founding his own company. Plus, his experience starting the same company twice, living in a world without entrepreneurship, building business moats and network effects, and being years early with an idea. As well as his favorite books, the rise of UGC, and more.

How To Make A Pitch Deck Interactive

How to make a pitch deck interactive? Having a pitch deck meeting can be intimidating, and holding the potential investor's attention is your number one goal. You might see their eyes stray to their phones to send out a not-so-important email or text message. This can be your worst pitch deck nightmare, but there are a few ways you can grasp their attention, and one of them is to make it interactive.

This Entrepreneur Raised $130 Million To Acquire Amazon Sellers

Malte Horeyseck is a multi-time startup entrepreneur. His most recent venture rolls up his previous experiences in M&A, backed with over $100M in funding. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast, Horeyseck shared his global approach to starting businesses, the art of funding and integration in mergers and acquisitions, creating category killers, and the steps in building leading international brands.

How To Rehearse Timings In A Pitch Deck

How to rehearse timings in a pitch deck is one of the first skills an entrepreneur should learn. A pitch deck is a presentation designed to provide prospective investors an overview of your company and its goals. Your pitch deck must be carefully prepared if you want to make the most of it.

He Built A $2.6 Billion Business By Directing You To Related Content On The Internet

Adam Singolda is taking his adtech company public through a SPAC. They’ve already amassed over $1B in annual revenue, and with over $500M raised expect to keep on growing to become a household name. On the Dealmakers Show Singolda talked about his obsession with LEGO, spending five years in the financial desert, SPACs, and building your own team of superheroes.

Best Backgrounds For Pitch Decks

How would you choose the best backgrounds for pitch decks? Are you looking for some essential funding to power up your business? Do you want to find out the ways to impress potential investors? Do you want to seal the deal with the best outcomes?

Great Businesses You Can Start While Keeping Your Day Job

Are you looking for some great businesses you can start while keeping your day job? Most people today are looking for ways to augment their existing income streams with side-line businesses. Some of those have the potential to grow into full-time careers and big businesses of their own too.

What Is A Good File Size For Pitch Deck Presentations?

Entrepreneurs often ask - what is a good file size for pitch deck presentations. Creating a winning pitch deck can be incredibly difficult and takes much time to perfect. There are many factors involved, including finding the perfect file size for your presentation. There are some recommended size limitations and different aspects of the sizing that you need to consider in this process.

5 Best Pitch Deck Design Services

What are the 5 best pitch deck design services? Do you need a pitch deck designed for you fast to help you put your best foot forward when meeting investors? Pitch deck designers are a great way to ensure you come with a quality presentation.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To 3D Print Your Next House

Alexey Dubov is a global entrepreneur who has started several companies. His latest venture has already raised tens of millions of dollars in capital, and has been establishing new construction standards. During our time on the Dealmakers Show Alexy Dubov shared his early start into entrepreneurship, some of the innovative products he has worked on, his approach to team building, and what it takes to raise capital for your startup.

How To Create A Tagline For Your Pitch Deck

How to create a tagline for your pitch deck? When creating a pitch presentation, or a pitch deck, you need to cover all of the important pieces of your business. You are laying out your business plan, but in a way that grabs the audience's attention, and points out the most important sections. It also explains what you are looking for, what you are, and how you will use the invested money.

The Former Google Ads Boss Raised $77 Million To Create An Ad-Free Search Engine

If anyone could realistically hope to replace Google, it is probably Sridhar Ramaswamy and his team of talented engineers and advisors. Some of the best-known investors have already backed him with tens of millions of dollars too. During our time on the Dealmakers Show, Ramaswamy talked about the good, bad, and ugly of working at Google, the $100M business plan, what he and his great team of minds are rolling out now, and what great technology and tap water have in common.

How To Embed A Video In A Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is one of the most important presentations that a new startup will make to investors. It is your time to present your business plan in hopes that you land that big investment. Preparing an excellent deck ahead of time is the key to success in a pitch presentation.  If you decide to […]

How To Pitch An App To Investors

How to pitch an app to investors? With app development companies popping up everywhere, getting that first investment can be difficult to secure. To win your investors over with your winning mobile app idea, you have to have specific elements to sell them on your idea.

