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This Entrepreneur Grew His Sales From $100 Million to $1.6 Billion In Just One Year

Turning your passion into a billion-dollar company is exactly what Socrates Rosenfeld did. After spending seven years in the military as a helicopter pilot, Socrates suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and turned to cannabis for healing therapy. He always knew that the plant had healing factors. He then used his eCommerce skills to make purchasing cannabis online a simple process for others to. In turn, his company, Jane Technologies, has supported local cannabis retailers across the nation.

Best Collaboration Tools For Startups

What are the best collaboration tools for startups? Collaboration can be a major undertaking that may consume a lot of time and resources in a traditional company environment. In this article, we will discuss some of the best collaboration tools for small businesses and startups. Even the most basic collaboration tool has the potential to grow into a powerful platform.

This Entrepreneur Raised $60 Million To Reimagine Modern Day Parking

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Alex has always wanted to solve the problems of the city. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and a Master's degree in Fine Arts, filming, and Production. His most epic contribution to the city and world is being a serial entrepreneur who has raised firms with one almost merging for $300 million dollars. Alex Israel joined us on the DealMakers Show to discuss his experience and his outlook for the future. His story will inspire you to think differently in your own entrepreneurial journey.

Questions To Ask Before Selling Your Startup

What questions should founders be asking before selling a startup? Eventually, unless you fold first, the odds are overwhelming that you will eventually end up selling your startup. Even if you never planned to do so. So, what are some of the top reasons that entrepreneurs end up selling their companies? What different methods of selling a startup are there? What questions should you be asking before committing and signing on the line?

This Entrepreneur Raised $150 Million From Mark Zuckerberg And Others To Reinvent Education Online

Pierre Dubuc is a French businessman born in Normandy, France. He has had a passion for educating the masses since middle school. His first project was simply to build a free online course for all subjects in France free for all to access. The team continued to keep the project alive from 1999 to 2013 when they got the drive to commercialize it into an educational company. The company has gone through blitz-scaling over the past few years to form a massive global educator. Pierre joined the set to discuss taking a small project to a large multinational company on the DealMakers Show. The show journey was long, with lots of learning and scaling along the way.

How To Identify Opportunities For Your Business

How to identify opportunities for your business? Looking for new opportunities for your business? How do you find them, know when you’ve got the right one, and execute on it? There are many moments on your journey when you’ll want and need to find opportunities. Identifying the right ones is incredibly important to your survival and ability to continue to thrive. So, how do you spot them, vet them, and then take the best path to follow through on them?

He Built A $1.6 Billion Business By Creating A Single Point Of Access To All Your Data

Justin Borgman was born in Chicago and was raised in Akron. He went through public school with a big dream to change the world one day. He learned a lot from his mom. In high school, he was the studious type and went onto college and an MBA where he found the “eureka” moment to change data analytics for good. Justin was recently on the Dealmakers Show to share his journey and lessons in entrepreneurship. We talked about tech, scaling, and frugal money management skills to take your small idea to become a multimillion-dollar business.

What Is An Operating Agreement?

When you start a business, there are many things to consider, from funding to startup structure. You don’t want to jeopardize your startup’s future because you didn’t conduct adequate research or familiarize yourself with the most fundamental concepts. Creating a good operating agreement is a critical step that many startup founders overlook. While you might […]

How To Forecast Cash Flow In A Crisis

How to forecast cash flow in a crisis? It’s no secret that any type of worldwide, national or even local crisis can have a severe impact on your business. Ensuring that your business has enough funds to run throughout this time period is a hot topic for many company owners and employees alike. In this article, we take a look at exactly how to forecast cash flow in a crisis, while offering some tips for keeping your business in good financial standing.

This Entrepreneur Raised $50 Million To Create A Note-Sharing Network For Students

Marnix Broer is a dutch businessman who has continually found entrepreneurial opportunities within the environment around him. His love for business has been seen since his childhood when he started selling old nails to his neighbors at a young age. His current business grew from a challenge at college that ended up spiraling to great success in the Netherlands and Europe. Manix shared his life story, and how he was able to create and grow Studocu during a recent episode of the DealMakers Show. It is one of those stories that shows how sticking to an idea can help generate big revenues and grow a business into a huge success.

