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Tanis Jorge seems to have come up with a magical recipe for consistently starting and selling businesses rapidly. Her last company raised over half a billion dollars through a Series D round. Now, she’s going even bigger with her latest company which aims to give back to the founder community and equip others to scale successful businesses. The venture, Cofounders Hub, has attracted funding from top-tier investors like Blumberg Capital.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Navigating changing economies
  • How to land a great board of advisors for your startup
  • How Cofounders Hub can help you
  • Tanis Jorge’s top advice for other entrepreneurs


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About Tanis Jorge:

Tanis is a serial tech entrepreneur and a leading advisor on entrepreneurship and building successful cofounder partnerships.

Over the course of her career in startups, spanning the last 20 years, Tanis has cofounded, scaled, and successfully exited multiple, data-driven businesses with the same partner.

Tanis’ successes culminated with her most recent venture, Trulioo, which she co-founded in 2011. Between 2011 and 2015, Tanis served as Chief Operations Officer of Trulioo, working to lay the groundwork and build the foundation for the trusted, innovative, and disruptive company it has become today.

In 2021, Trulioo reached “unicorn” status, solidifying both its place as the world’s leading identity verification company and Jorge’s track record for founding successful businesses.

Today, Tanis is one of the go-to voices and experts on the cofounder relationship. Author of The Cofounder’s Handbook and Founder of The Cofounder’s Hub, her work focuses on how cofounders can function in an open, productive, and symbiotic way to ensure continued and long-term business success.

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Alejandro Cremades: Alrighty hello everyone and welcome to the deal maker show. So today. We have a very exciting founder a founder that has done it multiple times you know building scaling financing all the good stuff that we like to hear I think that the um. Episode today I’m sure that you’re all gonna find it very inspiring I mean right now she is on her next baby her next company and it’s all about helping founders and I think that we’re gonna be able to ah have a really nice chat around that and I’m sure that you’re all gonna enjoy it so without further ado. Let’s welcome. Our guest today. Tan is George welcome to the show. So originally from canada so why give us a little of our walk through memory lane. How was life growing up.

Tanis Jorge: I Ajaro how are you? ah.

Tanis Jorge: You know what? I was very fortunate I I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My dad My dad’s main occupation was a door-to-door Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Can you imagine that obviously was the seventy s and that was something you could do back then you could knock on people’s doors. And so my dad was very successful in that and growing up a lot of the sales principles that he you would you know build into his sales team were things that he taught me as I was growing up So I think that the nurture side of my entrepreneurship. Came from my dad you know, telling me stories about sales and and and regaling um all these memories that he had and helping me to see the world through the lens of a salesperson really and so that was that was my childhood in many ways. Ah you know self-motivation.

Tanis Jorge: Understanding life as a numbers game Those kind of things were what I think really fed into me.

Alejandro Cremades: And I think that you are very lucky because I find that that’s one of the toughest things you know an entrepreneur needs to um or encounters. You know, right? which is like hey you got to you got to sell this thing is who cares, you know if they like you if they don’t like you you’re going to get rejected So I’m sure that. You learned quite a bit from your data about rejection.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, well actually my dad told me his main quote that he would say to me was tennis life is a numbers game. Everything is about playing the numbers and if you work long enough and hard enough. You’ll succeed at whatever you’re at and that was sort of the premise of. Whenever I came to him with an idea or if I came to him with something Oh I Want to do this.? He’d say great I Remember one time I wanted to go do a dog walking Service. He’s Great. He’s like yeah, no problem knock on enough doors in the neighborhood. You’ll get some dogs I was like okay you know it actually simplified life for me in a lot of ways when you take. That analogy and you apply it to life then life seems actually relatively Simple. You just got to put the numbers In. But.

Alejandro Cremades: So let let’s let’s go into numbers. Let’s go into numbers and into business because in 9099 you know that’s when you know you you created your first company. So what was that the sequence of events that needed to happen for you to bring I query to life.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, so actually I started my first business with my best friend in high school so Stephen and I went to high school together. Um, we shared. We had lockers beside each other for 5 years and basically. What ended up happening was after school all Steve came across an idea business idea that he found in the Us that wasn’t available in Canada and he approached me and said hey do you want to build ah this business with me and it was in in the identity space and honestly I don’t think either of us had much of a passion for identity.

