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Accelerate Your Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising Training

Join Inner Circle, the #1 fundraising program. Unlock access to:

  • Financial modeling (valuation, projections, and amount to raise)
  • Over 30 hours of fundraising training
  • 50+ hours featuring billion dollar entrepreneurs
  • Every template required for fundraising (e.g. pitch deck, executive summary, business plan, etc)
  • Monthly LIVE video calls with fundraising expert, Alejandro Cremades and Mike Seversen, where we answer all your questions
  • Tools and resources
  • Valuation and dilution frameworks
  • Investor CRMS
  • Case studies
  • Private Facebook group where founders help each other

Investor Matches

Find the best matching investors for your startup with Lead Duty. Weekly investor matches include:

  • 10 matches per week
  • Type of investor
  • URL for the investor
  • Preferred investments
  • Sectors and check sizes
  • Email address

You're In Good Company

Thousands of companies around the world have used Alejandro's tools and guidance to raise millions!

“With the help of Alejandro, we raised over $85 million. At the time of the announcement, this was the largest Series A financing to date in LATAM.”

“Alejandro played a major role in helping us secure our initial funding. We look forward to having Alejandro continue the journey to a household name with us.“

"Working with Alejandro was a great experience. All the deliverables were on time and well done. Hiring him gave us the confidence and structure we needed to secure our $4.5 million round. Thank you, Alejandro"

JP Galvao

Cofounder and CEO at VAI

Mathieu Schepard

Cofounder and CEO at PopDesk

Andres Cohen

Cofounder and CEO at Famosos

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