This Entrepreneur Raised $75 Million To Unite The In-Game Creator Community

Uri Marchand has already raised tens of millions of dollars for his latest startup. He recently appeared on the Dealmakers Show to share the latest developments at Overwolf, and his journey building companies. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Marchand talked about learning to fly, business pivots, dealing with dozens of investor rejections, what’s important at each stage of business, and how to know if you have product-market fit. Plus, dealing with strings of investor rejections, and M&A deals.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To See Construction Sites From Anywhere

Jeevan Kalanithi scaled and sold his first tech business before raising over $80M to fund and scale his latest startup venture. On the Dealmakers Show, we talked about taking your startup full cycle, the VC mindset, your role as a founding CEO, and embracing the pain of entrepreneurship. Plus, testing your business ideas, and launching what has been dubbed as ‘Zoom for the building industry.'

This Entrepreneur Raised $130 Million To Transform Business Banking

Everett Cook has gone from young entrepreneur to investment banking and building a big fintech startup of his own. On the Dealmakers Podcast, he shared with our audience how he got inspired to go into business for himself and the nuances of operating in a highly regulated space. He also talked about his take on the future of finance for businesses. Plus, seeing the possibilities, raising debt versus equity, finding your lead investor, and his top book recommendations for startup founders.

He Built A $1 Billion Company By Reinventing Business Management For SMBs

Oz Alon’s journey is a living story and a fairy tale of how he and his wife met at around age 13 and became friends and managed to build a huge business. Both of them are co-founders of Honeybook which they created on a whim after a generous offer. Their story is exciting, inspiring, positive, and filled with many lessons for entrepreneurs. Oz shared his life story and how he built Honeybook with his wife on the DealMakers Show. The story is unique, and maybe a big lesson on how we can create businesses together with our loved ones.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Cure The US Healthcare System

Oron Afek has already built several companies from the ground up. His newest venture brings together all that he has learned so far, and has already attracted $100M in capital. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Afek walked us through his leap into entrepreneurship. He shared what he has learned at each step of the journey, and has carried forward to create even more successful companies. Plus, we break down fundraising by round, the best business models, and his top advice when starting a business of your own.

This Entrepreneur Raised $65 Million In 6 Weeks To Streamline Food Orders

As a child, Xu was taught to be both resourceful and hardworking. He learned from his father’s enterprises and started building websites from an early age before turning into an entrepreneur. Zhong Xu recently graced the DealMakers Show, sharing his experience in business and the lessons he has learned over the years. His story is about hard work and being able to seize the opportunity whenever you have it.

He Built A $1 Billion Business By Enabling Group Voice And Video Calls For Any App

John Kim grew up on computers. He has been a pro-gamer and built a gaming company fresh out of university. He was able to sell that firm for $10M, and start a social gaming site. He pivoted from a social app to his current model that has raised $200M. Kim was happy to chat on the DealMakers Show, recalling the ride that he has had together, working with his fellow co-founders to build a company. There are tales of falling short and rising again every time, by finding the grit to never give up.

He Built A $3.5 Billion Company And Now Raised $450 Million To Make The Internet Safer

Hari Ravichandran grew his first startup into a multi-billion dollar business. Then his entrepreneurial DNA drove him to start all over from scratch again. On the Dealmakers Show, Hari Ravichandran told our audience how he got inspired to leave college and start his own business, about the pattern recognition he has picked up, the foundations of scale, and how to create a vision statement and strong company culture. Plus, his insights on M&A transactions and how to survive the booms and busts in the economy.

Ways To Fund Your Company For Growth

What are the different ways to fund your company for growth? The idea seems promising, but many people fail when it comes to implementing and bringing their business projects to life. Starting a company from scratch is challenging. Growing it and seeing satisfying progress can be even more of a real struggle. We all love successful business stories, but we don't really know the hard journey new companies take to scale and reach the top.

This Entrepreneur Raised $230 Million To Help You Buy Now, Pay Later With Zero Interest

Philip Belamant has been there, made mistakes, and come up with great solutions for the customers that have helped him build multi-million dollar companies in developing and developed economies. He was able to achieve remarkable success despite dropping out of college to pursue business. Philip recently appeared on the DealMakers show to tell his remarkable story from zero to $2.2B. Plus, how he leaped back into founding a new startup and raising $300M for his latest venture.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Streamline Your Business Processes

Jakob Freund’s business has grown from a small services business to a large venture-backed enterprise with customers like NASA. On the Dealmakers Show, Freund shared how he transformed and scaled his company. We talked about his success in coding an organization, building your credibility and generating early customers, and how long to test your idea before giving up or going all in. Plus, we covered the open-core business model, when to raise money, and the art of leadership.