Tanis Jorge: But what we did enjoy was doing projects together. We learned that in school we we enjoyed spending time together and in a way. Our first company was just an extension of a school project in many ways and so when you approached me about the business to me. It was just it was going to be a fun way for us to do something together. And be productive so eye query was born that way and it took 3 years we raised we didn’t raise any money we bootstrapped it but his parents and a few family friends. You know, gave us our first investment and three years later it was acquired by experience and ah, you know that was our first taste of. Of the ability to take something from idea and turning it into a reality.

Alejandro Cremades: And not on easy time either because I mean during that time you know obviously anything online was saying what’s what’s like incredible. There was like a lot of Hype. But then you know it was the dotcom bust so you know you you guys ultimately were able to survive that which I’m sure it was not easy. So what? what did that.

Tanis Jorge: Um, exactly.

Alejandro Cremades: You know teach you about cycles when it comes to building companies.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, you know I think one of the takeaways from that was just really believing in your product and not you know, not not that you can’t be concerned about what’s going on around you. But if you’re so focused on your product and what you’re trying to achieve you just work with what you have. And I think that if you’re working in a down cycle then you I don’t know you just you just make it work and I think that’s the thing you don’t worry about the challenges that you can control you only worry about the ones that you can and I think that was what we focused On. Um, we weren’t able to raise money we tried for a little bit and that didn’t happen so it just was like well then I guess we just keep going and you get lean I think in that or in that business we learned to run very lean and we carried that um practice through all of our companies and I think that’s what served us. Extremely well is we run very lean Ships. No matter how much runway we have we we always run very tight and very lean.

Alejandro Cremades: So once an entrepreneur entrepreneur always an entrepreneur entrepreneur so in Cb after this transaction you know that you did with I query I mean obviously the next idea comes knocking so tell us about that.

Tanis Jorge: Um, yes.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah again, our space is very um, very small and very niche and so it’s a lot of the same players and so we were reached out to by an organization and said hey here’s an opportunity. And we were able to take it and so that again was another or another business idea that we explored and bootstrapped ourselves once again and ended up finding ourselves back in a working business model that we could take advantage of but for for the first 3 companies that we had. Really, our idea was to be acquired. The intention was to take it to a certain level and we we always identified who our exit and who the acquirer would be and so we built our businesses in a way that would make them. Um. Easy easy to digest for the acquirers that we had in mind we made sure that you know the branding so match there so that the the switch over was going to be simple for them became very easy for us to pitch and say hey we’re at at a space now where you might want to acquire us and so that was even the same with Ncb data services.

Alejandro Cremades: So so so when you when you’re talking about you know building a company with the idea of selling it down the line I mean how does that relationship.

Tanis Jorge: Wow.

Alejandro Cremades: Um, you know building trust with that potential Aquira and then really activating the switch for a transaction to happen How how does that look like.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah I think one of the things that we we did was we identified where they were lacking and of course as a startup. The great thing about it is you can be very, you’re very malleable and you’re very.. It’s easy for you to Move. They’re big titanics and we’re small canoes. So We would identify issues where they were lacking and we would find ways to fill that Gap. We understood their business really really well and so we found ways to fill that gap and and basically eventually it became a conversation of what are you gonna go build this yourself. Why don’t you just take us on and. Now you’ve you’ve filled that gap for yourself and so that that was sort of the mindframe that we would look at and be like well where are they lacking? How can we be that Band-aid. Let’s say in there where they need it in their business and we just kept popping up and they kept saying oh you guys again? and. Even tried to Hire. They tried to hire us as well. We said no we make we make more when we build companies and sell them to you than if we were your employees. So ah, that was one way.

Alejandro Cremades: No kidding because it was also the same company with the Ncb that you sold to I mean exper I mean second transaction. Unbelievable I guess at this point you know on this second deal.

Tanis Jorge: That’s correct. Yes, that’s right? Yes, yeah.

Alejandro Cremades: What did you learn from the first time around with iquery you know that you also sold to exper and that you knew you wanted to make sure that that lesson you wanted to implement it in this transaction.

Tanis Jorge: What we learned in the first sale of the company. The methodology of acquisition. Um, you know we learned negotiation. We learned strategy. We had a better idea the second time around. How do you handle that. Sales and acquisition process. What? what are the bluffs that you it’s like a poker game right? You know where when can you show your hand and when not and how do you manipulate that process and so I think one of the things we got very good at was understanding that acquisition process and and. You know tweaking it to our advantage.

