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In a captivating interview with Scott Dunn, the visionary CEO of Noveon Magnetics, we unravel the compelling narrative that traces his remarkable journey from the quaint communities of Baltimore, Maryland to the forefront of manufacturing innovation in Texas.

Scott’s story is infused with a deep-seated passion for creating and an early immersion in the complexities of production. His career trajectory led him to establish Noveon Magnetics—a company poised to redefine the landscape of rare earth magnet manufacturing.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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Discovering the Path to Manufacturing

Scott’s journey into the world of manufacturing is rooted in his family’s involvement in steel fabrication, body armor, and ballistics testing for firearms ordinances. They also worked on polyterra mid-ceramic glass.

The exposure to the intricacies of production fueled his determination to pursue a career in the manufacturing sector. The early experiences of working in family businesses, coupled with a post-graduate year in New Jersey and time at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, laid the foundation for Scott’s deep-rooted understanding of manufacturing dynamics.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Scott’s focus shifted towards rare earth materials. Around this time, he started to realize how crucial it was to utilize resources efficiently but also sustainably.

He also started to explore how technology can manage and balance the pressure of demand from the population by increasing supply.

Scott recalled his background and childhood when he scrapped metals like aluminum, copper, and brass at the body armor company. He had also scrapped a lot of iron and all kinds of different steel.

This was the professional experience he brought to the table when he met his co-founder. Scott was also introduced to concepts like recycling, reverse logistics, takeback, and metals recovery.

The geopolitical event in 2010, where China halted the export of rare earth materials to Japan, acted as a catalyst, prompting Scott to move to China and delve into the nuances of this critical industry.

From Concept to Noveon Magnetics

Established in 2015, Noveon Magnetics emerged with a clear mission—to manufacture rare earth permanent magnets.

These magnets, the result of cutting-edge material science, physics, and engineering, serve as indispensable components across a spectrum of applications, ranging from hard disks and small electronic devices to colossal five-megawatt wind turbines.

As Scott explains, anyone building, assembling, and integrating the highest performance, the most electrically efficient, and the highest energy density applications can use their products.

Any device that can convert electrical energy to mechanical motion or in reverse needs to harness mechanical motion to become electrical energy. And, that’s where the role of magnets comes in.

What distinguishes Noveon Magnetics is its commitment to sustainability and disrupting the traditional supply chain.

By developing a novel material allowing the use of recycled inputs, Noveon Magnetics stands as one of the few global manufacturers producing finished products directly from recycled materials, thus reducing dependence on China for rare earth materials.

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Building a Diverse and Capable Team

Recognizing the complexity of manufacturing, Scott stresses the significance of building a diverse and multidisciplinary team.

Noveon Magnetics strategically assembled a team representing various skill sets, from material scientists to highly skilled machinists. This approach ensures the company can navigate the multifaceted challenges inherent in the manufacturing sector.

Scott underscores the importance of experienced individuals in high-volume manufacturing, emphasizing the need for professionals who understand operational excellence.

Striking the right balance between the pioneering spirit of a startup and the wisdom of experienced individuals fosters a culture of innovation and sustained growth.

Navigating the Funding Landscape

Noveon Magnetics achieved success in raising over $150M in equity, with additional financing for equipment and facility buildout. The company has raised a total of $175M in total invested capital. Scott emphasizes the importance of selecting investors who possess a deep understanding of the business.

By prioritizing investors with an in-depth grasp of Noveon Magnetics’ intricacies, the company secured the support necessary to navigate the unique challenges associated with manufacturing.

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Long-Term Vision

Looking ahead, Noveon Magnetics envisions playing a pivotal role in addressing the impending challenges in the supply chain for rare earth materials. As global demand peaks around 2028-2030, Noveon Magnetics aims to be a mature, impactful player capable of reducing risks across the supply chain.

Scott envisions leveraging the company’s expertise to contribute significantly to the energy transition story and de-risking critical materials in the manufacturing landscape.

Words of Wisdom

Reflecting on his journey, Scott imparts valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. He emphasizes the necessity of acknowledging that everything takes longer than expected but encourages a mindset that focuses on compressing timelines.

Scott also underscores the importance of making timely changes within the company, stating that making changes too soon is far more preferable than waiting too long, fostering a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement.


Scott Dunn’s journey from Maryland to the helm of Noveon Magnetics is a testament to the power of passion, diverse teams, and a commitment to sustainability. As Noveon Magnetics continues to shape the future of manufacturing, Scott’s insights offer a comprehensive roadmap for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the complexities of building a successful and impactful business.

His story serves as an inspiration for those poised to make a difference in manufacturing and beyond.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to know more including:

  • The trajectory from Maryland to Noveon Magnetics exemplifies a passion-driven odyssey through the manufacturing landscape.
  • Noveon Magnetics pioneers sustainability by producing rare earth magnets directly from recycled materials, reducing dependency on China for critical resources.
  • Building a multidisciplinary team proves essential in navigating the complexities of manufacturing, blending innovation with the wisdom of seasoned professionals.
  • Noveon Magnetics strategically raised over $150 million, emphasizing the importance of investors deeply understanding the intricacies of the manufacturing business.
  • With a keen eye on global challenges, Noveon Magnetics aims to be a mature player by 2028-2030, contributing significantly to the energy transition and de-risking critical materials in manufacturing.
  • Advocacy for a mindset that compresses timelines, recognizing that everything takes longer than expected but encouraging swift adaptations to change.
  • The importance of making timely changes within the company is underscored, fostering a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement for long-term success.


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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