How To Identify A Potential Acquirer For Your Startup

Whether you created your business with an acquisition in mind, or simply want a backup plan for the future, this article explains the process of figuring out the optimal acquirers for your startup.  Remember that mastering the storytelling side and how you are positioning your business is critical when it comes to engaging and speeding […]

This Entrepreneur Raised $150 Million To Help You Create Products That Customers Love

Alfonso De La Nuez's passion and desire to build something has elevated him to a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. His business has touched large tech firms such as PayPal, and he has kept on innovating on his dream for over two decades. Alfonso recently appeared on the DealMakers show, where he shared his experience starting up and building his business through bootstrapping. He shared a lot of lessons that new startups can leverage to start their own business.

How To Build A Target List Of Acquirers For Your Startup

How to build a target list of acquirers for your startup? Building a target list is an important step in preparing for an exit for your startup. This is true whether it may be years out on your timeline, you already have inbound interest, or you are in a crunch. Continue reading to learn how to build a target list of acquirers for your startup.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Disrupt A 40,000 Year Old Tradition

After getting his first startup acquired, Johan Attby has gone on to raise $70M for his second profitable venture. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Johan Attby shared the process he’s gone through from vetting the best startup ideas, to fundraising and the M&A process. Including what metrics investors are looking for by stage, basing your business, and raising capital in the Valley versus everywhere else. Plus, the secret to scaling faster, why founders shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes, and the blog post he wrote that launched his latest startup.

How To Turn A Business Profitable

How to turn a business profitable? By definition, a business is an entity with organized efforts to make a profit. Though by looking at the books of many companies today or the strategies they use it may not look like they care much about the traditional definition of being profitable at all.

This Entrepreneur Raised $140 Million To Change The Paradigm Of Cyber Security

Reuven Aronashvili’s startup has already raised $140M in capital and they’re growing fast as they work to equip organizations to fend off growing cybersecurity threats. On the Dealmakers Show, Reuven Aronashvili shared with the audience how he began his own business, the state of the startup ecosystem in Israel, and his number one key to success when starting a business. Plus, getting profitable before you raise money, and how much to raise in your next round.

How To Create An Acquisition Memorandum

One of the most critical skills an entrepreneur must pick up is how to create an acquisition memorandum. An Acquisition Memorandum is a document used in mergers and acquisitions. A presentation about a startup with information for a potential acquirer, detailing its operations, management team, and financial statements. 

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Bring Peace Of Mind To Travelers

Jens Wohltorf’s startup is making travel simpler by closing the first and last-mile gap that has been long underserved in the travel industry. His company has already raised close to $100M, and their service can be found around the globe. On the Dealmakers Show, Wohltorf shared his early inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur, the benefits of going from consulting to startup founder, and creating your own ideal workplace. Plus, we talked about how to build marketplace startups, fundraising, and surviving and thriving through the most disruptive crises.

What Are The Methods Of Valuation?

As an entrepreneur, you should take the time to understand what are the methods of valuation. Calculating a startup's value is often a guessing game as you go into your first few funding rounds. Pitching to investors for capital to grow and meeting their expectations can be a challenging process. As can be getting the best price for your company.

This Entrepreneur Raised $30 Million To Electrify Motorcycles

Jay Giraud’s latest startup is taking on the motorcycle industry with game-changing improvements, just as Tesla rocked the world of carmakers and dealers. In our interview on the Dealmakers Show serial entrepreneur Giraud shared his experiences of going fast, living dangerously, the challenges of founding a company, your advantage as a fresh startup in a big industry, and surviving when your company is only running on fumes.

10 Most Critical Metrics Of Startups

What are the 10 most critical metrics of startups? What are the top metrics your startup should be tracking? Watching your metrics is a key part of any truly sustainable and successful business. This is even more important among startups that desire to go big. Or even those just hoping to survive long enough to make it.

This Entrepreneur Raised $225 Million To Read Your Immune System

Tim Sweeney has raised over $200M for his biotechnology startup which is about to bring groundbreaking new healthcare solutions to the market. On his recent appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Sweeney shared his experience bringing a non-traditional SaaS company to the market and getting it funded. Including the time and cost it takes to bring a company in a highly regulated space to market and figuring out product-market fit when you aren’t actually living yet.

