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Michael Hurup Andersen’s journey from Northern Denmark to financial trailblazer is a testament to the power of resilience, conviction, and strategic decision-making. His story inspires entrepreneurs to forge their paths in the face of adversity.

With a legacy in finance and a vision for the future, Michael’s impact on the financial industry is bound to be enduring and transformative. His journey serves as a beacon of hope and determination for aspiring entrepreneurs and finance enthusiasts worldwide. In this podcast, we dive into his insights and lessons well learned.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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Growing Up in Denmark

In the heart of Scandinavia, where the winters are cold and the landscapes vast, Michael Hurup Andersen’s journey began. Raised in Northern Denmark, Michael’s early years were filled with football matches on frosty fields and the rigors of education.

However, it wasn’t long before he found his true calling: the world of finance. This passion would not only propel him through university but also lead to a remarkable career in the financial industry. With both of his parents deeply involved in the financial realm, one might say that Michael’s inclination towards finance was almost predestined.

The intellectual rigor and the potential for immense rewards drew him into the world of high-stakes finance. Here, he found himself pitted against some of the brightest minds on a global scale, honing his skills and solidifying his place in the industry.

Embracing Diversity

Having lived and worked in various financial hubs across the globe like America, the UK, and Europe,, Michael gained invaluable insights: solutions are everywhere. Surrounding oneself with brilliant minds from different backgrounds fosters growth and learning.

He emphasizes the value of being unafraid to be the least knowledgeable person in the room, as it often leads to accelerated personal and professional development.

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A Decade of Growth at Saxo Bank

After getting his Master’s in Finance, Michael joined Saxo Bank, a tenure that spanned a decade of continuous growth and evolution. The dynamic environment provided him with a steady stream of challenges, from navigating organizational changes to being thrust into uncharted territories without a roadmap.

This ‘figure-it-out’ mentality and culture deeply resonated with him, shaping his approach to problem-solving. Michael remembers that the bank was a dynamic organization with steady growth. When he received an offer to move to London, he accepted it, and even worked for a while at Deloitte and Alvarez & Marshall.

Taking the Leap

In 2017, at the age of 38, Michael embarked on a courageous journey. He left a stable, lucrative position in London’s financial industry to return to Denmark, where he would pour his savings and energy into a vision.

This marked the inception of his venture, kompasbank, a venture that would test his resolve and mettle. kompasbank is a full-fledged banking institution that accepts deposits from retail and corporates and then lends that money out to small and mid-sized companies (SMEs).

The transition from a well-paying job to a venture with uncertain financial prospects was undeniably daunting. Yet, Michael’s steadfast conviction and support from friends and family fortified his resolve. The difficult path of building something from scratch, armed with nothing but a PowerPoint presentation, was a testament to his determination.

Raising Capital

Raising capital proved to be a formidable challenge, with hundreds of rejections along the way. Michael’s conviction and resilience helped him weather the storm of constant setbacks. He emphasizes the importance of not taking rejection personally, attributing it to a myriad of factors beyond one’s control.

Michael stresses that you need to use distinct fundraising techniques in different locations like the US, Denmark, Scandinavia, London, and Europe. Using these techniques, he successfully raised $55M for the venture.

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Leadership Lessons

In his leadership journey, Michael underscores the importance of clear communication, setting expectations, and providing the necessary resources for success. Addressing performance issues early on, he believes, is crucial to preventing them from metastasizing into larger organizational problems.

Rather than chasing rapid expansion, kompasbank prioritized profitability, a decision that defied conventional wisdom. This strategic choice paid off, allowing them to build a strong foundation before considering further growth.

Looking Ahead

Michael envisions kompasbank as a fully enabled institution supporting and helping SMEs across Europe to reach their full potential. Through cutting-edge technology and operational excellence, the bank aims to empower businesses with tailor-made solutions, becoming a prime growth enabler for SMEs– hence contributing to the broader economic landscape.

Michael sees a future where kompasbank can help businesses not only to move their balance sheet around the way they need to, but also to move and make investments through the credit it offers. Assisting businesses with their day-to-day decision-making is also part of their objectives.

Michael sees a lot of potential in industries like medical, logistics, finance, AI, and last language models in machine learning development. With a legacy in finance and a vision for the future, Michael’s impact on the financial industry is bound to be enduring and transformative.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to learn more including:

  • The journey from Northern Denmark to financial pioneer exemplifies the power of passion and resilience in the world of finance.
  • Embracing diversity and surrounding oneself with bright minds from different backgrounds can be a catalyst for accelerated personal and professional growth.
  • The ‘figure-it-out’ mentality at Saxo Bank honed problem-solving skills, preparing for the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • The bold decision to start kompasbank showcases the importance of unwavering conviction in pursuing one’s entrepreneurial vision.
  • Navigating the challenges of fundraising demands a resilient mindset, with rejection being a natural part of the journey towards success.
  • Clear communication, setting expectations, and providing resources are key components of effective leadership.
  • Prioritizing profitability over rapid expansion proved to be a strategic decision that allowed kompasbank to build a robust foundation for sustainable growth and success.

About kompasbank

kompasbank a/s is a Danish bank catering for small- and medium-sized (SMEs) companies, and provides loans and credit facilities for fixed- and current assets, working capital, property and minor acquisition financing, and green transitions. The ambition is to help SMEs reach their full potential by delivering, in due course, above and beyond banking services to become a prime growth enabler for SMEs.

kompasbank secured a full EU banking license from the Danish FSA in March 2021 and began operations (in full) in January 2022. The bank license is applicable to all EU countries.


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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