This Entrepreneur Raised $68 Million To Power The Future Of Streaming Video

Stefan Lederer has built a tech startup that has been used to create the future of streaming online video by some pretty well respected international brands. During our time on the Dealmakers Show, Stefan Lederer shared his journey to becoming a startup founder. Including the power of spreading your ideas openly versus hiding in ‘stealth mode’ and behind NDAs. Plus, the power of building your global startup in the US first, asking good questions, the Y Combinator experience, and achieving product-market fit. As well as transitioning from Europe to the US and back again.

How To Dress For An Investor Meeting

Why is it important to know how to dress for an investor meeting? They say that in business, your first impression really counts. Whilst the most important thing to worry about when it comes to preparing to pitch your startup to potential investors is of course having a polished proposal. But, the first thing investors will see is how you look.

This Entrepreneur Raised $130 Million To Revolutionize Wired Connectivity

Amin Shokrollahi has raised some serious startup capital for his tech company. On the Dealmakers Show he shared his global journey, essential traits for entrepreneurs, and the muscles you need to work out to make it. Plus, how and why he chose to base his venture in Switzerland, and the only investor you ever need to pitch. As well as his take on how to fire someone well.

How To Use Body Language With Investors

Learning how to use body language with investors is one of the key skills every startup owner must learn. Body language has remained an essential aspect of communication from the prehistoric period. The role of non-verbal cues has grown more prominent in everyday communication including its role in the boardroom and pitching investors.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Diversify The Workforce

Jake Soberal has raised close to $100M for his own startup which is spawning a new tech ecosystem. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast, Soberal shared how he made the transition from lawyer to startup founder, the trials and learnings from an 18-month fundraising journey, and how they are empowering others to flourish in the new economy.

How To End A Pitch Deck Presentation

How to end a pitch deck presentation? What’s the best way to end your pitch to leave a lasting impression on investors? There have been volumes of new information coming out on how to get started with the right framework for a winning pitch deck, as well as how to get started trying to find investors to fund your startup. In comparison, there seems to be almost little to nothing about how to finish a pitch deck presentation strong.

How To Make A Good Impression With An Elevator Pitch

How to make a good impression with an elevator pitch? Whether you are at the right place at the right time and you have to think on your feet. Even if you have a planned moment - you will only have one moment to make a good impression with an elevator pitch.

This Entrepreneur Raised $90 Million To Serve 1 Billion Underbanked Users In India

Charlie Lee is now on his second startup. With a mission of reaching one billion unserved people with fintech solutions, his venture has already raised $90M. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast, Charlie Lee shared what to do when your industry stops growing and the art of the spinoff. Plus, picking the best markets for your next business, and the business culture differences between the US, Korea, and East Asia versus India when growing a global business. As well as his insights on managing your company culture and expanding your business in India.

How Does Dilution Work In Startups?

How does dilution work in startups? Dilution can be one of the most overlooked aspects of the startup journey. Especially in the early stages of fundraising. Yet, it can also be one of the most impactful factors for startups, their founders, and everyone they touch later on.

He Built A $1 Billion Business By Creating An All-In-One Software For The Beauty Service Industry

Sudheer Koneru has raised over $200M for his latest startup. A big software company that powers brands in the health and wellness space. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show we talked about the difference between working at a giant like Microsoft and doing a startup, the number one key skill for entrepreneurs, fundraising, becoming the uber of business software and Harry Potter moments.

How To Value A Business

How to value a business? When you are preparing to purchase a business, it is first necessary to do your due diligence and delve into the finances of the business. This is also necessary when selling a business and in some situations before you complete any expansions and try to raise capital.