Why Most Acquisitions Fail

Why most acquisitions fail? Most entrepreneurs don’t become aware of this until it all falls apart. The data shows that the vast majority of business acquisitions fail post-closing. Whether you were selling your company for financial or other reasons, this is still very impactful. So, why do so many M&A deals fail? What outcomes does that failure result in? How can you prepare for a successful acquisition, and prevent everything from being derailed?

Pitch Decks Vs Investor Decks

Pitch decks vs investor decks - every startup owner should know the two concepts and how they work. Every successful business starts with a concept. Having a great pitch deck is a sure-fire way to get the idea off the ground. There are two types of decks to consider depending on who you're pitching to, namely pitch decks and investor decks.

He Sold His Company To Zillow For $120 Million And Now Raised $1.7 Billion In Debt And Equity To Help You Buy Your Second Home

Austin Allison sold his college startup for $120M, after raising just $14M. His latest venture has already brought $1.7B in capital onboard and is growing. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast Austin shared his young start as an entrepreneur, going from side hustles to all in, how to find your first investor, and what you do when you sell your company for $100M. Plus, the difference between raising debt and equity. As well as how to know when you’ve got the right idea, surviving the lows and crisis moments of entrepreneurship, the ‘infinite mindset’ and the thing about second homes.

He Sold His First Company To Etsy And Now Raised $143 Million To Make Running A Business Easy

Isaac Oates helped take one startup through to an acquisition by Etsy. Now his current company, Justworks, has already raised $143M across seven rounds of funding to help the thousands of small and medium-sized businesses on its platform grow with confidence. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show Oates shared how he developed the confidence and independence in uncertainty to ultimately bet on himself and his own venture.

What Is An Amended And Restated Certificate Of Incorporation?

What is an Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation? An Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation is a legal document filed with the Secretary of State that restates, integrates, and adjusts the startup's initial Articles of Incorporation (i.e. the company's Charter).

What Are Shareholders Written Consent

What is shareholders written consent? In general, written consent refers to the act of gaining permission from a stakeholder to make an informed decision. This is as important in a startup business as it is with other consents such as medicine and with customers. This is because the written consent of shareholders unlocks powerful avenues […]

How And When To Tell Employees About An Acquisition

How and when to tell employees about an acquisition - that’s a question every entrepreneur must face at some point. Telling your employees about an acquisition is often something that can evoke a series of emotions. As the owner of the business, it’s your duty to manage and understand these emotions in order to reach a successfully completed exit and transition.

This Entrepreneur Raised $72 Million To Help You Manage Your Money

Angel Sahagun is now on his third company, and it has already raised tens of millions of dollars to completely disrupt a major industry. On the Dealmakers Show Sahagun shared his journey through several startups. Including how his third venture has managed to gain 40% market share in a major industry in just a few years. Plus, fundraising from Latin America, engaging investors, the three main factors for securing a startup investment, and how he has built a new all remote employee bank.

When Is A Pitch Deck Normally Used?

Understanding when is a pitch deck normally used is a critical skill every entrepreneur must learn. Starting and expanding a business is not always as easy as it may seem. It requires both hard work and patience. In the early stages of development, there is an aura of “hurry and wait” as you see an opportunity, strike to grab it and then wait for the results.

What Are The Different Types Of Acquisitions

What are the different types of acquisitions? There are various types of acquisitions and many ways to capitalize on them. One of the more notable acquisitions is when Facebook bought Whatsapp for $22 billion – one of the largest acquisitions for software companies in history. Acquisitions have been used as a tool to manage competition and reshape the global corporate landscape.

How To Raise A Friends And Family Financing Round

How to raise a friends and family financing round? If you're in need of a cash injection for a new or existing business, reaching out to family and friends could be the perfect option. Many people prefer acquiring capital through this method, as it is often easier to speak freely to your closest connections. In this article, we take a look into this method of fundraising, including the benefits, drawbacks, and how to properly gain investment from them.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Pitch Deck

How long does it take to make a pitch deck? A great pitch deck can make or break a sales pitch. Hence a great deal of time needs to be invested in a pitch deck that is appealing, professional, and concise. It is generally possible to craft a pitch deck in an hour to a few months depending on the level of experience but making a successful pitch deck and making a pitch deck should be viewed much more differently.

