Fundraising Certificate

The Fundraising Certification is a comprehensive seminar online that covers the core elements of raising capital. It introduces the fundamentals on how to prepare your pitch materials, fundraising strategy, attract investors, and close the deal. With this seminar you will have the tools to reduce your learning curve, develop a solid fundraising strategy unique for your business, and discover tips to optimize your effectiveness with prospective investors.

Lists of Investors

With these lists you will be able to access a database of investors that is updated on a monthly basis. All you need to do is access the list, review the contacts, and see which one of the investors listed is a fit for your financing round. Once you have identified the investor you can reach out directly via email. You can buy and download directly into your computer any of the lists of investors. After the purchase you will have access indefinitely to the list.

Business Coaching

Alejandro Cremades provides business coaching to CEOs and members of leadership teams. The experience of Alejandro building an scaling high growth businesses is invaluable. Alejandro can serve as a coach on matters such as leadership, strategy, execution all around, fundraising, M&A, business development, recruiting, sales, marketing, or innovation. Sessions with Alejandro are paid by the hour and can be purchased in different types of packages.