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With his latest company valued at over one billion, Sweden’s very own, Mattias Hjelmstedt, has an impressive record in the tech and gaming world. He’s contributed significantly to the global e-sports industry, built a myriad of successful digital platforms, and made lasting impacts on the lives of millions of online users. 

From an ardent computer geek to a seasoned entrepreneur, Mattias’s journey is an inspiration to tech enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Discovering His Passion

Born and raised in Sweden, a country recognized for its progressive approach to technology, Mattias’s journey began when he was just six years old, as he navigated the fascinating world of computers and the internet. 

Growing up in the 80s, he realized early on that the digital world was bound to revolutionize how information would be distributed in the future.

Despite starting commercially in 1994, a year after the internet became graphical, Mattias quickly recognized the massive potential that the digital world held. His passion for computer games took a professional turn when he started to play Quake, a popular game at the time. He won several tournaments, which led him to identify the lack of structure in the nascent e-sports industry.

Pioneering In The Gaming World

Combining his gaming skills with an entrepreneurial mindset, Mattias began organizing gaming tournaments, some of the first events with prize money in the world. He even hosted the first in-game streamed event in the late 90s, predicting the future of gaming as we see it today.

Seeing the potential in the e-sports industry, he co-created a social network for gamers, attracting millions of users in the early 2000s. 

Mattias and his team also set up the Swedish Esports League, marking the first major league of its kind. He was instrumental in organizing the e-sports industry and significantly reducing piracy by encouraging players to log into the games to play online.

His pioneering work was recognized in 2013 when the company was acquired by EA Games, and the technology his team developed still forms the basis of EA’s Battlelog system used for major games like Battlefield and Star Wars.

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A Methodical Approach To Entrepreneurship

What distinguishes Mattias from others is his methodical approach to entrepreneurship. He transforms his passions into businesses by identifying problems, researching them in-depth, and then coming up with solutions that align with industry trends without causing disruptions.

This passion-driven, problem-solving approach led him to create platforms that make consuming movies and music easier and more accessible. He meticulously researched the industry, understood how money flowed, and designed solutions that enhanced the industry while providing additional revenue streams for movie producers.

An Inspiring Journey

Today, Mattias Hjelmstedt is an inspiring figure for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. His journey teaches us that being a successful entrepreneur involves more than just having a great idea; it requires understanding the industry, recognizing where the money flows, and knowing what drives decision-making processes.

His passion, knowledge, and experience have propelled him to push the boundaries in the tech industry. His story is a shining example of innovation and impact, and a testament to the power of turning passion into successful entrepreneurship.

Venturing Into The World Of Music With Utopia Music

In a new venture already valued at over a billion dollars, Mattias Hjelmstedt turned his attention towards his passion for music, and co-founded Utopia Music – a groundbreaking platform that uses blockchain technology to transform the music industry.

His journey with Utopia Music is yet another testament to Mattias’s entrepreneurial prowess and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives through technology. His innovative spirit continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts worldwide.

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Utopia Music seeks to solve the complex issues that plague the industry, such as rights management and accurate, timely royalty payments. Utopia Music is working towards creating a transparent, efficient, and inclusive ecosystem. This system aims to benefit all stakeholders in the music industry, from artists and songwriters to labels and publishers.

Just like in his previous ventures, Mattias’s approach to Utopia Music is methodical and problem-oriented. He recognized the prevalent issues in the music industry, conducted extensive research, and is now implementing a solution that not only enhances the industry but also aligns with the industry’s trends.

Utopia Music represents Mattias’s continuous journey to innovate and push boundaries. By digitizing music rights and royalty distribution, Mattias is leading another industry transformation. He continues to strive towards his goal of creating impactful solutions that make people’s lives better and experiences more efficient.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • How to think about your passion
  • Ways to control your own destiny
  • Timing for an acquisition
  • Market cycles and the approach to them


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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