The Ultimate Guide To Valuing Startups

Looking for the ultimate guide to valuing startups? Any type of business valuation is never straightforward. Assigning a valuation to a startup with little or no income and an unclear future is especially difficult. More straightforward formulas, facts, and figures are used for the valuation of mature organizations that are publicly traded and have consistent revenue.

How To Create A Pitch Deck In 30 Minutes

Every savvy entrepreneur should know how to create a pitch deck in 30 minutes. It's often terrifying to pitch your startup idea or product to a room full of investors. However, it doesn't have to be. You can hold potential investors' attention long enough to illustrate what your product accomplishes and why it's a worthwhile investment if you have the correct pitch deck.

This Entrepreneur Raised $117 Million To Decarbonize The Planet

Robert Piconi has been involved in some of the biggest transatlantic M&A deals. He’s now working with Bill Gross on a renewable energy startup that has already attracted significant capital from Softbank. During our time together on the Dealmakers Show Piconi shared his path into starting his own company. He also talks about the three biggest lessons learned in building and managing teams and the power of institutional knowledge transfer. And what his energy storage startup is up to now.

When Is The Right Time To Create A Pitch Deck

When is the right time to create a pitch deck? It takes lots of hard work and patience to start and scale a business to high levels. Often, there's a lot of hurry up and wait during the early stages of a company. During this time, a lot takes place, to the extent that it's often challenging to optimally set priorities. Even worse, the business environment keeps constantly evolving, prompting you to shift your focus. Outside opinions and amateur information on the internet can make it even more confusing.

Why Recurring Revenue Matters To Investors

Why recurring revenue matters to investors? Why are startup investors so focused on recurring revenue? Recurring revenue has increasingly been a feature and at least a part of the business model for startup companies. It’s not just a hot trend. Many billion-dollar startups have leveraged this concept to build hugely popular market-dominating businesses.

What Is A SPAC?

Every entrepreneur should understand what is a SPAC? SPACs have been commanding a lot of media attention. Some commentators love them. Others fear them. So, what is a SPAC? This unique form of corporate dealmaking has plenty of fans and haters. They have been rising in popularity and visibility. Some may consider them to be the new way to do business. Others are concerned they are a bubble or fad.

How To Increase The Value Of Your Business

Would you like more information about how to increase the value of your business? There are many reasons to work on increasing the value of your business. It can help obtain better terms in startup fundraising. It can help you sell your company for more, or price your shares higher when selling your company or going public.

He Sold His Business To Twitter For $100 Million And Is Now Creating The First Financial Engine

Jeff Seibert is a repeat founder, with multiple full cycle startups and exits under his belt. Including going from zero to selling a company to Twitter for $100M in just 14 months. On the Dealmakers Show Seibert shared how he got the founder's mindset, the sense in skipping in the Seed round, his fundraising pitching strategy, what his latest company is up to, and your real job as the founder of a startup.

Things Successful Fundraising Materials Have In Common

What are the things successful fundraising materials have in common? Landing that big investment meeting is one of the big highlights if you own or work for a startup. This is your moment to show investors what you have and why you are the best, through a compelling story. Your company is worth investing in, and good fundraising materials will help you achieve this.

How Investors Value Startups

Every entrepreneur should know how investors value startups? The rise of entrepreneurship has spawned one of the most extensively used expressions in business and finance history: 'startups.' A startup is a smaller company that started with an idea, keen to grow fast, and is often currently looking for funding to expand and mature.

This Entrepreneur Has Raised $230 Million To Reinvent Cooling Solutions With A Chip

Tony Atti’s startup has raised a substantial amount of capital to bring big change to the working of many things you touch on a daily basis. On the Dealmakers Show Atti shared business lessons gleaned from young hustles and as an Entrepreneur in Residence, how things work on the other side of the table, the reality of trying to disrupt an industry, and the truth about fundraising and building a company outside of Silicon Valley.

How Much Stock To Give Friends And Family In Startups

How much stock to give friends and family in startups? When you're trying to start a new business, friends and family are generally the first people you turn to for funding. Friends and family investors are essentially a type of crowdfunding and the people you would go to in order to present the presentation that you crafted on top of one of the best pitch decks from startups that you got for inspiration. To raise a more considerable sum, you could collect small amounts of money from various family members or close friends.

