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In a recent episode of the Dealmakers’ Podcast, we spoke with Pavle Jeremic, the visionary founder of Aether. Pavle shared his inspiring journey from a unique upbringing to the forefront of bioengineering, driven by a mission to revolutionize industrial productivity.

This blog post dives into the fascinating insights shared during the podcast, shedding light on Pavle’s vision for a sustainable and abundant future.

Listen to the full podcast episode and review the transcript here.

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From War-Torn Beginnings to Technological Enchantment

Pavle’s childhood was shaped by the stark contrast between two worlds: one of cutting-edge technology in the United States and another of strife and civil war in Southeastern Europe. Born to graduate student parents who had fled Yugoslavia due to the civil war, Pavle grew up amidst advanced laboratories, instilling a profound appreciation for the power of technology.

This early exposure laid the foundation for a lifelong commitment to leveraging innovation for the betterment of humanity.

The Quest for Biological Engineering

A pivotal question arose within Pavle at an early age: How can we sustainably support billions of lives without depleting our planet’s resources? How can we bring about 7 to 15 times greater industrial productivity to support the entire human race?

This query led to a deep exploration of nanotechnology and science fiction, ultimately driving him to conclude that true nanotechnology was the key to unlocking unprecedented industrial productivity.

His vision was molecular-based machinery that could extract and assemble products close to the limits of thermodynamic efficiency and do so pretty much anywhere on the planet.

The realization that nature had already evolved mechanisms resembling nanotechnology was a game-changer. However, Pavle recognized the immense complexity of engineering at the molecular level and embarked on a mission to bridge the gap.

Pavle came up with the idea to start with the biological nanotechnology that nature has evolved and use that to build true nanotechnology that could create future abundance for the human race.

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Aether’s Inception: Where Vision Meets Action

The decision to establish Aether was not a spur-of-the-moment choice. Pavle had envisioned this venture since high school, recognizing that a startup was the most potent vehicle for influencing the course of human history.

Aether’s mission is to develop a technology capable of catalyzing a transition from biological nanotechnology inspired by nature to a genuine nanotechnological revolution. Pavle’s journey through bioengineering and astrophysics studies solidified this commitment, leading to the formation of Aether.

Building the Future: Challenges and Triumphs

Setting up a biotech company was just the beginning. Pavle underscores the complexity of biological engineering, emphasizing that it transcends conventional engineering disciplines. Unlike established technologies, biological systems are intricately complex and non-modular.

Aether’s goal was clear: to create a technology platform capable of engineering nanoscale machinery and ushering in a future of abundance. Through relentless dedication, Aether overcame hurdles, ultimately achieving unprecedented capabilities in bioengineering.

Navigating the Business Landscape

Aether’s journey in defining its business model was marked by critical pivots. Initially opting for a fee-for-service approach, Pavle sought to engineer enzymes and proteins for clients. However, they discovered that while technically successful, the commercialization path posed significant challenges.

Capital investments, existing infrastructure, and timeframes hindered widespread adoption. This led Aether to a pivotal realization: the rich data generated by their platform allowed them to accelerate the development of groundbreaking products, rendering fee-for-service models suboptimal.

Tapping into Global Impact

Aether’s vision extends far beyond conventional industry. Pavle envisions a world where modular, shipping-container-sized factories dot the planet, producing everything from life-saving drugs to advanced materials.

This decentralized approach promises to elevate industrial productivity to unparalleled heights, underpinned by the disruptive potential of nanotechnology. Aether’s goal is clear: to render biological systems obsolete and usher in a new era of second-generation nanotechnology.

Pavle went on to raise $49M with 13 investors backing his company over several funding rounds.

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Reflecting on the Journey

As Pavle looks back on the arduous journey, several pieces of advice come to mind. Foremost is the importance of discerning valuable counsel from a sea of opinions. He underscores the significance of building a network of advisors and friends with domain expertise, emphasizing the need to filter out well-intentioned but ultimately misaligned advice.

This discernment, Pavel believes, is pivotal in steering a course toward success.


Pavle’s journey from war-torn beginnings to the helm of Aether paints a vivid picture of resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination. The vision for a future powered by advanced nanotechnology promises to revolutionize industry and elevate the human experience.

As Aether strides towards this ambitious goal, Pavle’s experiences and insights serve as a guiding light for aspiring innovators and changemakers worldwide.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • An upbringing amidst technology and war-torn Southeastern Europe instilled a lifelong commitment to leveraging innovation for global betterment.
  • Transitioning from biological nanotechnology to true nanotechnological revolution for unprecedented industrial productivity.
  • The journey from fee-for-service to end-to-end product development highlighted the power of data-rich platforms in accelerating innovation.
  • Emphasis on the importance of discerning valuable advice from a network of advisors with domain expertise in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.
  • A decentralized future of modular factories, powered by second-generation nanotechnology, revolutionizing industry and global impact.
  • Highlighting the pivotal role of machine learning in driving the transition from biological nanotechnology to true nanotechnology, showcasing the transformative potential of this technological leap.
  • Aether’s vision extends beyond conventional industry, aiming to render biological systems obsolete and usher in a new era of second-generation nanotechnology, promising unparalleled levels of industrial productivity.


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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