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In the intricate tapestry of entrepreneurship, the journey often unfolds as a nuanced narrative of challenges, victories, and pivotal decisions. Assaf Resnick’s story, an Israeli-born entrepreneur who transitioned from Silicon Valley to venture capital and ultimately founded BigPanda, provides a deeper exploration into the intricacies of his remarkable odyssey.

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Childhood Roots and the Dot-com Epoch

Assaf’s childhood, born in Israel but transplanted to Silicon Valley at the age of four, laid the foundation for his later pursuits. Despite familial nudges towards studying computer science and electrical engineering and a tech-centric future, he rebelled, choosing to study business and history during his college years.

The late ’90s dot-com boom became a magnetic force, drawing Assaf into the heart of the tech whirlwind. He recalls watching his friends build super successful careers in engineering, tech, and marketing jobs or get into business, making lots of money.

However, the subsequent dot-com bust, a crucible of experiences, shaped his resilience and risk perspective. At the time, Assaf was in his twenties and recalls working in tech and optical networking.

Venture Capital and Global Sojourns

Navigating the fallout of the dot-com era, Assaf embraced diverse experiences, including globetrotting through South America, Central America, and India on a motorcycle. On returning to New York after the bust, he joined Moody’s Investors Service as an investment banker and an investment analyst.

Wanting to experience new cultures, he contemplated moving to California and, later, Israel, but instead, his journey led him to Sequoia, an iconic venture capital firm. Here, he ended up doing tech and finance and transitioning into venture capital. Assaf’s next six pivotal years exposed him to visionary entrepreneurs and the profound impact of courage and conviction on success.

Assaf watched the ideation process and founders as they brought smart engineers and executives on board to “literally will an idea into existence,” as he puts it. He also observed entrepreneurs and startups go on to achieve incredible success driven by a vision, courage, and conviction.

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The Entrepreneurial Crossroads

In 2012, Assaf stood at a crossroads – continue the secure path within venture capital or embark on the uncertain journey of entrepreneurship. Driven by a deep admiration for entrepreneurs, he chose the latter, laying the foundation for BigPanda. Little did he foresee the turbulence and growth that lay ahead.

As Assaf recalls, their original idea was to gather social data and use that with machine learning and data science to drive smart advertising. They even recruited a bunch of data scientists and ran with the concept for a year before finally pivoting to AIOps.

BigPanda’s early years were marked by unexpected pivots and market challenges. The decision to reject a substantial acquisition offer and navigate two years of uncertainty tested Assaf’s resolve.

Breakthrough in 2017

The breakthrough arrived in 2017 when the market embraced BigPanda’s vision for AIOps, propelling the company into a phase of exponential growth. Its objective–to use AI to automate IT operations and help large enterprises keep their digital services running.

Their first big enterprise customer was a Fortune 500 company, one of the biggest semiconductor chip manufacturers in the world. They came to BigPanda with the offer to use their services to drive all their operations. That was only the first of several other big enterprise customers.

Soon after, Silicon Valley startups and mid-size companies also joined in, offering millions of dollars for their products. Assaf and his team soon realized that to service this new market and build the core AI Engine in demand; they would have to develop the capabilities. And to do that, they raised funding worth $330M.

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Empowering Digital Services: BigPanda’s Vision Unveiled

BigPanda’s mission revolves around empowering teams responsible for maintaining digital services, leveraging AIOps for enhanced efficiency. Their customers include some of the largest banks, retailers, airlines, and stock exchanges in the world.

These entities keep the digital world running, and their digital services are reliant on digital infrastructure, cloud servers, and storage networks. Assaf envisions a future where human intervention is minimized, enabling teams to concentrate on innovation rather than firefighting.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Cultural Integrity and the First Team Ethos

Drawing from his experiences, Assaf’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes the meticulous selection of leaders who align with the company’s values and can embrace a “first team” mentality. He underscores the need for loyalty and collective responsibility to each other and the success of the company.

Assaf recalls hiring unsuitable people and then realizing how that can affect the company’s customers and its culture. Recruiting executives who don’t share the founder’s values can become incredibly expensive and a “fateful set of decisions,” as he puts it.

Assaf’s advice is to ensure that the different departments in the company are unified and aligned toward a common mission and objective. Without it, entrepreneurs risk the formation of silos within the organization, which can be detrimental to its long-term scalability and success.


Assaf Resnick’s entrepreneurial odyssey transcends a mere recounting of events; it delves into the intricate interplay of resilience, cultural alignment, and visionary leadership. His story serves as an inspiring narrative for aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to embrace challenges, prioritize cultural fit, and cultivate a collaborative leadership mindset in their quest for success.

The entrepreneurial journey, as illuminated by Assaf, is a profound exploration of the human spirit’s capacity to innovate, adapt, and persevere in the face of uncertainty.

Listen to the full podcast episode to know more, including:

  • The journey from rebellious beginnings to a successful entrepreneur underscores the importance of resilience in navigating career transitions.
  • The years at Sequoia provided invaluable insights into the world of venture capital, shaping an understanding of visionary entrepreneurship.
  • Rejecting a lucrative acquisition offer and persevering through market challenges showcased the strategic decision-making and long-term vision for BigPanda.
  • Building a resilient organizational culture requires a careful selection of executives aligned with core values and a commitment to the “first team” philosophy.
  • BigPanda’s mission to empower teams with AIOps reflects a visionary approach to automation, envisioning a future where human efforts focus on innovation rather than operational firefighting.
  • The emphasis on cultural fit and “first team” thinking serves as a lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs in curating effective leadership teams.
  • Entrepreneurs should be meticulous in selecting executives, ensuring they not only bring expertise but also align with the company’s values and foster a collaborative leadership mindset.


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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