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Are you looking for a company profile template to enhance your business and efforts?

This is one of the most important and valuable pieces of content that your organization can create or commission to be created for you. Check out this Company Profile Template and use it to start standing out today.

Why You Need A Strong Company Profile

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The Ultimate Guide To Pitch Decks

This is one of the most basic cornerstones of any company. It should be one of the first pieces of content you invest in creating. Once you have a strong company profile template you can keep on updating it as your company grows.

There are many uses and benefits for this content. Quickly conveying and establishing credibility, confidence, and capability is one of the most obvious. It shows who you are, your strengths, what you are capable of, and why you are the right choice. 

This is a key part of your branding, and in a subtle way can do a lot for your marketing and recruiting. It can be a core part of your SEO and will be pivotal in fundraising efforts. 

No matter in what scenario the company profile can go a long way to increase conversions, or the opposite. At a minimum, it will save you and your team a ton of time answering the same questions over and over again.

Here is the content that we will cover in this post. Let’s get started.

Company Profile Formats & Uses

Ultimately, you’ll need and want several variations of your company profile with different lengths to fit different uses. 

You’ll want a very short version which is just a couple of sentences. A medium-length version, and a full page. 

Consider some of the ways you’ll use this information:

  • On LinkedIn
  • For social media bios
  • In pitch decks
  • Business plans
  • On the company website
  • For business directories and listings
  • As a part of blogs and press releases

When you are fundraising storytelling is everything and that is why you want to capture everything in a great pitch deck.

For a winning pitch deck to help you here, take a look at the template created by Silicon Valley legend, Peter Thiel (see it here) that I recently covered. Thiel was the first angel investor in Facebook with a $500K check that turned into more than $1 billion in cash.

Remember to unlock the pitch deck template that is being used by founders around the world to raise millions below.

Company Profile Template

Here’s what to include in your full company profile.

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The Introduction

Traditionally you may begin with your basic company information. Your company name, address, contact information, and the year you established. 

Start with a short interesting blurb of a sentence or two. Like your slogan, tagline, or elevator pitch.


Next move into a slightly longer overview and summary of your company. One paragraph is sufficient. 


Enter your company mission statement here. What are you trying to do? What is the problem you are solving, with what solution, and who is it for?


Enter your company vision statement here. What’s the big picture? What will the world look like once your company vision is fully realized. 


What are your company values? Make sure you are being unique, original, and authentic. Avoid common and outdated cliches. 

Notable Facts & Stats

Use this space for a few notable bullet points. This may include how large your company is, what you’ve accomplished in growth and serving customers, business milestones you’ve achieved, and the news you’ve been featured in.

How We’re Different

This is your chance to stand out. What’s your USP? How do you differentiate yourself from everything else out there? This is vital for fundraising, recruiting, and sales. If you don’t have a strong one, this is the time to go back to the drawing board and find it. How are you at least 11x better than all other alternatives in this space?

Company Story

Use a storytelling format to explain the who, what, and why of your business. This section alone can make all the difference in getting funded, converting sales, recruiting help, and securing customer loyalty, advisers, and partners.

Make it personal. Use it to build that essential personal connection and likability.

It can be as long as it needs to be to get the full story on your full company profile page.

You may also consider including a visual company history timeline of major milestones. This is fast to digest and can highlight great points that may otherwise be lost in lots of text.

The Founders & Executive Team

Who and how many people you’ll have in this section will depend on your stage of business. Early-stage startups will focus on founders. More mature businesses will list executives. Headshots, short bios, and a link to LinkedIn profiles are good to include.

You may also want to include notable advisors as well as partner and investor logos in this section. You can also learn how to create your advisory board or board of directors on the link below where I cover the topic in detail.

The Close & Call To Action 

Don’t miss this opportunity to push the reader forward and pull them in. You can provide a few links to resources that will take them deeper into your funnel or get them on your lists. Or make a direct call to action to get in contact with you.


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Neil Patel

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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