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Which are the top file-sharing sites for pitch decks? Raising funds for your business growth or start-up is not an easy task. With so many entrepreneurs and a limited number of investors, you are in a race to reach the finish line before your competitors.

Making your pitch deck stand out among a crowd of hundreds and even thousands is quite challenging. You need to share critical information and data with the potential investor to educate them about your start-up company. You’ll also talk about future goals and objectives.

In all this pursuance of interest and funds, there is a risk of your pitch being stolen. Or even copied by other players. You do all the hard work and create a pitch deck that is accurate and compelling for the investor. But another entrepreneur gets his or her hands on it and replicates your idea.

All the uniqueness and exclusiveness you added in your pitch becomes not so different. The value of your investment proposition is reduced.
Sending attachments has its own issues with delivery and viewing too.

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The Ultimate Guide To Pitch Decks

So, what should an entrepreneur do?

File sharing and pitch deck hosting are two of the most effective methods of sharing the information of your start-up venture without fearing its theft or misuse.

By using file sharing and pitch deck hosting platforms, you can share links with your investor. That’s is without the need for forwarding them the actual file as an attachment.

There are several innovative programs, apps, and platforms. They help fulfill this need and requirement of entrepreneurs in a secure and efficient manner. With different features, tools, and options, you can share your pitch deck with your potential investor in a locked-up condition.

These tools and platforms help control the share-ability. They also secure the secrecy of your pitch deck information and data. So, what are the top file-sharing sites for pitch decks?

File Sharing

Sharing of files, information, and data has become a common practice in the digital world of today. With businesses operating in networks across the globe, they need to work on projects and assignments through remote working environments.

Not very long ago, email and instant messengers were considered the best way to share information and files. But things have evolved now. The corporate world has adopted new and advanced applications and systems for file sharing.

There are several websites and hosting platforms that offer fast, effective, and efficient file and information sharing features and tools while at the same time maintain the highest level of confidentiality and security.

You can send and receive documents and work on projects from remote locations.

As an entrepreneur, you want to share vital information about your start-up company and pitch deck with your potential investor. Use these top file-sharing sites for pitch decks as the best option for you.

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Top File Sharing Sites and Tools For Pitch Decks

After careful analysis and comparison, we have shortlisted 10 of the top file-sharing websites available to entrepreneurs for sharing documents and files with potential investors.


One of the pioneers in file sharing, Dropbox revolutionized the way businesses operated worldwide. Being a popular and innovative application, the website is used by individuals as well as corporate clients.

As an entrepreneur looking to raise some funds for your start-up company, you can share your documents and pitch deck presentation, and files on this platform.

Its cloud storage, file synchronization, and third-party app integration help entrepreneurs and investors coordinate their efforts. And incorporate changes and queries where required.

Providing an effective platform for joint collaboration, you do not need to send any document or file to the potential investor. Only a single link can do the job well.

Your level of subscription will determine the features you can use. And whether you will be eligible for password protection, downloading restrictions, and individual access rights.

Google Drive

Simple to use and easily accessible by all, Google Drive can be a good option for entrepreneurs looking for file sharing for their pitch decks.

All you need to have is a Gmail or Google account and you can use its features.

Offering cloud storage and file-sharing services, you have the option to upload documents and files up to the size of 15GB.

With a paid subscription you can enhance your storage and file sharing limits depending upon your own requirements and needs.

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Google Drive stands out among other file-sharing platforms. That’s because its integration feature enables users to operate in synchronization with G-Suite an application similar to office 365.

It gives the users the ability to write and create documents, draft spreadsheets, work on presentation slides, and much more.

It facilitates and synergizes the collaborative efforts of the team members. And allows potential investors to scrutinize the provided information in a better way. Facilities like these have identified as the features of one of the top file-sharing sites for pitch decks.

Pitch XO

Pitch XO is one of the highly recommended pitch deck hosting software. This platform allows users to register and make their exclusive profiles. You can send and share customized links for accessibility. And have a picture of exactly who has logged on to your request.

You can also track the time duration of examining each document by different invitees. The program is ideally suited for entrepreneurs and start-up founders. That is if you’re looking for a secure and confidential medium to share pitch decks with potential investors.

The tool is highly effective because it offers a wide range of features. These add-ons allow the creation of customized and exclusive webpages. You have the leverage to upload several files and documents. You can allow and restrict access to different files and information for specific individuals. The program also allows users to get investor feedback and suggestions on iterations.

The program offers a smooth and simple user-friendly experience for the entrepreneur as well as the potential investor. offers effective file sharing and feedback systems to its users. This tool has the unique feature of making live presentations. So, you can give out your pitch deck presentation from remote locations to potential investors anywhere in the world.

