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In this enthralling episode of the Dealmakers’ Podcast, we delve into the life and times of Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, the ingenious force behind EGYM, where he has raised close to $400 million from top-tier investors.

His trajectory – spanning from his roots in Germany to the creation of a game-changing fitness technology company in the hustle of New York City – is a testament to his unyielding drive to redefine norms and catalyze transformative shifts in the world.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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A Journey Forged by Bold Ambitions

Imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit by his parents, Philipp’s German upbringing cultivated his knack for challenging convention and defying the traditional.

It was within these influential years that he uncovered a fondness for soccer and a compelling interest in fitness. His academic pursuits, which later transported him to New York City, marked a significant juncture in his life.

The city’s pulsating energy and the ambitious personalities he encountered ignited his aspiration to instigate meaningful change in the world.

The Allure of Venture Capital

While ensconced in the dynamic environment of New York City, Philipp chanced upon a venture capital seminar at Columbia Business School, conducted by experienced venture capitalists.

This introduction to venture capital piqued his interest immensely. He was resolute in his decision – this was the realm he wanted to inhabit, exploring and leveraging venture capital to usher in positive impacts.

Identifying and Rectifying a Flawed Fitness Paradigm

Living in New York City, Philipp discovered certain peculiarities about American business schools from friends, such as the custom of wearing university-branded clothing, which was a novelty compared to his German roots.

More crucially, he discerned a gap in the knowledge and guidance available to gym-goers, leading to an unsatisfactory fitness experience for many. This realization ignited a spark – the inception of Philipp’s vision to mend the disjointed gym experience and revolutionize the intersection of fitness and healthcare.

EGYM: Revolutionizing Fitness Through Personalization Returning to Germany, Philipp allied with his high school friend Florian, a Berkeley alumnus, to birth EGYM.

Their vision was centered on developing avant-garde technology that would furnish every gym-goer with a customized fitness experience, mimicking a personal human trainer.

Their ambition was to democratize fitness, ensuring it was within the reach of everyone, irrespective of their exercise history, and seamlessly integrate it into the broader context of healthcare.

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EGYM: A Tapestry of Innovation and Empowerment

EGYM’s success story is woven around its two symbiotic business units. EGYM Gymtech delivers software and connected hardware solutions to gyms, orchestrating a fluid digital experience for all users.

On the other hand, EGYM WellPass sells subscriptions to employers, facilitating employees’ access to a variety of fitness facilities while offering personalized workout regimens and health data analysis.

Their dedication to their core values and inventive strategies drew the attention of forward-thinking investors who perceived the long-term potential of the company.

The Fundraising Expedition

Raising capital was a challenging expedition, but their vision of transforming the healthcare industry by harnessing the potential of the gym and fitness sector ultimately resonated with the right investors.

EGYM’s founders discerned that the U.S. healthcare market, which constitutes around 18% of the country’s GDP, spends over half of its resources on managing chronic ailments, such as musculoskeletal diseases.

They envisioned a shift from merely treating symptoms with band-aid solutions like painkillers and superfluous surgeries to an emphasis on prevention through fitness.

EGYM has pioneered a comprehensive solution that forms a bridge between fitness and healthcare. Despite the initial skepticism from investors wary of their multifaceted business model combining hardware, software, and subscription, they found partners willing to join them on their visionary journey.

EGYM’s journey was further complicated by the outbreak of COVID-19. As revenues dwindled, the company had to implement significant operational cuts while preserving its team. This resilience enabled EGYM to navigate the storm, rebounding with accelerated growth post-lockdown.

To date, EGYM has successfully procured almost 400 million in capital, including a recent funding round of 225 million from Miami-based Affinity Partners. Their journey is a testament to the power of visionary leadership and strategic planning in charting a course through both prosperity and adversity.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare and Wellness: The Future Vision

EGYM’s vision expands beyond the purview of fitness technology; it endeavors to overhaul healthcare by enabling individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles.

They recognize the potential of gyms in transforming healthcare and preempting chronic diseases. By optimizing the fitness experience and bridging the gap between gyms and healthcare, EGYM aspires to make a significant positive impact on the healthcare market, alleviating costs and enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals.

Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer’s expedition from Germany to New York City and back epitomizes the essence of innovation, tenacity, and significant impact. Through EGYM, he envisages a future where fitness technology is instrumental in enhancing healthcare and wellness globally.

Addressing the flawed gym experience and integrating fitness with healthcare, EGYM is paving the path to becoming a global frontrunner in the fitness technology domain.

Fuelled by a fervent team and a steadfast commitment to instigating positive change, EGYM continues to shape the future of fitness and healthcare for the forthcoming generations.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • The creation of EGYM, a fitness technology company, aimed at revolutionizing the gym industry and enhancing healthcare
  • The recognition of the flawed gym experience and the bridging of the gap between fitness and healthcare
  • The initial challenges faced and the harmonization of hardware, software, and subscriptions to accomplish a balanced revenue model
  • The utilization of global talent and expertise from teams in India, Israel, and the US, contributing to EGYM’s success and rapid expansion
  • EGYM’s mission to reform healthcare by reducing costs, improving lives, and promoting preventive lifestyles for millions


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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