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How to create a tagline for your pitch deck? When creating a pitch presentation, or a pitch deck, you need to cover all of the important pieces of your business.

You are laying out your business plan, but in a way that grabs the audience’s attention, and points out the most important sections.

It also explains what you are looking for, what you are, and how you will use the invested money.

One of the ways to ensure that your pitch gets remembered, is differentiated, and clearly gets the point across is the tagline.

This tagline should represent you and your business in a short statement that is easy to remember and leaves a strong impression.

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The Ultimate Guide To Pitch Decks

What is a Tagline?

A tagline is a short phrase or sentence that sums up your company’s personality, essence and separates you from the competition.

While most people will use the word tagline interchangeably with a slogan, there are slight differences between the two.

A tagline is a representation of your brand and company value proposition, and a slogan is a representation of a specific ad campaign or product.

What Makes a Good Tagline?

A good tagline should be:

  • Short
  • Catchy
  • Aligned with the brand

To ensure your tagline represents your brand, it should use the right type of language.

The consumer might remember a tagline because they get consistently exposed to it in the media, but that doesn’t make them like it.

To make a tagline likable, the message should be clear, phrased creatively, and explain why it will benefit the consumer. This might seem tricky, but not impossible.

Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • M&M’s: Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.
  • Subway: Eat fresh.
  • Red Bull: Red Bull gives you wings.

Notice how the tagline is clear, mentions how the brand can help the consumer (melting in your hand or eating healthy), clear, and creative.

It doesn’t matter what size the business is; if you can express creativity, clarity, and your product’s benefit, you can have a winning tagline.

Your tagline sums up your entire pitch and grabs the attention of investors right away.

Many people decide in the first minute how they feel about a person or a business, and whether it is for them, or not. This is why you should know how to create a tagline for your pitch deck.

One way to create a great tagline is to first build a great pitch and extract the tagline as a summary of that, which shows your business’s personality.

Writing your tagline can be fun, and you can tap into your creative side.

Before you dive into creating your tagline, give yourself enough time to reflect on your business and what message you want to give the industry.

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Since the tagline is an extension of your core values, it needs to show your mission and purpose for existing.

What are your core values?

Start by writing a short paragraph of who you are and what you represent as a company.

Slowly start to condense the content into one line. Why will the consumer find you interesting and likable based on this sentence?

Make sure this line can inject emotion in the audience and that it directly relates to your brand.

For instance, “Easy Breezy Beautiful CoverGirl” This tagline by the makeup brand Cover Girl uses emotional language to hook the audience and communicate a feeling.

Less is not always more. Cover Girl could say “Beautiful Cover Girl,” but then it wouldn’t be able to convey that their brand is light, easy to use, and it can make you feel beautiful.

Why You Need a Tagline

Your tagline needs to be 3-8 words and something catchy and memorable. For example, the famous Nike – Just Do It.

It is something that gets recognized around the world. Companies use taglines, mission statements, and slogans to grow their business and strengthen their brand. It will:

  • Improve brand recall
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase positive recognition
  • Create brand differentiation
  • Enhance marketing strategy

Delivering quality information in a few words in less time will do wonders for your pitch deck.

If an investor finds an emotional involvement in the project or is impressed with the presenters, they are more likely to invest.

Experienced investors also know that your success relies heavily on your ability to simplify, focus and sell.

All of that is summed up by being able to create a strong tagline.

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How to Create a Good Pitch Deck Presentation

First, decide what you want your pitch to say and how you want to say it. It’s the first step when figuring out how to create a tagline for your pitch deck.

A presentation made on a slideshow is a great way to present your ideas in an organized and systematic manner while offering the freedom to add pictures, animations, and videos.

Using a video can add more dynamics to the presentation. Prepare ahead of time, and ensure the audio is exactly how you want it, while offering visuals that line up.

There are many tools to use within a slideshow to create a solid and engaging presentation.

Your presentation, yourself, and your business will all be remembered based upon the tagline on your cover slide.

That is what will form the basis of the rest of the discussions. It is how you set yourself apart from all the competition and helps you stand out.

How to Create a Tagline

Include your tagline on the first page of your presentation, both a print copy and any slide show or visual that you use.

If you use a video, place the tagline at the top of the screen or as the opening for the video.

Your opening slide should display the tag line prominently, the business name or logo, or both if the name is not within the logo.

A strong background allows the logo and information to stand out, and it must be clear and well organized. It should be easy to see from the slide.

With the exception of your contact information, there should not be any extra information on this slide.

It should be clean, clear, and to the point. Any distractions or clutter will take away attention from the message you want to convey.

Setting the tone of being clear and concise is a good way to maintain their attention and peak interest in the presentation, and being taken seriously from the beginning.

