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In the vast landscape of entrepreneurship, stories of success are often marked by determination, resilience, and a passion for making a positive impact. Karim Bernoussi’s journey from being the fifth child in a Moroccan family to the founder of Intelcia Group, a global outsourcing powerhouse with 40,000 employees and almost €800M or $936M in revenue, is nothing short of inspiring.

Intelcia has attracted funding from top-tier investors like CDG Capital Private Equity and Altice Group.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Karim Bernoussi’s journey from Morocco to global entrepreneurship showcases the power of passion and resilience in achieving success.
  • The fusion of telecom expertise and entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Intelcia, now a global outsourcing giant with 40,000 employees.
  • Balancing experiences in both the public and private sectors provided Karim with a unique perspective, influencing his approach to entrepreneurship.
  • Strategic acquisitions played a pivotal role in Intelcia’s rapid growth, transforming it into a global player with a presence in 18 countries.
  • Karim’s commitment to being close to customers and employees underscores his belief that profitability is a consequence of investing in people and building strong relationships.
  • Intelcia’s expansion into diverse markets, from France to Africa, Spain, and the Dominican Republic, reflects the company’s adaptability and global mindset.
  • Karim’s dream is rooted in bringing jobs, dignity, and employability to people globally, emphasizing the importance of staying true to values in the entrepreneurial journey.


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About Karim Bernoussi:

Karim Bernoussi, based in Casablanca-Settat, Morocco, is currently a Président at Association Telecom Paris Alumni Maroc, bringing experience from previous roles at Intelcia Group, Servicam, NEOZ Conseil and Microsoft Corp..

Karim Bernoussi holds a 1984 – 1987 Engineer’s degree in Management Information Systems, General @ Ecole nationale supérieure des Télécommunications.

With a robust skill set that includes Start-ups, Entrepreneur, Mergers, Customer Relations, Customer Service and more, Karim Bernoussi contributes valuable insights to the industry.

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Read the Full Transcription of the Interview:

Alejandro Cremades: Alrighty hello everyone and welcome to the dealmakerr show. So today. We’re gonna be talking about building scaling deal making I mean you name it. You know the founder that we have joining us today you know has built a company now that has 40000 employees think about that. Absolutely remarkable journey. You know the one that he has been in and we’re going to be talking about many many things you know on how he got started how he went you know to work for government then also for other companies then how he decided to really be the creator of his own destiny and here he is pushing this rocket ship that he’s on. So without further ado. Let’s welcome. Our guest Kareem Berusi welcome to the show.

Karim Bernoussi: Hello Alejandro thank you.

Alejandro Cremades: So so originally born in Morocco kareem give us a walk through memory lane. How was live growing up and being the fifth child of 7 siblings.

Karim Bernoussi: You know I bond in Morocco in 63 so Morocco is ah was just a few years after the independence of the country. So ah, my yeah, my memories are it’s just sweet memories because I had a really beloved father who left us now thirty years ago and a very ah mom very close to us so I was really, ah, let’s say gifted to to born in such family where we had just love ah around us and the the she touch did teach us that the work work study. And at the end you will have the reword of that.

Alejandro Cremades: So you you also studied French and then then you did engineering what got you into problem solving to begin with.

Karim Bernoussi: So I was I mean I had first I yeah when I was in Morocco was in the french school so I was it the the level was very was very good. So I graduated I I had my high school in Morocco and then I left to. I was I was good in math I was ah I love the members. Ah so I was really good on Matt and so I went to France to do a school of engineers and I had the chance to to be accepted to the strip teleca which which is is a ah french telecon school. Ah, where I graduated in 87.

Alejandro Cremades: So telecom is say definitely something that you spend quite a bit of time. Ah, you know as part of your career. What what really got you excited about the industry of telecom. You know in first place.

Karim Bernoussi: I think and when I when I you know when I spent ah I had the I applied to different I mean schools I had the the opportunity to go and another school which is ah like national de point chai which is a really famous school in France I didn’t choose it because ah. Civil engineer was not something that ah I was ah looking at but telecom was just the beginning. Ah and I mean and digital was just the beginning in the late eighty s so it was the future. So that’s why I went there. It was not really popular at at that time. My father told me no go to and be civilian engineers because it’s. For him. It’s ah you know for his generation. It was better but I did my choice and I think I didn’t regret it.