Alejandro Cremades: So then let’s talk about the next baby forests. So fars global strategies. So what was what was forests global strategies about.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, that was a unique opportunity that allowed us to help another organization expand Internationally we had contacts and I think this is an interesting thing for entrepreneurs if you have an excellent network. You are um. You are You can be well aligned to assist companies to facilitate those introductions coming in as ah as a trusted source to an organization who’s able to bring value I think that you can build a business around that and that’s what we did. We had. A lot of our network in our space with different organizations around the world and this particular company understood that about our positioning and so they came to us and said you know would you facilitate and we ended up building a company around that help them to expand globally and then eventually we just had. Built Well enough of a business that for them. It was worth acquiring us and taking the business on.

Alejandro Cremades: Yeah, but I mean 1 thing that I find here quite interesting as a pattern is that it’s like 2 to 4 years. You know the mark on those on those 3 companies I mean what? and and what’s what’s what happens there I mean is there like a a point in time where.

Tanis Jorge: Basically almost every three years. Yeah.

Alejandro Cremades: Boom Something Clicks you know around that timeframe where now the company is mature enough to be able to activate the M and a switch.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, exactly. That’s exactly what it was. You know we got to a position in all 3 companies where we had shown that the product was viable. It was launched really for us. It was getting you know the marketing side and the and the early scaling side for us was was not our forte and I would almost. So far as to say at that point it still wasn’t really our Passion. We Loved starting companies that whole thing of here’s a need in the market and that exciting moment of trying to figure out how do we solve this problem that was a very exciting thing for us. So for us. Um, the acquisition portion and and selling the baby I can tell you’re an entrepreneur because you use the word baby you you understand, um, selling that baby was very comfortable because we knew that um it was gonna do. Better and bigger in the hands of ah of an organization who had the funding and the money to be able to take it to the next level so we were comfortable to pass it on at that point.

Alejandro Cremades: Now the next company that comes say knocking trulio I mean a little bit different. No and the the previous say 3 babies. No I would say but they but how how how did the idea of trulio come about I mean.

Tanis Jorge: Um, yeah, a lot And yeah, yeah.

Alejandro Cremades: Obviously similar in nature of you know the the previous ones were around credit I mean this one you know was more about verification but tell us about truio.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, so truly you came at a time so we had just built 3 companies took us about 10 years to do it and now we were for me I was at a bit ah of a different life stage. We did we we built those companies all in my twenty s and by the end of that I decided you know what. I’m ready to start a family kind of try something different and Steven felt that you know what I I want to head to Silicon Valley I want to experience that and explore one of the ideas that we had had um in that in still in the identity space. But in the verification space and so. He said I’m going to go there so he went down to Silicon Valley did some r and d down there and I stayed in Vancouver um, and we explored some opportunities and eventually at some point we started to realize that what we had um, come up with had some. Big possibilities and so the idea was you know what this time let’s raise money this time. Let’s go big and the idea as well was not to sell it within 3 years the goal this time was to see how far we could take it and so we we had a much longer vision for the company at this point and Steven. Um. Went down did the r and d it took about a year and a half before we raised our first round our seed round hundreds well over a hundred different interviews with Vcs that it took what we were building was very innovative, very disruptive. We really had to convince people that.

Tanis Jorge: Um, we knew what we were talking about and those 10 years of building companies put us in a place. Ah as the expert and as you know when you’re raising money. Ah, usually the beginning seed round is not about necessarily the idea it’s about the founders and so we really you know fell back on our reputation as leaders in our industry.

Alejandro Cremades: Yeah, yeah.

Tanis Jorge: And said trust us we know what we’re doing and we needed a Vc and eventually found one who believed that.

Alejandro Cremades: And I guess say for the people that are listening to get it. You know what ended up being the business model of trulio. Okay.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, so we were we grew into being one of the world’s largest identity verification companies in the world. Um, and it it shifted a bit our product offering shifted throughout those years um and it and it ended up. You know, being right in our wheelhouse all the way through and eventually yeah it grew to be the world’s largest identity verification company.

Alejandro Cremades: And and you were talking about this earlier I mean when when you guys got started with this, you wanted to do it differently. You wanted to do it differently I mean you all were in different stages. You know now you were not in your twenty s anymore I mean we all get old I mean we got we got to face it. But you know like in this case, you guys decided that it was going to be a different route why with truglio did you choose the Vc route because I mean in my in my mind you know the Vc route is you know it’s a little bit more scary and more hypergrowth and more pressure than the bootstrapped route. So why. Did you choose to do it differently with truly or them. So.