What Are Board Written Consent Agreements

What are board written consent agreements? Boards of directors meet as often as necessary to evaluate the startup's current and future performance. Board meetings are also an opportunity to examine risks and look for ways to expand the company. For the majority of board concerns, regular business meetings are suitable and sufficient. But, certain issues require immediate attention and cannot always wait for the boards to meet at a convenient time.

How Long Should Pitch Decks Be

How long should pitch decks be? A pitch deck is one of the main components when you're raising money for your startup. A pitch deck needs to make potential investors excited about your ideas and should get them engaged in conversation regarding your company, in the hopes of it leading to an investment.

How To Show Financials In A Pitch Deck

How to show financials in a pitch deck? Financial projections are a vital aspect of gaining funding for your business. When you're looking for investors, your pitch deck can be your make-or-break point. As a start-up company, you want investors to see the potential in your business. At the same time, investors want to see the possible traction you have and why your business would be worth their money and time.

This Entrepreneur Raised $53 Million To Fuel Easier And Safer Connectivity Across Applications

Varun Talwar has already raised tens of millions of dollars to empower developers to build more new technology faster and to drive the success of small to enterprise-sized companies. On the Dealmakers Show Talwar shared how he encountered the seeds of entrepreneurship, his experiences working at Google India, and his tips for working with your investors, and picking the investors for your journey. Plus, how his startup is fueling what’s next.

What Are The Standard Venture Capital Terms

What are the standard venture capital terms every entrepreneur should know? A Venture Capital (VC) term sheet is the first formal document between a startup founder and an investor in the startup fundraising context. The terms and conditions of investment are laid out in a term sheet, and it's used to finalize terms, which are subsequently set down in a contract. The investor prepares the VC term sheet which is usually less than ten pages.

He Sold His Business To Under Armour For $150M And Raised $180M To Inspire People To Live An Active Lifestyle

Robin Thurston is an energetic person who began life in sports. First as a skier, and then as a professional bike racer who competed internationally before switching to business after a major accident. His rise in the business world has been plutonic ever since, carrying lessons from each part of his life to build better. When he appeared on the DealMakers show, Thurston shared his experience starting his first startup, managing it, and being able to sell it for $150M. He also details how he went on to start another company that has managed to raise over $180M and buy new companies strategically.

How To Create A Pitch Deck Narrative

How to create a pitch deck narrative? In a world where the venture capitalists are inundated with pitch deck after pitch deck and more compelling business ideas, you’ve got to stand out to make a difference. People use many ways to stand out and sell their pitches but to capture the investor’s mind hook, line, and sinker, you have to use stories.

How To Navigate A Friends And Family Funding Round

How to navigate a friends and family funding round? Did you know that 40% of startup funding comes from funding rounds with friends, family, and coworkers? Before a viable product even hits the market, it needs a considerable amount of startup capital. While the majority of capital may come from investment capital firms and angel investors outside of your immediate circle, many startups rely on family and friends funding rounds to get started.

He Built A $2.2 Billion Business By Turning Apartments Into Hotels

Francis Davidson launched his startup while still in school. That company now has over 1,000 employees and is going public through a SPAC deal. On the Dealmakers Show, Davidson shared with the audience his journey of going from jock to bookworm and entrepreneur. Plus, moving to America, raising capital, and the three levers for success.

He Built A $2.5 Billion Business By Turning Apartments Into Hotels

Francis Davidson launched his startup while still in school. That company now has over 1,000 employees and is going public through a SPAC deal. On the Dealmakers Show, Davidson shared with the audience his journey of going from jock to bookworm and entrepreneur. Plus, moving to America, raising capital, and the three levers for success.

How To Decide When To Sell Your Startup

How to decide when to sell your startup? Whether planned from the beginning or not, most startups will end up in some form of exit, unless they fail first. This is the pinnacle of the journey. While most entrepreneurs don’t realize it until well into their company, it is the exit that is really the thing that will often be remembered as the barometer of the success of this venture.

He Built A $1.4 Billion Business By Helping Retail Brands Generate Online Revenue Growth

Tomer Tagrin has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his startup which is empowering large brands and entrepreneurs alike to win online. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast Tagrin talked about broken reviews, product-market fit versus scalable startups, pitching Bessemer, the keys to success, hiring and culture, and unicorns versus flamingos.

