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The visionary story of dbt Labs, formerly known as Fishtown Analytics, is a tale of remarkable innovation, growth, and adaptability. Co-founded by Drew Banin with a passion for data and a desire to make data teams an essential part of every organization, dbt Labs has been leading the charge in data transformation.

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The Beginnings: A Consulting Era

In the early days, dbt Labs was founded on real-world experiences, understanding the unique challenges that data teams faced. 

The founders were their own customers, understanding what it felt like to be under the pressure of a consulting contract deadline. 

This was the foundational period that helped shape what dbt would become, leaning on real experiences to build a tool designed to help data teams succeed.

Growth and Evolution: Power Users to Enterprise Needs

Starting with 10 people in dbt Slack in 2016 to 65,000 members today, dbt Labs has come a long way. The initial focus was on power users, often one-person data teams, addressing their unique needs, wants, and perspectives. 

As the company grew, they began working with enterprise companies, doing powerful things across huge data teams like hundreds or even thousands of people. The variation in needs required a holistic approach, building a product that met diverse types of problems and use cases.

The goal was to create a product with real depth, ensuring that no matter who used it, they could get the most out of it and get their job done. Understanding customers’ goals and helping them achieve those goals became a cornerstone of dbt Labs’ leadership.

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A Superpower: Emphasizing Customer Collaboration

Drawing on past experiences and real-life challenges, dbt Labs approaches customer interactions as peer collaboration rather than mere interviews. 

This collaborative approach enables them to understand the root of problems and needs, fostering a community that works together to shape the future of data transformation.

Realizing the Mission: Collaboration and Avoiding Bottlenecks

Realizing their mission means looking beyond the individual experience of using dbt to a multiplayer experience. 

Collaboration within teams and across teams is crucial to maximizing impact. Their products focus on enabling effective teamwork, helping people avoid bottlenecks, and making the dbt experience even better.

Aligning Product with Vision: Adapting to Platform Shifts

dbt Labs starts with a vision, imagining what should be true in the future and then working backward to build a product that will realize that vision. 

Born out of an ecosystem shift and platform advancements, dbt Labs is always looking for the next step change and increase in capability. 

Today, their work centers around streaming and how tools like Python and SQL work in the data platforms, adapting tried-and-true principles of software engineering to the reality of the ever-evolving data landscape.

Reflecting on Venture Capital: The Timing Question

Venture capital is often seen as the lifeblood of innovative startups, providing the financial fuel to accelerate growth, make key hires, and invest in critical infrastructure. 

However, the decision to seek venture funding is rarely straightforward. For dbt Labs, a company that has carved its own unique path in the data transformation space, reflecting on this decision reveals intriguing insights and raises important questions about timing, values, and long-term vision.

From Bootstrapped Beginnings

Starting as a bootstrapped company, dbt Labs embraced a philosophy of organic growth. 

Nurturing relationships with customers, focusing on product excellence, and building a strong community were at the core of their early success. 

Without the pressure of external investors, they could explore, iterate, and grow at a pace that felt natural, ensuring that every step forward was aligned with their mission and customer needs.

The Catalyst for Change

Despite thriving as a bootstrapped entity, there came a point where the ambition to scale and the desire to tap into new markets created an inflection point. 

Raising venture capital became not just an opportunity but a strategic necessity. The resources and network provided by venture funding would allow them to hire top talent, invest in technology, and pursue ambitious growth targets that were otherwise out of reach.

The Timing Question: A Year Earlier?

Herein lies the intriguing question: What if they had raised money a year earlier? How would an earlier injection of capital have influenced their trajectory? Would it have compounded growth, allowing them to expand more rapidly, or might it have altered the company’s DNA, pushing them in directions they weren’t yet ready to explore?

This hypothetical scenario is not just a matter of financial strategy but speaks to the delicate balance between growth and identity. 

Raising venture capital too early might lead to misaligned priorities, pressures to deliver on investor expectations, and the potential loss of the unique culture and customer-centric focus that had been the bedrock of dbt Labs’ success.

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A Thoughtful Approach: Anything but a Flash in the Pan

Ultimately, dbt Labs’ decision to seek venture capital when they did reflects a thoughtful and strategic approach to growth. 

They recognized that venture capital was not just a means to an end but a partnership that needed to align with their values, goals, and vision for the future.

Despite the lingering curiosity about what might have been, their focus remains unwavering: building a sustainable, lasting company that is anything but a flash in the pan. 

Their commitment to their mission, their dedication to their customers, and their ability to adapt and innovate ensures that dbt Labs continues to be a leader in the data transformation space, with or without an earlier venture capital infusion.

The venture capital journey of dbt Labs sheds light on the complex considerations that come into play when scaling a technology company. 

Timing, alignment, and vision are critical components, and the ‘what if’ scenario serves as a valuable reflection for other startups navigating their growth pathways. 

Above all, dbt Labs’ experience illustrates that the pursuit of venture capital should be a deliberate, value-driven decision, not merely a race for growth. It’s a lesson in thoughtfulness and integrity that resonates far beyond the world of data transformation.

The Future of dbt Labs: Collaboration, Innovation, and Growth

With a vision that goes beyond current achievements, dbt Labs continues to innovate and grow. 

From starting as a solution for power users to now engaging with large organizations, the company stands as a beacon of how to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing world of data.

Their commitment to collaboration, understanding customer needs, and aligning products with future visions ensures that dbt Labs is not just about building software; it’s about transforming the way data teams work and maximizing their impact.

Listen in to the full podcast episode to find out more, including:

  • dbt Labs’ beginnings and growth
  • How they emphasize customer collaboration
  • Their mission of enabling effective teamwork
  • Aligning product with vision and adapting to platform shifts
  • Reflections on venture capital and the timing
  • The future of dbt Labs and its impact on data transformation


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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