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If you want to learn how to master the art of fundraising, and make sure that every hour you spend on capital raising efforts is having a massive impact then keep reading.


Inner Circle includes interviews and guidance from founders that have built billion-dollar companies from the ground up featured on the DealMakers podcast.

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If you want to systematically get in front of investors (looking to raise between $200K to $100M), and master the capital raising strategy to close prospects, then you’re in the right place.

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Here‘s Why Entrepreneurs Fail At Raising Capital

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Every single month there are LIVE workshops that teach you how to raise capital. 

Inner Circle is a revolutionary coaching program where you will learn exactly what works in fundraising.

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Each month there will be a LIVE coaching call


During the first hour we cover the latest topics in fundraising


The rest of the call will be oriented to answer any questions


You can attend these calls LIVE or watch the recordings


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You‘ll get all the resources, downloads, action guides to raise capital.


Monthly Inner Circle Topics Include

When you join the Inner Circle right now you‘ll get access to the ultimate fundraising training with over 30 hours of content!

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And also you‘ll get access to the frameworks that served entrepreneurs to build billion-dollar companies

Why would you want to create everything from the ground up when you have access to the 30+ templates that you will require when raising capital?

Pitch Templates

This includes pitch deck, executive summary, etc.

Legal Agreement Templates

This includes term sheets, convertible notes, etc.

Unlock all the fundraising templates

With our valuation benchmarks, you will get to understand what is the value of your company before engaging with investors.

In addition, you will also learn the dilution that existing stakeholders in your company will experience in the next financing rounds with our dilution framework.

Understand your company‘s value with our valuation benchmarks...

... and master your numbers with the pre-money & post-money valuation calculator

No more guessing! Now you can understand instantly:

• Your pre-money valuation

• Your post-money valuation

• The % of the equity you are giving away

• The amount of capital required

By joining Inner Circle you will gain access to dozens of lists of investors such as angel investors, angel groups, VCs, family offices, corporate investors, and accelerators.

Furthermore, you will also access a CRM template that you can use for your own capital raising efforts.

Access lists of investors plus a CRM to start building your pipeline of leads

Plus many more tools and support for your fundraising efforts such as:

From The Inner Circle Community:

Who wants a positive community of like minded entrepreneurs to connect with?

  • Founders that are also looking to raise capital
  • People that can provide you with feedback on your current strategy
  • Great networking opportunities that could lead to investor introductions
  • Celebrate your achievements with people that will understand you
  • Support when you need it

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Entrepreneurs looking to raise capital

Entrepreneurs looking to put together a great business plan.

Entrepreneurs with limited financial background

Executives, CFOs and entrepreneurs wishing to expand their modeling capabilities and strategies.

Executives responsible for their company’s planning and/or fundraising.

Executives and entrepreneurs looking for bank loans.

CFOs looking to improve their financial modeling and budgeting capabilities for their company.

Aspiring financial analysts looking to improve their skills for hiring and/or promotions.

Investors wishing to better understand financial projections and see through the lens of an entrepreneur.

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Alejandro Cremades

Alejandro Cremades is the author of the best-selling book The Art of Startup Fundraising and most recently founded Onevest/CoFoundersLab, one of the largest online communities for entrepreneurs which was acquired by Business Rokstars in a multi-million dollar transaction.

Over the course of the past years, Alejandro has helped as an ‘angel’ fund over 100 startups and has raised millions from angels and venture capital investors online and offline for its own ventures. Alejandro guest lectures at NYU Stern School of Business and The Wharton Business School. Alejandro has been included in the Top 30 Under 30 lists of Vanity Fair, Entrepreneur Magazine, and GQ Magazine. Alejandro has also been involved with the JOBS Act since inception. He was invited to the White House and the US House of Representatives to provide his stands on the new regulatory changes. Alejandro was also featured by TechCrunch as one of the expats that is shaping New York’s tech.

Michael Seversen

Michael has a long record of advising, financing and building companies with executive experience in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and strategic consulting. As Vice President with Piper Jaffray, Inc, he executed numerous IPO’s, private placements and M&A transactions.

As a venture capitalist with Piper Jaffray Ventures, Michael raised $50 million in capital and invested in over a dozen companies, helping to oversee their growth and strategy. Michael also headed the West Coast office for Riverside Company, an international private equity firm with $250 million in capital, where he led the acquisitions of companies on the West Coast and managed the financial aspects of their continued growth and success. Earlier in his career, Michael was a strategic consultant with Monitor Company, an international strategic consulting firm providing business strategy and financial planning to Fortune 500 companies. Michael is a graduate of Stanford University and has a Harvard MBA.