He Sold His Business To IBM For $1.3 Billion And Now Raised $65 Million To Analyze Data Sets

Chris Gladwin is a true business builder. It is his craft. He has now launched four startups, including one which raised $100M and sold for over $1B. During our time on the Dealmakers Show Gladwin shared his incredible journey of building multiple businesses. Including what’s keeping you from the funding you seek, how a business that doesn’t go as planned can still achieve a great exit, and how much you need to raise for a software startup.

Tips To Shape Up Your Investor Materials

You’ll need tips to shape up your materials to present to investors. As a business owner, finding investors is a crucial part of your startup company. It is not always simple for you to find the right investor, and part of this might come down to the investment materials you have and how prepared you are.

How Much Money Is Needed To Start A Business

How much money is needed to start a business? When starting up a new business one of the important questions to focus on is how much money will you need to start your new venture. The costs will vary greatly by the type, size goals, and location of the business. So there is no easy answer, but there are ways to find out and start breaking it down.

This Entrepreneur Raised $175 Million To Make Health Insurance Affordable

After helping others achieve great exits for their own businesses Patrick Quigley set out to fix some of the biggest problems in the health insurance industry. He has already raised $175M for the mission and is revolutionizing how it works with his own health tech startup. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show, Quigley shared his experience riding the full cycle from paper napkin business idea to IPO. He talks about how he approaches evaluating and picking the best investors for a startup, and the new pay to cover your healthcare costs.

How To Include Risk Factors In A Pitch Deck

How to include risk factors in a pitch deck? Opportunity is what drives most people to become entrepreneurs and business owners and to launch startups. A certain amount of naivety may be an asset at the start. Many now hyper-successful founders admit that they may not have started if they knew how hard it was going to be, and what it was going to take.

This Entrepreneur Raised $130 Million To Protect Your Family From Financial And Health Risks

Gustaf Agartson is an international entrepreneur who set off to prove his business idea in a new emerging market. His venture has already raised over $100M in capital, while attracting tens of millions of new customers. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast Agartson shared how travel has fueled his business and informed his understanding of leadership on a more global scale. Plus, his experiences proving new concepts in new markets, fundraising, and his insights on expanding your business.

How To Share A Pitch Deck Without An NDA

How to share a pitch deck without an NDA? The debate about asking for NDAs is an old one. Yet, many first-time entrepreneurs and founders still struggle with this. They want to demand NDAs are signed before sharing anything about their startup idea with anyone.

Clever Hustle Ideas For Entrepreneurs

How would you like to learn about some clever hustle ideas for entrepreneurs? It's always nice to have some extra money heading in your direction. Even as an entrepreneur, you need additional cash to pay your bills, furnish your debts, pay off student loans and fulfill other financial needs arising here and there.

How To Avoid Rambling In Pitch Deck Presentations

How to avoid rambling in pitch deck presentations? Delivering your pitch deck presentation can be daunting and exciting at the same time. With all the time you've spent preparing for this, you want to make sure you do exactly the right thing.

How To Use A Pitch Deck Template

How to use a pitch deck template to raise money for your startup? Pitch decks are one of the most important pieces of content that you will use in your startup venture. Pitch deck templates are one of the best tools that you can get your hands on to speed up the process and crush the fundraising mission with a great deck.

These Entrepreneurs Raised $50 Million To Make Your Cocktail Spectacular

Jordan Silbert and Ben Karlin have raised tens of millions of dollars to improve your drinking experience with a premium mixer that is proving to be a big hit. During our time together on the Dealmakers Show Ben and Jordan shared with our podcast audience how they met at summer camp and found their way to creating a new premium mixer brand. We talked about their experiences with taking the lean traditional approach to business versus raising equity to seize on bigger opportunities. Plus, their top advice for entrepreneurs starting businesses.

The Key Elements Of A Financial Plan For Your Business

Why is it important to understand the key elements of a financial plan for your business? Creating a financial plan for your business can seem quite challenging, but once you understand the key elements, it becomes a much simpler task.

How To Write The Perfect Email To Investors

How to write the perfect email to investors as an entrepreneur? The art of emailing investors is one of the most important skills to master as a startup entrepreneur. That’s not changing any time soon either. It will literally make or break your startup venture.