Through its password protection option, you can limit the accessibility of the files you upload on the program. And also keep a watch metrics like frequency of readers, time spent on each document, or each slide.

Slides costs you a nominal monthly fee. But this program offers a number of useful features that can help maintain the secrecy of your pitch deck information.


The box is a simple yet efficient cloud storage software that offers its users the advantage of sharing files and information from various locations securely and reliably.

Promoting coordination and collaboration between team members, the program has been successfully serving users from all over the world for more than a decade.

With renowned international brands like General Electric, Allstate, and Morgan Stanley among its top clients, you can trust the usefulness and reliability of the program without a doubt.

The platform promises to deliver the best standards of cloud storage and file-sharing without any compromise on the security of the user information and data.

Unique features like Box Keysafe and Box Shield help users restrict and allow access to documents and limit the viewership and timing of the information available to specific individuals.


Created to help entrepreneurs and start-up founders in their quest for raising the much-needed capital from potential investors, Gust offers its users the provision to create exclusive profiles and share data and information about their business entity.

Aimed at providing general company information for investors at large, the protective feature of this website is weaker compared to other file-sharing platforms.

They offer some great features and tools targeted to help startup founders raise funds, manage their new ventures, filing their documents, assisting in incorporation, job hunting, posting vacancies, and other related activities.

If privacy and confidentiality are not your top priority, then Gust is a good option for you. It’s one of the top file-sharing sites for pitch decks you should look into.


Serving users all over the world for more than 18 years, Hightail is a new name for an old program called YouSendIt.

One of the most unique features that make Hightail different from others is the feature called Spaces.

Spaces help assign the users personalized digital space that allows collaboration. With work areas, teams can operate in close coordination with each other.

You can add files and documents conveniently without any hassle. Although it has a free version, it only allows the uploading of up to 2GB of documents. The maximum size per document upload is 100MB.

With its paid subscription, you can get unlimited storage space with enhanced security features and excellent round-the-clock customer support services.


Slack is a comprehensive file sharing and instant messaging platform that allows users to share and communicate simultaneously.

You have the option to send the potential investor a URL, link or simply upload the file or document in the message you want to send across. The recipient or investor can view the shared file by just clicking the download button on one side of the message.

The process is quite simple and convenient. It offers greater effectiveness and efficiency as compared with other similar software in the industry.
Its integration with several other cloud storage and file-sharing programs makes it much more effective to use for pitch decks.

The only downside of this platform is that both the sender and recipient need to be users of this program. To share any document or information, you should be part of a workgroup within the software.

You can pay to create a workspace, but you will need to add specific people to ensure accessibility and file-sharing options.

Before you figure out how to share files, you’ll need to know how to make a pitch deck on Google Slides. Check out this video I have put together explaining how that’s done.


Being a core competitor of Google Drive, the One Drive is a very handy and helpful tool for all entrepreneurs and business professionals in the industry.

With advanced integration features, the platform allows you to work on office 365 and the web version as well. It has a special version called the Vault that allows users extra security features including fingerprint access, 2-factor authentication, and even facial recognition options.

You can upload your pitch decks and work on collaborative iterations and requirement requests using Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Helping entrepreneurs and start-up founders share vital information with potential investors without the risk of theft or forgery, DocuSend is a remarkable online collaborative tool and file sharing platform.

It allows you to restrict specific access to certain files and information and still allows a collaborative working environment. You have the option to allow and restrict people from making changes and additions to the uploaded documents and even control the number of changes they can make.

The entrepreneur has the leverage to select the specific user and mark his or her level of access to a particular document or file.

With full encryption, you can stop worrying about security and threats and send across your pitch decks to potential investors without the fear of interception.

You can track user activities and behavior through advanced and innovative analytical features. It lets you analyze things like how long an investor took to go through your pitch deck, where did he let go, did a specific portion make them lose interest, and much more.

With deeper insights into the behavior of the potential investor, you can improve and improvise your pitch decks for better results in the future. take your pick from the top file-sharing sites for pitch decks and designs a compelling presentation to get the funding you need.

Things to Keep In Mind

Although protecting your pitch deck from theft and interception is important, sometimes investors like to forward your investment proposition to other potential investors in their circles.

Angel investors and VCs that belong to the same industry and area of specialization often work in networks. Sharing information or forwarding your reference to a friend or allied investor is quite common.

So, keeping into consideration the reputation and stature of the potential investor, you should be open to sharing your information and pitch decks with other options in the industry as well.

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