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In a world driven by constant connectivity and instant gratification, the story of Adam Cheyer, a visionary innovator, stands out. Raised in a small town with limited screen time, Adam learned the power of imagination and creativity from an early age.

This foundational experience would go on to shape his career in technology and lead to groundbreaking achievements in the field of artificial intelligence.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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The Formative Years: Boredom Breeds Brilliance

Born in Boston and raised in Sharon, Massachusetts, a town without stoplights, Adam’s childhood was marked by a scarcity of digital entertainment. With only one hour of weekly screen time permitted, he honed his imagination, crafting toys and visions with his hands.

This early exposure to boredom ignited a creativity that would define his future endeavors. Adam laments the current era, where children are inundated with media, leaving little room for independent creativity and imagination.

Choosing a path of intellectual diversity, Adam pursued higher education at Brandeis, a liberal arts school. He immersed himself in Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Neurobiology, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

This unique combination culminated in a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, a testament to his unconventional approach in the tech realm.

The Secret to Success: Verbalizing Goals

Adam reveals his most potent secret to success: the art of articulating core emotions and goals during pivotal life moments. By distilling these truths into verbal statements, he not only commits himself to action but also enlists the support of those around him.

His first notable application of this approach led him to work for a European computer company, allowing him to fulfill his dream of gaining a foreign perspective.

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Mastering the Art of Innovation: A Journey Through Academia

Embarking on a quest for further knowledge, Adam pursued a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at UCLA. Here, he delved into neural networks, machine learning, and natural language processing within a research context. This period marked a critical phase in his quest to understand the intricacies of human cognition.

Post-graduation, Adam faced the pivotal question of where he could stay for a decade without succumbing to boredom. His answer came in the form of SRI International, a research institution teeming with cutting-edge advancements in computer science.

This venture not only expanded his technological prowess but also provided insights into managing large, distributed teams and navigating the intricate world of commercial software development.

Adam grappled with a profound question: How do breakthroughs happen? His return to SRI, leading engineering for the largest government-funded AI research project in history, sought to answer this. This endeavor exposed him to the value systems guiding both the research and commercial realms, ultimately reshaping his perception of innovation.

The Birth of Siri: Anticipating the Future

In 2007, Adam Cheyer, along with co-founders Dag Kittlaus and Tom Gruber, embarked on a monumental project: Siri. His vision, conceived over a decade earlier, was a paradigm shift in how humans would interact with services. The subsequent release of the iPhone and the integration of Siri into Apple’s ecosystem marked a watershed moment in tech history, forever altering the landscape of voice-activated assistants.

The launch of Siri caught the attention of none other than Steve Jobs. Their ensuing meeting, marked by Jobs’ relentless pursuit of excellence, culminated in the acquisition of Siri by Apple. This collaboration would not only revolutionize personal assistant technology but also catapult Apple to unprecedented heights in market valuation.

Life Beyond Apple: Pursuing the Next Revolution

Post-acquisition, Adam remained committed to his vision of open, developer-friendly ecosystems. He recalls his time at VerticalNet, which was one of the top 5 IPOs of 1999. Adam was tasked with $200M worth of software deliverables.

This was the time when he learned how to manage large distributed teams from different parts of the world, a kind of engineering management process. The atmosphere was open and inventive, with people trying to figure out how the Internet would change manufacturing and supply chains.

Departing from Apple, he co-founded Viv Labs, aspiring to create the next-generation voice assistant. Adam’s mission is clear: to democratize voice technology, making it an integral part of every device, platform, and business.

Adam talks about how he made several predictions for the future of the Internet, including the incredible popularity of social media platforms and the ideation of cloud services, except that it wasn’t called the cloud at the time.

Charting a Course for the Future: The Vision of a Billion Minds

Fast forward to 2007, Adam built Sentient with several other co-founders. Sentient was the first large-scale machine learning cloud platform, which was valued at $800M by the time he exited the company.

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As the world faces ever more complex challenges, Adam envisions a future where collective intellect prevails. He believes that we must harness the power of AI to augment human intelligence, working together to find solutions.

Through his relentless pursuit of groundbreaking technologies, Adam aspires to leave a lasting legacy that impacts the lives of billions.


Adam Cheyer’s journey from a small town with limited screen time to revolutionizing personal assistant technology is a testament to the power of imagination, persistence, and visionary thinking.

His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring innovators, highlighting the importance of creativity, diverse education, and a commitment to shaping a better future for all.

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, Adam’s legacy continues to shape the landscape of AI and voice technology. As he sets his sights on the next phase of innovation, the world eagerly awaits the transformative solutions that will undoubtedly impact billions.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • Early experiences in a small town with limited screen time laid the foundation for remarkable creativity and innovation.
  • A diverse and liberal arts education can be the catalyst for broadening one’s horizons and thinking beyond the confines of a single discipline.
  • Articulating your core emotions and ambitions during pivotal life moments can serve as a powerful catalyst for success.
  • Transitioning from academia to commercial ventures provides a profound understanding of the real-world application of technology.
  • Success often depends on aligning your vision with the right moment, recognizing trends, and seizing trigger opportunities.
  • Open, developer-friendly ecosystems are crucial for the democratization of technology and its widespread impact.
  • To address complex global challenges, combining the power of AI with human ingenuity is essential for problem-solving on a massive scale.


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