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Jonathan Matus, the founder and CEO of Fairmatic and co-founder of Zendrive, has had a fascinating journey from his birthplace in New York to leading two successful tech-based ventures. His time in the tech industry, studying at prestigious institutions, and serving in the Israeli military have instilled a unique blend of tenacity, vision, and innovative thinking in him.

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New York Born, Tel Aviv Bred

Born in New York but raised in the lively city of Tel Aviv, Matus credits his upbringing in this vibrant Israeli city for his entrepreneurial spirit. The high-energy environment fostered a sense of chutzpah, making Tel Aviv a breeding ground for many successful entrepreneurs. His three-year stint in the Israeli military further honed his determination and tenacity.

Harvard Education and Early Career

His pursuit of knowledge took him to the United States, where he managed to finance his own education through a full scholarship at Boston University. When the scholarship program surprisingly ended, Jonathan had to hustle his way mid year to find another institution that would give him a full scholarship, and transferred to Harvard. At Harvard, Jonathan focused on neuroscience and AI. His academic journey laid a strong foundation for his future career at tech giants like Google and Facebook.

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From Google and Facebook to Entrepreneurship

Matus was part of the initial Android team at Google, contributing to the development of what later became the world’s most popular mobile operating system. His tenure at Facebook involved launching the social media giant’s mobile platform.

However, his passion for leveraging technology to solve real-world problems led him to co-found Zendrive. The mission of this venture was to improve road safety by utilizing data and analytics and Jonathan raised more than $50M and took it to profitability.

The Spin-off Journey: Fairmatic

An insightful conversation with Zendrive’s board led Matus to realize the potential of scaling up their in-house insurance program. This led to the spin-off of Fairmatic, an insurtech company focused on improving road safety by incentivizing fleet drivers. Since its inception, Fairmatic has raised almost $90 million.

Creating a Safer Driving Environment with Fairmatic

Jonathan Matus’ most recent venture is Fairmatic, a company he founded after experiencing firsthand the adverse effects of distracted driving during his time at Zendrive. Fairmatic aims to address the issue of road safety by combining technology, data analytics, and insurance.

Matus had a clear mission: to use technology and insurance to incentivize safer driving behavior. Using the lessons he had learned at Zendrive, he and his team spun off Fairmatic with a laser focus on improving the safety of commercial fleets, a sector responsible for nearly half of the miles driven worldwide.

Fairmatic’s innovative approach uses real-time tracking and analytics to assess driving habits. The data collected is then used to offer proactive coaching and actionable safety insights at the individual driver level, as well as the entire fleet, ultimately leading to safer roads and insurance premium savings. 

While Fairmatic began as a small entity within Zendrive, it has rapidly grown into its own successful venture. The company has already raised close to $90 million and its platform hosts hundreds of thousands of drivers. By serving commercial fleets, Fairmatic has the potential to significantly reduce road fatalities and accidents – all while simultaneously offering fleets a more personalized and fairly priced auto insurance option that gives them control over their safety and savings.

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Fairmatic’s Vision

The vision for Fairmatic extends far beyond its current achievements. Matus aims to make the company as big, if not bigger than, Progressive in the commercial auto insurance space, which could make Fairmatic a multibillion-dollar company. More importantly, Matus is dedicated to the company’s mission of making roads safer – one fleet at a time.

With the ambition to bring their product to hundreds of millions of drivers, Fairmatic represents a significant step towards a future with safer roads, fewer accidents, and better driving habits worldwide. It’s a prime example of how technology can be leveraged to solve real-world problems and make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

The Global Approach and The Road Ahead

Matus emphasizes the advantages of leveraging  global talent and expertise, with Fairmatic having teams in India, Israel, and the United States. Despite the challenges, he believes that working with the best talent in the world regardless of where they are is a net positive to fast-growing companies – especially in an environment where the competition for talent is fierce. 

Fairmatic’s vision is to make roads safer by leveraging insurance as a financial incentive for commercial driving improvements. The ultimate goal is for Fairmatic’s smarter safety-driven insurance to become the default option for the multi-billion dollar commercial auto insurance segment.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • Matus’s journey from Tel Aviv to Boston University and Harvard
  • His early career at Google and Facebook
  • The creation of Zendrive and Fairmatic
  • His global approach to business and team building
  • The future of Fairmatic and its impact on road safety


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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