Alejandro Cremades: Now for you. Also 1 thing that is very interesting as well as part of your journey is that you experience the private sector and also the public sector I mean you were involved too with launching schools with the ministry there and the fisheries and.

Karim Bernoussi: Um I think I had I was really lucky because ah before launching my own business I had the and I think it’s It’s very important to understand that I didn’t launch my business just after high school so I had the chance to.

Alejandro Cremades: And things like that. So.

Karim Bernoussi: To be close to many businesses first I worked in a french you know french company and then I went to the internationally I worked in Germany and the Philippines so I I got in touch with the let’s say international people and the international business and then I came back to Morocco and my. My I mean my ambition at that time was to work for the government because I grew in a family where everybody was working for the public sector and I started to work with the public sector in telecom. Ah then in a ministry then in the university to build a university and. So it was a really nice experience because I was close to the institution government institution institutions and then I had the chance to be hired by a multinational company Microsoft where I worked during 5 years I was close to people ah very famous people. Very smart people in the us in Europe. And you know this experience to be in a local company to be in a french company than to be the government in the government then to be an international multinational company gives me really strong experience on and show me what things to do and takes to avoid if you if you launch your company and I think it’s the That’s the strength that I got when I started to to to to build my own business business.

Alejandro Cremades: So what? what? 1 of the interesting aspects there as you were alluding to it I mean you’ve you’ve worked for all types of companies. You know moroc telecom. Also you did Microsoft you did the luft dance as well. I mean you’ve you’ve done quite um, quite a few you know there. But as you were alluding to it. You had the opportunity to also travel and to live in different countries I guess what? what? what opened up for you from a worldview perspective.

Karim Bernoussi: Um, yeah.

Karim Bernoussi: I lost you I lost you I lost you? Yeah I lost.

Alejandro Cremades: So from ah from a war. Yeah so from a world from a worldview perspective. What would you say that opened up from being able to experience all these different countries.

Karim Bernoussi: I think I mean you know, ah today I leave it I mean even if in my experience before ah launching my own company I had the chance to to be close to many cultures and many ah I mean way to do business and. I think today and if you look at intelsia intensia is present today in 18 countries we have 40000 people and I travel every time to be close to my people in order to to make sure that the Dna that we would like in the company is the same everywhere. But even if you have the same Dna. You see the difference in the culture and I think somebody I mean the thing that I’m gifted by by is to have this this the chance to be close to I mean smart people in all these countries and I learned from them I learned from them and I think the key for ah here is to to listen and not to apply what you have in your company or you have your own country everywhere. The the thing is that you have to understand the culture you have to to listen to be patient in order to to accept who ah, who.

Karim Bernoussi: Ah, the other people are and then to make sure that the that’s the value are the same I mean for me to the the most important for my company is that to make sure that we are living the same values but at the same time The how you say the declination How how they are applied in it can in each young country can be different.

Alejandro Cremades: So why did you always wanted to cope to go back to Morocco because obviously at this point you had the experience of being in different countries you know, different opportunities different world to you as well. So why going back to Morocco.

Karim Bernoussi: Yeah I’m ah because I I’m I’m happy here I mean it’s my country I mean today I have one nationality is moroccan I don’t have any of the other nationality today. My my my. My my wife is in Germany because she’s diplomat my daughter in is in London my son is in Paris and I I spend most of I mean half of my time here in Morocco and I in Morocco for me I I think it’s ah ah, it’s something from the beginning as I told you when I when I graduated. I knew that I will come back to my country because I wanted to give back to my country. What I got from the the country so it was something that it was not negotiatable. So today I have the chance to spend half ah of my time here and half outside the country so you can say that I’m taking the best thing for every but every part but I think that the. As a mor entrepreneur entrepreneur and as a mor company I would like to try to to be an example for other entrepreneurs to show them that by keeping our values by ah working hard by ah, ah, not to look looking for a profit at a short term. We can build strong companies. We can build global company ah from ah the country from the south. That’s the thing that I would like to show and to show that it’s possible without having I mean any ah let’s say a push from any anybody

Alejandro Cremades: So in your case Microsoft was the most immediate step before you actually went at it as an entrepreneur because on maroc telecom you know there was a little disagreement there with the president. You know we say push you to really you know take a look at what else was out there and and obviously Microsoft was a. 1 thing that you know allow you to to really expand you know your your thinking you know different segment too. But this was the segue you know for you to become an entrepreneur. So what were the immediate steps that needed to happen in order for you to really take ownership of your own destiny. Yeah.