Tanis Jorge: Because we were building something that had never been done before and we knew that in order to do that we needed we needed capital significantly more capital than we were we we had even we even if we wanted to. We knew it was going to need to be bigger and. And honestly, ah, El Jaro it was the the excitement of trying something new like it was the challenge. It was the challenge of taking on a different model. It was the challenge of seeing how big we could take something you know we hadn’t had never taken it. Too too far previously like I said we sold them 3 years so we never really got to scale a company and experience that and I think 1 thing that Stephen and I ah, both really enjoy is novelty and new experiences and so eventually we felt confident enough in our ability to. Take something from ideation to reality and then it became okay, well let’s experience what it is to scale a company and let’s see what that looks like and so that’s where how truly you was able to go that next level I think our mind frame was different.

Alejandro Cremades: And on that r and d process you know as you were I mean one year and a half is a long time I mean what were you guys looking for there and at what point were you like I think we hit a nerve with this I think we got it now I think we’re ready.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, you know we knew what the market needed and it was a matter of convincing the vcs that we knew what we were talking about and I think it was honing our pitch. It was honing our messaging. I Think one of the key things that we did was we went out and built a board of advisors that was stellar. These folks were some of the best in their industry the top and the top in our world whether it was in the technology that we were trying to put together or in the um.

Tanis Jorge: The the philosophy and or the theology behind identity because there’s a lot of um, there’s a lot of theories about how we as humans should be identified both in the physical space as well as the online. So. Really went out and found the people who were leading the charge and in how that was going to be done both um in an enterprise and as well in government and so we went out. We found these folks that were instrumental. We put them on a board of advisors and so we were able to eventually have this really incredible leadership team that was. Um, standing there saying I’m an expert and I know the world needs this and eventually that got built up enough that finally a Vc went I this is a team worth taking a chance on.

Alejandro Cremades: And how do you get advisers like that you know like with really high profiles to um to engage and to say hey you know what? I’ll put my name on this because at the end of the day you know we’re talking about very successful people and I’m sure that very successful people are always like very careful as to where they associate their name with so. How were you able to really sell them on that compelling future for them to jump on and.

Tanis Jorge: We put ourselves where they were so that was one of the things we did early on in in the identity space. There’s often a lot of conferences say around the world that are that are discussing the topic and so we would attend these and we would put ourselves out there quite heavily. And we would be very ah vocal about our opinion of where this went and so what ended up happening is a lot of these folks ended up seeing us having conversations with us. We always let our reputation lead and so eventually they they got to know who we were and the kind of people in our vision. And that was something that I think compelled them when we said listen and we were always um, very acknowledging that we don’t have all the answers as much as we’re the experts and we don’t have all the answers and they have a really key component to help move this take this movement forward. And so we we humbly would go to them and just say listen. We’re not looking for much. We’re looking for your guidance in your mentorship in exchange for some options and equity. Why don’t you join our advisor team and help us build this incredible company that’s going to go out and save the world and so I think. After getting to know us and see that we were committed. You know we weren’t just an email that was shot out out of nowhere. They saw us in Japan. They met us in San Francisco they saw us in London they saw us at these events and recognize these people were committed to what they’re doing. They’re not just you know sitting in an office somewhere and.

Tanis Jorge: Sending out emails. These guys are really trying to make something happen.

Alejandro Cremades: So how much has trulio raised to date. So.

Tanis Jorge: Oh my goodness. So for us we had the largest raise here in Canada series d was our largest which was just over 430,000,000 and then I think over ah the other years. Oh my goodness probably an additional 150,000,000 plus over that. So.

Alejandro Cremades: And I mean we’re talking about the in the billions almost the the valuation I mean I think that they what it has been reported is close to 2,000,000,000 which is a remarkable tanis I mean how? ah how was the um, how how did the um because I say you guys turned the corner eventually on the.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, ah.

Tanis Jorge: Yes, that’s correct. Yes, yesterday.