Having a great tagline requires attention to detail mixed with originality.

Make it short, memorable, and it must define the brand. Many experts believe that your tagline must touch on the consumer’s emotions. Defining your brand is going to be the first step in creating the perfect tagline.

  • Know your goals: What are the business goals and purpose of your company. If your far-reaching long-term goal is to have a product that can help people at all corners of the world, your tagline must reflect this goal.
  • Summarize your business: Summarizing your business into a few short sentences will help you narrow it down to essential qualities you intend on highlighting in your pitch deck. Use a whiteboard and define your brand in a few bullet points with who you are and what you do.
  • Cut back: Now, you need to trim the words. Start cutting back on articles such as ‘and’ or ‘a’.

Getting these details in order will help you learn how to create a tagline for your pitch deck.

What Not to Use in a Tagline

What you avoid placing within the tagline is as important as what gets included.

It does not need to include the name of your business. It should be free of any grammar or spelling mistakes, anything negative.

You do not want to discuss the things that you will not do, for example, not harm the environment, but point out what you will do to protect the environment.

This way of choosing words carefully will ensure the presentation begins on a positive note and the business appears to have a positive and uplifting intent.

Do not include the location, date, time, or other information on your first slide or visual.

This keeps the information clear and concise and allows you to use the same presentation more than once.

There shouldn’t be any jokes or attempts at humor in the first slide. While it is acceptable to maintain a relaxed feel and to be personable, the introduction to your business and yourselves should be simple and straightforward.

When choosing your fonts avoid those that are hard to read or use characters or symbols in place of letters.

It must be easy to read, professional, and relatable to your business.

Practicing a presentation before the day is a great way to ensure that it will flow well and that the information is in the order that you want it to be.

This also applies to the tagline. Practice using it and reciting it before a presentation to ensure you are comfortable with it.

It may also form the basis of your elevator pitch that you use every time you meet someone new.

Brainstorm and Test Your Tagline Ideas

What resonates with your audience when they see your tagline? What emotional response do they feel?

Tweak and change your tagline based on the audience’s reaction. How they respond to your tagline is how the investors will respond.

A brainstorming session can be helpful. Simply write out all of the ideas you wish to focus on and the most important aspects of the business.

Taglines get written to form connections between the ones that flow well and stand out the most, allowing room for adjustments.

Beginning with a simple tagline is the first step. It will undoubtedly be edited and adjusted over the next hours or days, which is a normal part of the process.

Rearrange the order in which it gets written, choose simple wording, and replace any difficult words to spell, understand, or require specialized education to recognize and understand.

The technical terms and information will be included later in the presentation, while the first slide or visual must remain clear and concise.

Remove any extra information from the list of things that can get included.

Keep only the most essential points from your brainstorming session and a few of the most important things you want to be associated with your business.

You can also hire a freelancer or agency to help you generate a range of potential taglines. Scout around for professionals who are trained in how to create a tagline for your pitch deck.

Adding a compelling tagline is only one of the many critical aspects of what makes a killer pitch deck presentation.

If you’re looking for more information on how to create a pitch, check out this video I have put together.

Editing Your Tagline

Check your new tagline for all the right characteristics. It needs to be concise.

It should be short, to the point, and no longer than a few words. Most importantly, it needs to be clear.

Say precisely what you mean, and don’t leave room for misunderstandings or use terms that can have different meanings or get taken in a different context.

It should also be in the tone that you want to be associated with the business, either friendly and approachable or professional and direct.

Your tagline will create emotions attached to your business, and this would be difficult to change later, as all first impressions can be.

As the first representation of your company and yourselves, the tagline shows who you are in one brief statement.

Once your tagline has been created, put it through the process in reverse. What does it say to you?

If you read that tagline with no prior knowledge of the business, what would you think the company was about?

If it grabs your interest, creates thoughts and ideas, and makes you curious to know more, it will draw people into your presentation and help to maintain their interest as you present the details.

So, take the time to learn how to create a tagline for your pitch deck.

The Bottom Line

Your pitch is much more than just that one line, but that one line represents your entire pitch concisely and directly.

Let people know a bit about what to expect, and it will often be the deciding factor in how interested they are in what else you have to say.

As you move through the rest of the pitch, ensure that things flow easily from one to the next and occasionally reflect on the tagline to ensure that it still represents your completed pitch when you get it done.

Including the tagline in the ending slide at the close of the presentation, can help loop it back to the beginning and create cohesiveness.

Ending it with the same tagline reminds people of their first impression and interest initially.

You’ll encourage them to reflect upon the presentation and if their questions got answered.

And if they feel the same towards the business as they did in the beginning.

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