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Dedi Gilad’s career as a startup founder was rooted in his upbringing in Tel Aviv, where there is an unwavering resilience, a creative spirit, and an innate drive for entrepreneurship. These qualities would become the cornerstone of his journey, propelling him forward in the world of innovation.

Israel has long been known as a wellspring of tech innovation. Dedi’s early career in this environment fostered a mindset that thrives on challenges, pushing boundaries, and seeking solutions to complex problems.

As he navigated the energetic atmosphere of Tel Aviv, Dedi’s perspective broadened, laying the foundation for what would become a remarkable entrepreneurial story.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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A Twist of Fate: From Combat to Software Development

Originally trained for a different path, fate intervened. Like many Israelis, Dedi began his career in the Israeli army, eventually moving from a combat position to an office intelligence role for medical reasons.

While he developed an interest in science at a young age, he focused on engineering in college, and later, Dedi went on to explore the world of software development. It was a pivotal moment that ignited his passion for technology and innovation.

The transition from a combat role to a software developer was not just a change in profession; it was a shift in perspective. Dedi discovered the power of technology to transform lives and saw an opportunity to channel his skills toward creating meaningful solutions.

This marked the beginning of his exploration into the vast possibilities of computer science.

Balancing Art and Technology

In the mosaic of Dedi’s life, there was a brief but impactful hiatus dedicated to art. A break from the digital world led him to explore sculpture and pottery, revealing a side of him that seamlessly blended creativity with technology.

This period of artistic expression would later influence his approach to innovation, emphasizing the importance of thinking beyond traditional boundaries.

The fusion of art and technology became a recurring theme in Dedi’s life, illustrating that innovation often thrives at the intersection of seemingly disparate disciplines. This balance would prove crucial in the intricate dance of entrepreneurship that lay ahead.

After leaving the army, Dedi went back to university to major in information systems. He also took a course in software development and started to work as part of his studies.

Dedi looks back at his first job out of school when the high-tech industry was not very focused on supporting startups. All available funding was concentrated on the hardware sector.

Dedi started his first company with a close friend, working out of his garage, and devoted a year and a half to it using the funding he acquired from the Technion Incubator program. After the 2000 collapse, many people had to go back to working day jobs.

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From Israel to the U.S.: Lessons from the Corporate World

Working for Microsoft in the U.S., Dedi gained valuable insights into how very large companies operate, including corporate acquisitions, laying the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

These experiences provided a glimpse into the dynamics of larger organizations, offering valuable lessons that would shape his leadership style and approach to entrepreneurship.

Dedi remembers being involved in one of the acquihires where many of the employees he had worked with moved into Microsoft.

Reflecting on his time within a corporate structure, Dedi discovered the intricacies of managing sizable teams and the complexities of decision-making at scale. These lessons would later prove instrumental in his ability to navigate the challenges of building and leading successful startups.

Returning to Israel: A Fulfilling and Teaching Experience

Dedi found himself drawn back to Israel, bringing with him a wealth of experiences. His return marked not just a homecoming but the beginning of a new chapter, one that involved imparting knowledge and contributing to the growth of the local tech ecosystem.

Teaching became a natural extension of Dedi’s journey, allowing him to share his insights with the next generation of innovators. His experiences, both in Israel and abroad, enriched the learning environment, fostering a culture of continuous curiosity and growth.

The Genesis of TytoCare: A Personal Pain Point

Dedi’s personal experiences inspired the inception of TytoCare with his youngest child’s recurrent throat and ear infections. His journey started in the quiet moments of frustration during frequent pediatrician visits to innovation and the power of addressing real-life pain points.

The repetitive nature of these visits sparked an idea—an idea that would evolve into TytoCare’s Home Smart Clinic, a digital health platform designed to empower individuals and families to conduct remote physical exams at home while connecting to their clinicians. That’s when he came up with a groundbreaking solution.

Dedi faced a big technology barrier–to enable laypersons and consumers to perform the examinations that primary care physicians and pediatricians do in their clinics.

What they needed was a combination of hardware, software, and algorithms to record and track the data. Further challenges involved getting regulatory approval and funding.