Alejandro Cremades: Capital raising side of things as you were building the the advisory board. But how did that journey of racing from one cycle to the next. How did that thing you know, go over time and how did you see expectations shifting from investors first.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, one of the things that I often recommend to early entrepreneurs startup entrepreneurs is to raise money in the valley or especially in the very beginning for us. We were really able to leverage the fact that we were a silicon valley funded company from the early onset and that’s. Gave the company a bit of a panache for lack of a better term when we went out and continue to speak with investors. Obviously the expertise in the silicon valley is is incredible in the vcs and and David Blumberg and Blumberg Capital was our first investor being able to have him. Um, as our sort of flagship initial investor and bring him along, um, yeah on our investment journey was extremely helpful so that was a big key piece I mean I give my co-founder Steven incredible credit because it was him who really. Pushed the the fundraising. You know when you’re when you have a cofounder partnership you you have lanes and Stevens Lane was the fundraising and what what he has an incredible talent for is sharing the vision of the company he honed that message in such a way that. Most people when they heard what we were trying to do were excited and compelled whether or not they were the right Vc was 1 thing but everyone really understood our vision and saw what we were trying to do and Steven has an incredible knack for casting vision.

Tanis Jorge: And so that was a key piece through every fundraise was helping people to see what needs to happen and what what is possible and I think you need to be able to as a fundraise as a fundraiser to be able to to get granular and talk about the details of the company. But also really be able to um, but to to really cast that vision So people feel part of it and see the possibility.

Alejandro Cremades: Now around 2021 and and also 2022 I mean literally by nothing apart you and Steven you know, leave the company I mean we’re talking about the incredible you know rocket ship. Unbelievable company hundreds of employees.

Tanis Jorge: Um, and sir.

Alejandro Cremades: Ah, crazy valuation crazy on Race I Mean why did you guys decided to step off the Rocket ship.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, well, you know what? I think I think for Stephen and I um, you know we always were were humble enough to say that um there may come a point when we’re not the best person. To be to take something to the next level and that is either a because of a skill set or b because we as entrepreneurs are ready for a change and I think we recognize that passion is so important in being a leader of a company and if you lose that passion or if you’re if you don’t if you start to look at. Greener pastures then that might be the time to consider stepping back and and I think I mean Stephen and I probably had 2 different reasons why we left I left earlier on because I as you as I mentioned when we started truly I had 2 kids under the age of 3 and I was drug juggling familyhood and and running a startup at the same time and for me, it got to the point where I was tapped and I was unable to do both well and so I decided to move towards the family side of things and and find. But we had to wait until I could find an incredible person who was able to fill that space at the right person and we did find that through Zach Cohen but um, um for Stephen it was the same same sort of scenario. He’s an incredible Ceo he he understands this business better than anybody.

Tanis Jorge: Um, but even for him too I think um, you know a combination of a desire to step out of the role and see somebody who can take it to the and even bigger heights. And then also when you’re an entrepreneur. There’s other ideas that are always in your back pocket and and lifestyle’s important for an entrepreneur. So I think that I am not going to speak for Stephen. But I I know that those are 2 things that are very exciting and eventually could pull you away from your baby.

Alejandro Cremades: So entering the co-founders hub. What are you up to now Tanis You know what? what’s this about. So.

Tanis Jorge: Yes, sir so as an advisor for many startup founders I found myself frequently being asked. How have you and Steven managed to build 4 companies over 20 years together and you haven’t killed each other. You know that was the that was the premise of the question and I reflected on that and I thought well you know while it wasn’t always rainbows and Sunshine. We did obviously do that well and I reflected on that and came to realize that a lot of business partnerships were what I call silently suffering. And what that meant was they were having issues with the relationship and the partnership but they had nobody to talk to I mean you can’t talk to your investors. You can’t talk to your employees. You can’t talk to these people around you and you kind of have to figure it out on your own and I realized there was not a lot of tools so I decided to research interview ton of founders. And I ended up writing a book called the co-founders handbook and this book is a guide taken from the trenches of co-founders who’ve gone before and help people to start that partnership from the very first question should I get a co-founder that part there all the way to who should I look for where do I find them? How do I legalize this partnership. How do I build a strong partnership. How do I exit a partnership the book covers the full gamut from the beginning to end. It’s the essential book for anyone in a partnership and I wanted that out there because I have a passion for entrepreneurship I think it’s the cornerstone of strong economies and strong countries and I think.

Tanis Jorge: Assisting entrepreneurs is like the most important thing that we can do and so this is my way of of adding my unique perspective after 20 years of doing that this is my way of feeding into that process for entrepreneurs to build great companies.

Alejandro Cremades: So then what the what? what? where are things heading with the Co-founders Ho so.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, so the co-founders hub is a platform that provides products and services for entrepreneurs to build partnerships. So no matter what stage you’re in we will have master classes that you can undertake so that you can be intentional in that partnership and make sure that you’re building a strong. Foundation and not unintentionally doing things in that relationship that can eventually break it apart because most people start a partnership. It’s like a honeymoon phase right? like nothing bad is going to happen and they really see this being incredible and eventually. Unfortunately, it can get cracks and once that relationships breaks down so oftentimes not too far behind that is the company and so this so the ah the platform at the co-founders hub will be that source for people. We’re going to do events that help. Ah, founders build strong partnerships. We have intentionality things throughout the week that founders can take part of it’s really the place for people in a partnership to go to.