Karim Bernoussi: I think if you look at if you look at my experience and if we look at what are the benefit that I got from the previous experience before becoming entrepreneur. There are many things first working for the government public sector. We’ll help you to be patient and we’ll help you as well to to know more know more about the contra part of the of the private sector to to see how the other are are ah are running. Ah. But I think that the best thing that I got and the best experience is from Microsoft because in Microsoft you you learn how to to sell and the top line for ah for an entrepreneur is very very important and I think that this is something that I ah I mean I learned there. Because before I was not selling even if I had some ability to do it. But I mean I was not the I was not in the sales part in or e I was purchased art not selling things. Ah second thing that I I learned as well in Microsoft is the the thing that today everybody I mean everybody is ah I mean there is. Not a lot of layers of ah in the hierarchy. So everybody can talk to everybody so I remember that in some ah ah conference I talked to bill gates to Steve Bulmer and even tell them ah giving them some recommendation on how the things that should be done in our country even if if I was a really small country.

Karim Bernoussi: Regarding the business that they had so this kind of thing I tried to apply them to my country so today for instance to my to my company so today for instance in the 40000 people everybody can send me a mail loss and me a chat and they can I answer so this is very important for me this close nest to to my people is the key.

Alejandro Cremades: My god well 40000 people being able to send you chat some messages that sounds a.

Karim Bernoussi: To success.

Karim Bernoussi: They they were they are they are doing that and I will answer. Yeah I’ll I’ll try to answer I don’t receive 100 requests per day but because they they request when they want something very special. But I think it’s important and in every visit where I go to a site in a country.

Alejandro Cremades: Okay, okay.

Karim Bernoussi: I Spend time with people with agents that are calling the engineers and trying to understand how ah life is in our country in our company in this country. So it’s very important.

Alejandro Cremades: So so walk us through the origins of Intelsia How they the Intelsia you know the the the like the ideation incubation like really bringing it to life. You know there was like some deal making there too with some friends I mean how they all come together.

Karim Bernoussi: I mean it’s it’s ah it’s like ah I mean I would say it’s by chance or I mean it’s life is like this when when I was fired by my ah by Mark Telecom in 2000 I was looking for a job I mean to be clear I was I was 37 and I knew that at that time I had to to find another job very quickly because I have a wife I have a children so and and it took it took time it took time because of the level of ah ah, seniority that I had in Morocco I didn’t have many opportunities so with two friends we. I was looking for launching a ah business and I was looking for this call center because it was just the beginning of call center business in Morocco offho call center and one of my friend come to me and told me what are you doing I told him ah I was um, thinking about that so he told me let’s do it together. So in 2000 we we traveled in europe and tried to to I mean to to meet ah the the big players to to ah and convince them to come to Morocco so we convinced the transcon transcon was a european call center but company a swedish company. And we convinced them to been to launch in Morocco trans for come Morocco so we we ah create these companies this joint venture we had 40% of the company they had 60% and in September Two Thousand we launched a Tosco Morocco

Karim Bernoussi: And at that time transformo was the sister company of thirty Two Terri Two was a ah telco company a lowcost tedco company in Europe and we launched this call center to serve tere two which is the sister company of ah Tosco ah in the beginning I wanted to to run this company because ah.

Alejandro Cremades: So.

Karim Bernoussi: I Told them let’s let’s open a site in Casab Blanca and then we’ll go to tenure Blah Blah Blah I was looking that very big but the transcom didn’t see this like like this they told no no, no, it’s ah just a production center so we are going to send the site director. He will manage that. So.

