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The trajectory of Barrett Comiskey’s career, from his early days at MIT to pioneering the world of electronic paper technology, is a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In our recent episode of the Dealmakers podcast, we delve into Comiskey’s incredible journey, tracing his path from an aspiring mathematician to a game-changing tech entrepreneur.

Listen to the full podcast episode and read the transcript here.


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    Early Career: Embracing the Power of Mathematics

    Comiskey’s venture into the realm of technology began at MIT. Recognizing the fundamental value of mathematics, Comiskey laid the foundation for his career, which he later expanded upon during his MBA at Stanford.

    Leaving behind the familiar California landscape, Comiskey decided to leap into uncharted territory, moving first to China and later to Southeast Asia.

    Co-founding E Ink: Revolutionizing the Electronic Paper Industry

    In 1997, Comiskey co-founded E Ink, a company that sought to revolutionize the electronic paper industry. The team’s big idea was to create electronic paper that mimicked an actual book.

    Over the next two decades, Comiskey and his team transformed this ambitious concept into a reality. Today, E Ink is a $8 billion market cap company and a shining testament to Comiskey’s vision and perseverance.

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    Acquisition Experience and Capital Raising

    The journey of E Ink, however, was not without its challenges. The company raised approximately $150 million before it was acquired by a Taiwanese company for about $400 million.

    This experience served as a hard-learned lesson for Comiskey, who realized the significant amount of funding required to commercialize groundbreaking technology. This realization profoundly influenced Comiskey’s approach to capital raising and tech development in his future endeavors.

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    Founding Migo: Transforming Technology Access in Emerging Markets

    Never one to rest on his laurels, Comiskey embarked on a new venture in 2016, founding Migo.

    The company’s mission is to revolutionize the way emerging markets access and consume digital content. With this aim in mind, Migo has developed an innovative data distribution platform that makes affordable digital entertainment accessible to previously underserved communities.

    Global Expansion and Investor Confidence

    Under Comiskey’s leadership, Migo has attracted substantial investments, solidifying its position as a promising player in the tech industry.

    The funding rounds have enabled Migo to expand its operations across multiple regions, including Southeast Asia and Africa, and to develop its groundbreaking data distribution platform further.

    Key Takeaways and Entrepreneurial Wisdom

    Comiskey’s journey offers invaluable insights for budding entrepreneurs. His tenacity, strategic thinking, and ability to seize opportunities have been critical to his success.

    He underscores the importance of understanding the fundamentals of your chosen field, acknowledging the substantial funding needed for innovation, and providing fair benefits for all parties involved.

    Future Outlook

    Barrett Comiskey’s transition from an aspiring mathematician to a successful tech entrepreneur showcases the transformative potential of tenacity and vision.

    His co-founding of E Ink and Migo demonstrates his ability to disrupt industries and influence how businesses and consumers approach technology. With his successful capital raising, strategic partnerships, and global expansion efforts, Comiskey continues to inspire others and pave the way in the tech industry.

    Listen to the full podcast episode to learn more about and including:

    • Barrett Comiskey’s transition from a mathematician to a tech entrepreneur
    • The creation and journey of E Ink, a game-changing electronic paper company
    • His experience of relocating to Asia and navigating the tech landscape
    • Insights on capital raising, technology commercialization, and the importance of foundational knowledge in entrepreneurship


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