Alejandro Cremades: So then you go to sleep tonight Tanis you go to sleep tonight and you wake up in a world where the vision of the Co-founders Hu is fully realized what does that world look like.

Tanis Jorge: I see it as the place where an entrepreneur who’s in a partnership who has a question who is struggling or is wondering about what they’re going to do can go Oh here’s a source. Um and here is where I can meet other co-founders. Are going through what I’m going through and I don’t have to feel alone and I think that’s where the the hub is the place to be.. It’s the place. The source for answers. It’s the source for support um that anybody can go to at any stage.

Alejandro Cremades: So sense of belonging and sense of community and I love that I love that because you know the entrepreneurial journey you know can also be very lonely. So I think that having you know like that support I Really honestly believe is is remarkable. Ah now.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, yeah.

Tanis Jorge: That’s external.

Alejandro Cremades: We were talking about the future here I want to talk about the past but I want to talk about the past with a lens of reflection. So let’s say tennis I put you into a time machine and I bring you back in time to Ninety Ninety Nine you know that moment where you’re about to launch your first company your first baby and they.

Tanis Jorge: Um, okay.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah, yeah.

Alejandro Cremades: Let’s say you have the opportunity of going back in time and having a chat with that younger tanis and let’s say that that younger self was listening because our younger selfs typically don’t listen So let’ let let let’s say that that was the case. So let so let’s say let’s say that was the case and let’s say that you’re able to give that younger.

Tanis Jorge: Um, and.

Tanis Jorge: Um, we never she gets listened. Wow.

Alejandro Cremades: Tani is the 1 piece of advice before launching a company. What would that be and why given what you know now.

Tanis Jorge: I would tell her to enjoy the journey. You know those very beginning companies were very scary and you know as I mentioned for Stephen and I we just had a high school education. We started our first. Company right? out of high school. We didn’t go to uni college or university or anything like that. Um, and you know we were learning as we went and of course when you’re you know that? especially that first company I mean you’re you’re putting in. The the couple thousand dollars that you got in your back pocket that feels like so much and and for us every company that we built. We never took a paycheck it was you know bunny went right back into the company that we made and so it was scary and so the stress. And the concern and the fear was always present and I think that I would tell her to I mean I can obviously have the hindsight but I would also still tell her. It’s okay to enjoy. It’s okay to breathe. It’s okay, to um. Not worry about what’s coming. Enjoy the journey meet the people that you know meet your team um, get to know folks have fun with your employees and just enjoy the journey that would be what I would tell her to do don’t be so afraid you know.

Alejandro Cremades: I Love that So tiny is for the people that are listening that will love to reach out and say hi. What is the best way for them to do so.

Tanis Jorge: Yeah I would recommend the best place to say hi is visit me on Linkedin at Tanis George that is where I’m I’m I’m really focusing a lot of my efforts on their Instagram as well at Tanis George but I would also say you know. Checking out the co-founders hub we’re looking expecting to launch in the next couple months that is where you will find not just myself but also incredible cofounders on the journey. So I um I would definitely do that.

Alejandro Cremades: Amazing! Well hey ten it 10 Why don’t we repeat that last that last day sentence again. We’ll have the engineer the engineer edit that because I mean I think that were it’s it’s like people are gonna get jumpy. So what? let’s let’s just let’s just repeat that segment just 1 more time. Can you can you go ahead? okay.

Tanis Jorge: Um, thanks what.

Tanis Jorge: Um, yeah, yeah, so you can find me at Linkedin at Tanis George it’s where I’m really focusing a lot of my efforts there and helping folks. Additionally, you can Instagram as well. And then at the co-founders hub. That’s where you’ll find other entrepreneurs who are in that same space focused on finding other people where they can get support and then us and our team and our experts that will be part of the organization will be there as well. So all 3 locations will be the best place to talk to us.

Alejandro Cremades: Amazing! Well hey, tiny thank you so much for being on the deal maker show. It has been an honor to have you with us today.

Tanis Jorge: Awesome Alexandra! Thank you! Thanks so much. It was a joy.

* * *
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