Karim Bernoussi: After this I had to find a job so I went to Microsoft I had this offer for Microsoft in 2000 so I worked in Microsoft until end of 2005 and when I get out from Microsoft at that time I knew that I had to run my own company. So I was I had many ideas. Ah. Ah, in the consultancy business in ah I had another idea in the transportation business anyway and so I went to my 2 ah cofounders of ah the mor and part who had 40% I told them let’s sell this 40% to transcom. And at that time I evaluated this my part of this one is 200 the k euro Euro dollar so it was very good for me to launch my ah other kind. Ah my businesses that I was thinking about so we evaluated this company at at that time a two million Euro and this company was. Doing 5000000 Euurro revenue 1 site 200 people so we went to our partners said didn’t want. They didn’t want to buy so they told us no ah the the customer is us because it’s the sister company. We are not going to buy o yourself. So I convinced my 2 other cofounders to buy. 60% I told them okay, let’s buy this 60% I will spend half of my time managing this company because I cannot put all my time on this one. It was just a call center from a small call center. So that’s how we started intelsia so we bought this so I went with my suitcase without any lawyer.

Karim Bernoussi: Without anything I signed everything and I got a company. It’s I mean it was really funny because I went to lux on books to sign with this partner. So when I came back I came back owner of a company of 200 people 5000000 eu revenue so we bought the company with the cash that we had in the company so it was crazy as well and and we started the the intensesia story in 2006.

Alejandro Cremades: So how how how does that work. You know buying a company with a cash of the company. You know how how does that work.

Karim Bernoussi: Because they we I mean they kept they kept the cash into company I mean you can say that these guys ah didn’t do the math. But anyway, so ah, we had the cash on the company. So we do the small loan. It’s also it’s it’s it’s like an lbo. It’s something like that. But the the company was okay I mean it was well when I managed it There is nice people on this one and today let’s say eighteen years later something like that I have again here in the company. Maybe ah 50 people from that period.

Alejandro Cremades: Wow. So so I guess for the people that are listening to what is the business model of Intelsia of Intelsia group. How do you guys make money.

Karim Bernoussi: So today I mean we are our business is the following. Our business is to I can say it very quickly. It’s outsourcing business today we are providing people processes and infrastructure. So what can it be It can be call center for tell calls for. Energy company where we we we do crms it means that today we answer to customer to of our big customers. So today if you are in the us for example, optimum if you are a customer of optimum in New York but you when you will call. You will have me most probably. Somebody from intelsia who’s going to answer to you to explain the bill or to to try to ah send you a technical guy in order if you have a technical problems so it can be this. It can be ah to sell so to today we have some customer in the in the travel industry. Where we have people who are calling to travel and we try to sell them the best resource and blah blah blah blah blah so it can be as well we have other businesses like ah collection. So today. We have some customer who are asking us to do collection for for the customer that they are not paying so we call guys and we call do collection. We we have as well we launched. Ah it business. So today we have in the company. Ah ah, more than 700 engineers doing software development or doing ah ah infrastructure and supervisions as ah so managed services so to be I mean global today we we we as a company.

Karim Bernoussi: We are concentrat concentrating we do businesses that are not important for our customers that that are the and we we give them agility. We give them. Ah, let’s say a good price. Good economical situation that are profitable for them.

Alejandro Cremades: So I know that dealmaking has been a really big component of growing up the operation you know and scaling ah and and also like involving P Firms Lbo type of transactions can can you walk us through. You know how that progression has been on building the company and how you guys have a use deal making.

Karim Bernoussi: Okay, so so just to understand. Yeah, just to understand in our business you have to be big in order to be profitable. You have to be big in order to get some big customers because otherwise you’re going to be aided by the others somebody will go and and buy you so today. Intelsia from the beginning we wanted to build a company not to do a deal I mean for us it was to be to build a story otherwise. Ah but you can sell the company and it will disappear so from the beginning I mean if you want to stay in this business. You have to grow. So. Our main objective is to grow to grow to grow and how you can grow. You cannot grow fast by just organic growth because I mean it will need a lot of time so we made some acquisition so when we started the business as I was saying in 9006 we were 200 people so it. It took us 3 years to understand the business and to learn and after we we got some big customers that allow us to be profitable like ah Lenovo and then we got a customer like Google for which we we worked so these customers. Ah, in the late 10000 it was in 2007 2006 2007 2008 allow us to grow so we we went from five Million Euro revenue to seven million Euro revenue in 2009 and at that time we became profitable 2000 and ten we went in to ten million Euro revenue