He Sold His First Company For $100 Million And Now Is Building Your Gateway To Crypto

Hossein Azari sold his first startup to Goldman Sachs for nine figures. He has already raised funding for his second fintech venture that you may describe as the Google of finance. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Hossein Azari shared his experience of growing up in entrepreneurship to joining the corporate world and back again. We talked about verifying your business ideas, the summer of decentralized finance, the future of money, and the mindset you need to have a massive impact.

How To Write A Pitch Deck Script

How to write a pitch deck script? In other words, how do you go about writing the script for your startup’s pitch deck? If you need to raise funding for your startup, or even just recruit for help for the mission in terms of advisors and talent, then you are going to need a pitch deck. Having a script to help you support your slides with a great verbal presentation can make all the difference when it comes to getting results. So, where do you start with writing a pitch deck script? What are the best practices if you really want to nail this? 

How To Format Your Pitch Deck

How to format your pitch deck? What is the right way? The formatting of your pitch deck is incredibly important. Yet, it is not only one of the things that end up being a last-minute afterthought, but one of the most confusing to get right.

How To Stay On Top Of Your Business Finances

How to stay on top of your business finances? Whether you have a big or small business, being on top of your finances is crucial to running a successful business. As a business owner, you need to ensure you have a positive cash flow to prepare for unforeseen events, emergencies, or debts.As a business owner, ignoring financial management can lead to severe consequences, such as supply-chain delays or interruptions caused by negative cash flow. Business owners need to find methods of reporting and analysis to assess the company's financial health.In this article, we will share some tips on how to stay on top of your business finances.

How To Start And Run Your Business From Home

How to start and run your business from home? With the current “stay home, stay safe” scenario in full swing, starting and running your own business from home is on every person’s do-to list. Working from home was an extraordinary thing in the past. But today, it has become a common practice, or rather a recommended course of action.

How To Fix Your Investor Communication Strategies

How to fix your investor communication strategies? How would you evaluate how well they’re working out? Chances are that you could be getting a lot more out of your investor communication efforts. If your startup isn’t funded yet, then this is definitely an area in which you know you need work. Though even if you already have substantial funding in the bank, there is likely a lot more improvement that could help you get the most out of it, and to propel the future of your company. So, how do you identify areas of your investor communications which could use your attention? What are some of the smart moves for improving on these strategies and execution?

How To Get Traction For Your Startup

How to get traction for your startup? Traction is one of the most important factors for all startup businesses. It can also be one of the toughest metrics to achieve and maintain. Without it, your venture is in real trouble.

This Entrepreneur Raised $90 Million To Help You Accelerate Growth In Your Business

Miguel Fernandez’s fintech startup has already raised at least $90M in debt and equity to help more SaaS companies supersize their growth rates. During our time together on the Dealmakers Show Fernandez shared how he dropped out of school to launch his own startup. Plus, how his venture is making financing your company and growing through M&A deals easier and more affordable. As well as the new normal when you may not meet your co-founders until six months after you’ve launched, and the most important fundamentals and metrics in a sustainable and successful company.

How To Know If Your Pitch Deck Is Good

Is your pitch deck any good? Is it good enough? How to know if your pitch deck is good? When it comes to fundraising, and maybe the viability of your entire startup and current life mission, it all comes down to the deck. It doesn’t matter how great your business idea or product is if you can’t win them over with your pitch deck.

Best Books On Pitch Decks For Entrepreneurs

Which are the best books on pitch decks for entrepreneurs you absolutely must read? Pitching your dream venture in front of the investors is an intriguing yet intimidating moment for entrepreneurs and startup founders. More of an art than science, it requires lots of effort to come up with a strong and effective pitch deck to raise the much-needed funds for your business. Mastering this is not easy. Many entrepreneurs have amazing ideas in their heads. But fail to present them in the best possible way to the investors. The results can be disappointing.

