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In a recent episode of the Dealmakers’ Podcast, Sam Li, Co-Founder & CEO of Thoropass, shared his remarkable entrepreneurial journey, including his progress from his early days in Shanghai, China, to studying computer science and economics at the University of Virginia and, eventually, founding Thoropass (originally called Laika).

Sam’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and learning. In this blog post, we’ll delve into key takeaways from Sam’s experience, highlighting crucial lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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Passion for Technology and Entrepreneurship

Sam’s journey began in Shanghai, China, where he was raised by parents who were both professors. While entrepreneurship wasn’t a family legacy, his early exposure to computers ignited a profound passion.

By the age of twelve, Sam had already fallen in love with the world of technology. Though he may not have been the most prodigious hacker, his affinity for computers laid the foundation for what would become a pivotal part of his life.

Upon arriving in the United States after high school, Sam pursued a dual major in computer science and economics at the University of Virginia. This educational crossroads marked his initial foray into the world of technology in America.

He immersed himself in the vibrant academic environment of Charlottesville, setting the stage for his subsequent entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Learning from Corporate Experience

After completing his undergraduate studies, Sam sought to deepen his understanding of how businesses operate. He opted for a risk-averse route by working at large companies like Google and Goldman Sachs, which provided him with a solid foundation in technical skills and the fundamentals of computer science.

This experience also instilled in him a sense of professionalism and accountability, essential traits for any entrepreneur. While Sam now identifies as an entrepreneur, he underscores the value of gaining experience at larger firms, particularly for young individuals venturing into the startup world.

His time in corporate settings equipped him with vital skills, from crafting effective emails to delivering compelling presentations. These abilities continue to serve him well in his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Strategic Pursuit of Education

Recognizing his passion for technology and strategy, Sam made the deliberate decision to pursue an MBA. He understood that a formal business education would furnish him with the skills and network necessary to make strategic moves in his career.

This choice ultimately proved to be serendipitous, propelling him into the world of startups sooner than he anticipated. The MBA experience proved transformative for Sam. During his first year, he crossed paths with Rafael, who would go on to become his co-founder in their last venture.

This encounter sparked the genesis of the Zinc Platform, an innovative endeavor born within the innovation lab at Harvard. Their brainchild? An insurance API designed to streamline the process of adding insurance to various products, ranging from jewelry to homes.

Embracing Failure as Learning

Despite their innovative concept and successful entry into Y Combinator, Sam and his team encountered challenges. They eventually faced the difficult decision to wind down the company. Sam approaches this experience not as a failure but as a series of invaluable lessons.

Their execution missteps, from insufficiently honing in on product-market fit to premature scaling, taught him the importance of strategic focus and adaptability.

Reflecting on the past, Sam emphasizes that failures are not insurmountable setbacks but opportunities for growth and refinement. He believes that this mindset is pivotal for early-stage companies, where achieving product-market fit reigns supreme.

Navigating the Fundraising Landscape

Sam’s fundraising experience reinforces the notion that there is no one-size-fits-all formula. It’s not about rigidly adhering to predefined metrics but about convincing investors of the unique value proposition.

His journey underscores the dynamic nature of the fundraising process and the importance of adaptability and persistence.

As Sam articulates, the early-stage rounds are about demonstrating a viable market for your solution and instilling confidence in your team’s ability to execute the strategy. Flexibility and a compelling narrative can often outweigh rigid adherence to perceived fundraising norms.

Evolution of Roles in Scaling

As a startup expands, the roles of its founders evolve. Sam’s transition from focusing on product and engineering to overseeing business operations exemplifies the adaptability required to meet new challenges.

In the early days, success hinges on proving product-market fit, often necessitating hands-on involvement from the founders themselves. As a company grows, the emphasis shifts to go-to-market strategies, unit economics, and scaling efficiently.

Sam emphasizes the critical importance of performance management, stressing that every member of the team plays a pivotal role in the company’s success.

Thoropass’s Mission: Enabling Innovation Through Compliance

Thoropass, the brainchild of Sam and his cofounders Eva and Austin, embodies a mission close to his heart. Their goal is to ensure that compliance never hinders innovation. Sam’s personal experience grappling with compliance inefficiencies fueled the creation of this impactful solution.

Thoropass empowers businesses to focus on innovation by shouldering the burden of compliance-related busy work. The company’s subscription-based model serves a diverse range of clients, including technology companies, like HealthTech and FinTech firms, and traditional businesses seeking to demonstrate compliance across various frameworks.

The SaaS model offers flexibility, allowing clients to choose from different pricing tiers and framework selections. Sam and his co-founders successfully raised $98M for the company over four rounds of funding.

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Rebranding and Relevance

Thoropass’s decision to rebrand (from Laika) reflects its commitment to clarity and relevance in the market. The new name encapsulates their mission: Delivering a thorough and seamless approach to compliance and audit. This deliberate shift demonstrates the company’s dedication to ensuring its brand aligns with its mission and values.

Sam acknowledges the practical and philosophical considerations that led to this decision. The rebranding process is a testament to the company’s commitment to constant evolution and improvement.

Balancing Risk and Passion

In parting words, Sam encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap. The experience of being a founder, with its unique challenges and rewards, is incomparable and worth pursuing.

He emphasizes that the feelings of responsibility, impact, and the ability to make pivotal decisions are experiences that are hard to replicate in other career paths.

Sam Li’s entrepreneurial journey is a tapestry of passion, adaptability, and learning from both successes and failures. His insights serve as a guiding light for those embarking on their own entrepreneurial odyssey.

From recognizing opportunities to embracing failures, Sam’s story offers invaluable lessons for anyone aspiring to make their mark in the startup world.

His experience underscores the transformative power of seizing opportunities, learning from corporate settings, pursuing strategic education, and ultimately, taking the leap to become a founder.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • The power of seizing opportunities. Collaborating with a like-minded co-founder, they tackled a pressing issue in the insurance industry.
  • The winding down of the Zinc Platform taught Sam the importance of product-market fit, focused scaling, and execution. He emphasizes that failures are not true setbacks but rather lessons in disguise.
  • Sam’s experience in fundraising underscores the dynamic nature of the process. It’s not about adhering to predefined metrics but rather convincing investors of the unique value proposition.
  • Sam’s transition from product and engineering to business operations highlights the adaptability required to meet new challenges.
  • Thoropass aims to remove compliance-related obstacles, allowing businesses to focus on innovation. Sam’s personal experience with compliance inefficiencies drove the creation of this impactful solution.
  • Thoropass’s rebranding from Laika reflects the company’s commitment to clarity and relevance in the market. The new name encapsulates their mission: Delivering a thorough and seamless approach to compliance and audit.
  • Encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap. The experience of being a founder, with its unique challenges and rewards, is incomparable and worth pursuing.


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