Karim Bernoussi: And at that time we wanted to buy a company and to buy a company. We didn’t have the mean to do it I mean? Ah so ah, 1 private equity fund gets into the capital of the company with trimillioneuro that we raised and then we took ah a loan of 5 or four million Euro and we bought a company. That allow us to double the volume in 2010 we became we were 10 we but we bought a company with ten million Euro revenue in 2010 so we we were Twenty Million Euro revenue company with 1000 people in 2000 and and it we were addressing just the french speaking market. So at that time we said if we want to grow we have to go in France we cannot just be offshore so we went in France and we bought a company in France this company was doing thirty three million Euro revenue and in one thousand people just in France. So we we bought it. So ah, we we made an offfront and and it was really funny because i. I went to the owner of this company and I told him I had somebody who presented to me I told him you know you are just in France addressing french speaking market I am just in Morocco addressing french speaking market you alone is ah you are fragile me alone I’m fragile. So let’s put together the 2 companies. You manage the french part because I don’t know how the french labor is working blah blah blah I managed offshore and we grew together. So hey it told me okay, let me think about that so he called me one one week later I told me you know I’m 60 ah I prefer to sell so.

Karim Bernoussi: I I came back to him very quickly I told him okay, this is my offer if you accept it so no competitional thing so we we make the deal say ah say accept it. So that’s how we deal a deal very quickly. So we bought this company so I raised a loan in order to buy the company and in two Thousand Eleven one year later

Karim Bernoussi: We became a 54000000 ah european company 2500 people so we continue then like we learned as as well. So I started to work in France so I went in France in order to understand different strength business. French labor is a nightmare as well law. So I have to to manage that so we we lost money in the beginning in France 2 years but at the end of the day we were ah profitable ah three years later so we grew despite this these difficulties that we had in France and we grew every year we went to 63000000 so 67 70 and in 2000 and we bought another company in 2016 it was 10 to the french speakinging part of atteno. So we bought it in France in Morocco it’s one thousand five hundred people and in 2016 Altis Group for which we we we war the bigtender ah for Sfa ah, ask us to to get into the capital so they bought the private equity fund shares as well as the 2 other confidence so in 2 in 2016 ah, we were less than 1000 euro revenue we were 4000 people at that time and altise bought 65% and me and usef my partner. We ah have 35% of the company and seven years later

Karim Bernoussi: Ah, then we are 40000 people now almost eight hundred million Euro revenue so we had many things during that period we open Africa we ah we bought other companies. Ah, we bought a company for it company in France France and Morocco we bought a spanish company which was very big. We bought it in ah because to address spanish speakinging market for us. It’s important and we bought as a subcontractors in Egypt in the in ah diard the dominican republic so today we we are addressing 4 big markets. 4 markets french market where we are very big. We are number 3 in the french market. Ah so it’s half of our business. We have the portuguese market for which we have ah more than 7000 people. We are number 2 we have the spanish market ah by the acquisition we are number 5 in this market. And in the us market. We are just newcomers. We are just new enter so today our strategy is to continue to grow so as ah, um, our ambition is to be a global player. So if we want to be a global player. We we need to grow and to address other markets like Uk markets like german market. And as well as to be strong in the us market because it’s the first market in the world. So if we want to to be a let’s say a player who is ah counting in the let’s say in this ecosystem we have maybe to buy another company in the us in order to to have us guys who ah.

Karim Bernoussi: I’m dealing with the Us customers.

Alejandro Cremades: So imagine curry obviously tremendous business. You know that you guys have been able to build you know with a forty thousand people eight hundred Million Euro revenue I mean remarkable imagine you were to go to sleep tonight. Karim.

Karim Bernoussi: Thank you.

Alejandro Cremades: And you wake up, you have to imagine you have this snoose of a lifetime. Okay, incredible. This news of a lifetime. Okay, you know, incredible sleep. Um, during that night and let’s say you wake up in a world where the vision of Intelsia is fully realized what does that world look like.

Karim Bernoussi: Um, what is this new so snow. What? yeah.