How To Raise Capital Without A Pitch Deck

How to raise capital without a pitch deck? How would you raise the funding you need for the company? Pitch decks have become synonymous with raising capital for startup businesses. Most couldn’t imagine ever even thinking about trying to raise a dime. Or having a serious conversation about fundraising and taking an investment without a great deck that they are very confident in.

How To Get Startup Funding Fast

How to get startup funding fast? Money is the lifeblood of every business. It can’t survive without it. Getting that money in faster can also make a huge difference to your company and mission. This can be true at every stage of a venture, from before you even start, through finally hitting product-market fit, key milestones and expansion stages, and even preparing to be acquired. So, what ways are there to get more money coming into your startup, and faster?

He Built With His Team A $575 Million Business By Helping Other Companies Scale Their Teams Globally

Ruairi Kelleher spun off his fast-growing fintech startup with $80M in funding to help global companies manage taxes and payroll around the world. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast, Kelleher talked about the process of pulling off a successful spin-off company. Including rebranding, naming your company, and tackling global problems. Plus, fundraising, successful M&A deals, and how to grow your business fast.

How To Test Your Business Idea

Why is it critical to know how to test your business idea? Did you know that 21.5% of businesses fail within the first year? The number one reason is often that the market doesn't need or want the product or service. This is why it is essential to test your business idea before putting all your money and energy into it.

This Entrepreneur Raised $183 Million To Make All Business Contracts Easier

Jason Boehmig is a banker and lawyer turned entrepreneur who has raised over $180M for his legal tech company that is providing digital contracting to businesses. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show, Jason Boehmig shared his journey down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurship--how he found the problem and opportunity of business contracts, what you didn’t know about fundraising due diligence, heading where the puck is going like Gretzky, and lawyers who code. 

How To Learn From The Experience Of Others As An Entrepreneur

How to learn from the experience of others as an entrepreneur? How can you learn more from other entrepreneurs to de-risk your own venture and optimize for success? Success leaves clues. So does failure. It is far better if you can learn from others and get right to the good stuff as a startup entrepreneur.

How To Design A Winning Pitch Deck

How to design a winning pitch deck? How would you develop a great pitch to get your startup funded? No matter what stage your startup is at from pre-launch to Series C round and beyond, getting funded is all about the pitch deck. You can have all the right metrics, a genius product, a revolutionary business model, and an extremely smart team, though everything can still come down to a handful of slides. Not just whether you nail this next investor meeting or get some more dollars into the chest, but the very survival of your business, and its potential and level of success. Plus, how easy that success comes. So, how to design a winning pitch deck? What are the most important factors? What are the steps?

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Help You Move From Debt To Savings

Asesh Sarkar has built a big finance business with an emphasis on blending social good and lending. His startup has already raised more than $100M in equity and $500M in debt financing. During our interview on the DealMakers Podcast, Sarkar talked about finding the idea for a good business, the triangle needed for a great startup idea, and the truth about leadership. Plus, working your way through funding rounds with progressing investor expectations, and raising debt versus equity.

How To Achieve Your Creative Potential As An Entrepreneur

How to achieve your creative potential as an entrepreneur? How can you maximize your creative abilities? Creativity is one of the most important assets as an entrepreneur. It will make or break you and your company. It is also one of the key drivers that drives people into entrepreneurship. There are many measures of success. Money is often a token currency and statistic used, whether it is funds raised, revenues, valuation, or how much your company fetches on exit.Yet, whether that is millions, billions, or hundreds of billions, it is all a poor proxy for reaching your potential. At the end of your venture or life, this is what really counts. It will be what you rate yourself on and whether you have regrets or are satisfied.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Close The Gap Between Data And Mission Critical Decisions

Vishal Marria has already raised around $100M for his big data analytics startup which is offering even more powerful insights to large and small businesses alike. During our conversation on the DealMakers podcast, Marria shared his adventure into entrepreneurship, including picking your time to make the leap, the latest in data intelligence for businesses, picking your investors, and navigating Series A rounds.