Trailblazing through FDA Approval

TytoCare’s journey through FDA approval was a defining moment in the company’s history. The team’s resilience through the challenges and strategic decisions set TytoCare on a trajectory of success.

Breaking new ground with the Home Smart Clinic, TytoCare defied conventional norms, proving that innovation in healthcare requires not only technological prowess but also a deep understanding of regulatory landscapes.

The modular approach allowed for flexibility and future enhancements, laying the groundwork for TytoCare’s continuous evolution. Each kit includes five different medical devices, such as a stethoscope, autoscope, thermometer, exam camera, and more, combined into a modular kit.

As Dedi explains, their kits allow physicians to actually replicate the clinic experience in the home. The kit and its included devices and the service are encapsulated into a monthly or yearly payment.

Each family in the service can get the kits through a subscription-based model, usually subsidized by the health plan or its health system.

Large insurance companies like Elevance Health provide the kits free of cost to their members. Each family connected to the service drives revenue for TytoCare. Since insurance companies pay for the service, the value the kits provide helps reduce their payments.

The companies see their total cost of care is going down because a service with TytoCare saves time, ER visits, urgent care visits, and, as a result, medical costs.

Funding Success: Attracting Investors with a Vision

Securing over $205 million in funding across multiple rounds, TytoCare’s success in attracting investors is validation that the platform has transformative potential.

Investors recognized the tangible impact of TytoCare in revolutionizing the digital health landscape, providing a lifeline for those seeking accessible and convenient healthcare solutions.

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As TytoCare continues to evolve, Dedi envisions it becoming a household standard for initial healthcare examinations. His vision extends beyond disruption; it’s about empowering users, complementing traditional medical care, and redefining standard care.

Dedi talks about the challenges he faced with raising three-dimensional funding. TytoCare needed money for machine learning and AI for in-depth analysis.

Then, they needed money to develop the hardware to build the devices and the funding for the freeware, servers, and integration. Building interactive apps for iOS and Android phones is also part of the challenge.

Challenges and Lessons Learned

The journey of TytoCare has been marked by challenges, and Dedi shares insights into the lessons learned. For instance, for the product to drive value, consumers have to want to use the kits. If they choose to visit clinics instead, the value is lost.

Changing consumer behavior is one of the key hurdles they faced.

Dedi reflects on the changing dynamics of the healthcare industry, where TytoCare is positioned not as a replacement for physicians but as a tool to empower them.

The platform’s unique data repository, comprising images, videos, and sound recordings, offers a valuable resource for healthcare providers, enhancing the overall quality of care.

Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs can glean valuable advice from Dedi’s entrepreneurial journey. He emphasizes the critical role of choosing the right partners in business and personal life.

The support system, as exemplified by his partnership with his co-founder Ofer Tzadik and the unwavering support from his wife, played a pivotal role in TytoCare’s success.

Conclusion: A Journey of Perseverance and Innovation

Dedi Gilad’s entrepreneurial odyssey from Tel Aviv to the forefront of digital health innovation serves as an inspiration—a testament to perseverance, innovation, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

His journey is a beacon for those navigating the complex landscape of entrepreneurship, urging them to dream big, pick the right partners, and never shy away from addressing real-world challenges with innovative solutions.

Listen to the full podcast episode to know more, including:

  • Growing up in Israel, Dedi Gilad’s journey reflects the cultural resilience and entrepreneurial spirit that shapes many successful innovators.
  • Dedi’s time in New York not only expanded his horizons but also provided a global perspective crucial for navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.
  • Dedi’s trajectory from combat soldier to software developer highlights the fusion of technology and healthcare, laying the foundation for TytoCare.
  • TytoCare’s genesis stemmed from Dedi’s personal frustration, illustrating how addressing real-life pain points can lead to groundbreaking innovation.
  • TytoCare’s journey through FDA approval showcases the challenges of combining hardware, software, and consumer-centric healthcare solutions in a regulated environment.
  • TytoCare’s innovative B2B model with healthcare providers and payers challenges traditional consumer-centric approaches, emphasizing direct engagement with entities.
  • Dedi envisions TytoCare becoming a household standard for initial healthcare examinations, empowering users and complementing traditional medical care.


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