Karim Bernoussi: You know for me my dream I mean my dream is ah first is ah to try to and I I say it every time where I I go to my people I told them you know why we are growing growing green green is the ability to invest on people. For me I mean in our business is to be close to our people for me our business I mean my dream is to bring jobs to people in the south and to allow them to to stay in their country and to live next to the family so today in Morocco where I am in ro morroco I amm Tunisia in Egypt in caudivvoir in senega in camun in the. Ah, when I am in Madagascar Moreitio in Africa for instance, I’m talking about Africa when we bring jobs we bring dignity to people we bring them I mean the ability. So my dream is to continue to grow you know to allow these people to stay out in deep country and as well. In order to to enhance the employability of these guys. So ah, for me this is my first objective second one is to continue to be ah to be etique in our business you know in our business is to say profitability is not the first thing profitability is is the consequence of what we are doing. It’s not the first thing I mean it’s not how you and my my my message to entrepreneur is to tell them that if you invest on people if you are close to your people if you are close to your customer at the end of the day you have a profitable business.

Karim Bernoussi: And it’s not the and the decision that you are taking is first to think about your customer and your people and that’s how I’m I’m dealing with my business.

Alejandro Cremades: So obviously we’re talking about the future here I want to talk about the past but doing so with a len of reflection. Let’s say you know I’m able to put you now into a time machine I’m gonna put you in a time machine now and we’re gonna go back in time we’re gonna go back to 2005

Karim Bernoussi: Yes.

Alejandro Cremades: Okay, 2005 is the moment where you were wondering you know coming out of Microsoft you know a world where you could really take ownership of your own future and let’s say now is the moment where you know the whole you know idea started coming in and you know i.

Karim Bernoussi: Yeah, yeah.

Karim Bernoussi: Next.

Alejandro Cremades: Becoming an entrepreneur. Let’s say you’re able to stop that younger Kareem because I mean we’re talking about you know, almost nineteen years ago today and let’s say you’re able to stop that younger Kareem and have the opportunity of giving that younger Kareem one piece of advice before launching a business but would that be NY.

Karim Bernoussi: Um, yeah.

Alejandro Cremades: Given what you know now.

Karim Bernoussi: You know when I when I go I go back at this period and I had this discussion with some entrepreneurs I told them when you go out and you could start launching your business Usually you do many things I think you open and I remember in 2005 I think I opened 5 or 6 companies. And running this one and this one and this one and this one and I told them you know you’ll see that you will converge to the business as is is your own the things and I remember one I had 1 friend who told me I told the I told to this friend I’m running this company. Ah the call center. It was small at that time. I’m running. Ah, ah, transportation company which was bigger and and I was running a consultancing company and when she saw the thing she told me this person told me you know you’re going to stay with intensia I think intensia is the is the thing which is most close to you what you are. So what I’m saying is that when you start entrepreneurship you will you have many ideas and I think you don’t have to to stop your ideas you you you can test I mean all the ideas you you will fail on someone you will receive you succeed but at the end of the day if you like I look at myself I’m not a guy. Who can do many things at the same times I prefer to terms myself on 1 thing and this one thing is intense yet today because when I sleep I sleep with it when I wake up I wake up with it so I cannot do it with 2 or 3 other things I’m I’m focusing on on my and my business the other business that I launched some are closed.

Karim Bernoussi: And and others are managed by my partners and I’m not running that companies at all you know I’m just looking maybe once ah, every quarter to see the result of these companies but to to to come back. What I I mean the other maybe the third thing that I would love I mean.

Alejandro Cremades: So carry 4

Karim Bernoussi: I would love to have the energy that I had seventeen years ago or eighteen years ago to continue again for 20 years because I mean there are many things again to do so today I’m traveling to manage this energy because our business needs energy. Why because you have to be close to people why because you have to be we are in a people business. You know we we don’t have any ah Let’s say a brave or patent or things like that that give us money I mean money is coming where you are close to to your customer and close to your people.

Alejandro Cremades: So for the people that are listening Kareem that will love to reach out and say hi. What is the best way for them to do so for the people that are listening that will love to reach out and say hi. What is the best way for them to do so.

Karim Bernoussi: Um, sorry, 3 ah for me I’m marishable. Ah Linkedin? Um I answer very quickly. Ah mail me Linkedin chat I I’m I’m really. Some as I’m I’m really connected trying to to be open to the world open to my people and open to my partners.

Alejandro Cremades: That’s amazing and easy enough. Well Karim. Thank you so much for being on the show today. It has been an absolute honor to have you with us.

Karim Bernoussi: Thank you, thank you? Alejandro it was a really a pleasure to share this you this moment and enjoy New York and enjoy your daughters and see you soon.


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