Best Design Tools For Pitch Decks

What are the best design tools for pitch decks? If you are reading this, you probably already know what a pitch deck is and how important it is for raising money for your start-up or new business venture. No matter what your business idea is about, you need to explain it to the investor with clarity and intelligence.And the tool used to help you do this is the pitch deck. Irrespective of what products and services you are offering, or how big or small your investment requirement is, without a strong pitch deck, you are least likely to get what you are looking for.

Proven Ways To Grow Your Business

Looking for proven ways to grow your business? Check out this whole menu of strategies and tactics for pushing more business growth. You’ve got to keep growing your business. There are many ways to do it, as well as multiple metrics to measure it by. How do you plan to grow your business?Here are some of the approaches to looking at growth, methods of achieving it, and everything from free small actions you can take right now, to big moves to supersize your business over the months ahead.

How To Impress Investors

How to impress investors for your startup? Your startup is going to need a lot of support, including funds. There is a lot of competition for good investors out there. That means you really need to impress.These are some of the best and most important ways to do that…

Elevator Pitch Examples From Successful Companies

If you’ve been looking for ideas for creating effective fundraising strategies, check out these elevator pitch examples from successful companies. You could be an entrepreneur with a great idea who wants to start your own business. But, you may be having trouble finding the funds to transform your concept into a profitable reality. Turning to angel investors or venture capitalists for the funds needed to bring your dreams come true is the most viable option available.So many people approach them for prospective investment opportunities. You will have to do something extraordinary to get the right attention from them.

This Entrepreneur Raised $102 Million To Enable Every Business To Become A Fintech Company

Richie Serna learned the value of hustling early on in life. That has certainly paid off in raising over $100M for his own startup that is fueling the future of financial services with billions of transactions. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show Serna talked about how he learned to embrace the no’s to achieve great breakthroughs. As well as his top book recommendations for entrepreneurs, the most important questions he asks when interviewing candidates, and fight club moments.

How To Improve Cash Flow

How to improve cash flow in your business? Cash flow is one of the most important things for businesses. Poor cash flow is disastrous. At best, it will be a serious limitation on your company and its potential. More of it can open up a lot more opportunities and make the journey much easier. So, how to improve cash flow?

This Entrepreneur Raised $87 Million To Simplify Your Data Protection

Simon Taylor is one of the rising numbers of highly successful startup entrepreneurs to be coming out of the UK’s growing startup scene. During our interview on the DealMakers podcast, Simon shared with our audience his experience raising tens of millions of dollars in capital, managing a business growing 450% through COVID, handling hiring fast, and how his company is helping to secure what’s most vital to other companies today.

How To Run A Successful Board Meeting

How to run a successful board meeting? A board meeting is very constructive for the founders, the investors, and the company itself. To run a successful board meeting, you need to work on it, before the actual meeting happens.

This Entrepreneur Shares How He Sold His Startup To AT&T For Over $100 Million

Jason Flick has founded several tech startups. His latest venture was recently acquired by AT&T’s WarnerMedia for more than $100M. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show Flick shared how he got into tech, and his adventures in scaling, selling to hardware companies, curating company culture, and fundraising in Canada. Plus, the importance of picking your customers and learning to say no, and knowing your why as a company. Then what it’s really like to sell your company for nine figures.

How To Turn A Side Hustle Into A Full-Time Business

How to turn a side hustle into a full-time business? Are you ready to try your hand at the next step? Turning a side hustle into a full-time business can be a great move. It may be the most rewarding, freeing, and fulfilling move that you ever make. Though it can also be a transition, and you really want it to go smoothly and as well as you hope, then these are the steps you will want to take.

How To Ditch Your Job And Become An Entrepreneur

How to ditch your job and become an entrepreneur? How do you make the leap from working a job for someone else to becoming an entrepreneur, and founder of your own business? This is a transition that many more individuals are not only desiring to make, but in many cases, must make. There is nothing like it. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it. The biggest thing that most people struggle with is not building the business itself, but making the step to leave their job and get going. So, how do you do it?