Communication Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Use To Influence Others

What are the communication skills successful entrepreneurs use to influence others? Succeeding as an entrepreneur is all about communication. It’s about using their skills to influence markets and create winning businesses. From gaining early validation for your idea before going all in, to recruiting co-founders, securing funding and the best board of advisors, to selling customers, growing a team, and achieving a spectacular exit, it is all about communication skills.

He Built A $2 Billion Business By Turning Online Transactions Into Relationships

Oisin O’Connor built a formidable eCommerce company by bootstrapping it for years before taking outside investor money. Now they’ve raised almost $300M to empower even more businesses to go online. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show O’Connor shared how he discovered he was just cut out to be an entrepreneur, the importance of knowing yourself, and what you are not great at, as well as finding the right market and timing. Plus, the advantages of building a remote-first company, and the pros and cons of waiting to raise money.

Startup Valuation Methods Explained

Ready to have your startup valuation methods explained? As an investor, one of the most critical pieces of information about a startup is its worth. As a startup, you must determine your current or projected worth without over or undervaluing yourself.

Why Investors Want Preferred Shares

Why investors want preferred shares? It’s no secret that many investors love to acquire preferred shares of a company as opposed to common stock. As the name suggests, preferred shares come with a wide variety of advantages and holding them can be an incredibly lucrative venture. While beneficial to purchasers, preferred shares are also a fantastic way of raising funds for a company that needs an injection of capital.

The Importance Of Burn Rate

Understanding the importance of burn rate is critical for every entrepreneur. Having cash is very necessary for early-stage startups to stay afloat. Yet, having money is one thing; knowing how to spend and manage it is quite another.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Teach Your Kids Money Skills

Alex Zivoder has been involved in building and scaling several companies. His latest venture has already attracted tens of millions of dollars in capital, and is proving incredibly popular with parents and their kids. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show Zivoder shared what he has learned on his journey in entrepreneurship, the importance of unit economics, and how to raise $2M in one weekend with a crowdfunding campaign.

How To Structure Friends And Family Investments

How to structure friends and family investments? Startups often experience challenges in funding. It's often difficult to secure funding from banks or venture capitalists or trading of shares in the beginning. The easiest way to finance startups is to get funds from friends and family. Friends and family act as a form of crowdfunding. They allow you to take a small amount of money from several family members and contacts, to combine for raising a larger overall sum.

He Went From Navy Officer To Selling Four Companies For Over $300 Million

Will Graylin is a true serial entrepreneur who has done it again and again. Today, he is juggling two big startups that have already raised a combined $150M. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Graylin shared with our audience how he got a taste for entrepreneurship, the roller coaster ride of executive and board power struggles he has seen on the journey, how he sold one company to Samsung for $250M, and the two exciting ventures he is working on today.

How Investors Review Pitch Decks

How investors review pitch decks? Most new businesses need investors. This is especially true if you are starting out as a new entrepreneur. No matter what type and size of funding you are seeking, the best way to create the perfect impression on the potential investor is through a well-crafted pitch deck and being effective in its delivery.

Why Is It Important To Update Your Budget And Forecasts

Why is it important to update your budget and forecasts? Updating budgets and financial forecasts is critical to survive and thrive as a business. Perhaps even more so in a startup, where things change so fast and frequently, and even small changes can have a big impact. Think of this as your armor and equipment for minimizing risk and optimizing success.

Difference Between Cash And Profits

What's the difference between cash and profits? You are an ambitious entrepreneur with a great business idea in your hands. You have done all the research, scanned through the markets, and analyzed the competitors. You’ve also brought together a team, organized your plans, and are ready to embark on a journey of making your dream a reality.

What Is An Account Receivable?

Understanding what is an account receivable is critical for an entrepreneur. Account receivables are payments or proceeds that a company expects from its customers who have been offered goods or services on credit. Account receivable exists after a sale has happened and a customer is issued an invoice.

He Sold His Business For $500 Million And Now Is Investing In Startups Not Caring Much About Returns

Carey Smith bootstrapped his own startup from zero to selling it for $500M. He is now a startup investor helping others grow their own ventures. During our time on the Dealmakers Podcast Smith shared his experiences and lessons from building multiple companies, business naming, moving to the other side of the table, what you do with a $500M check, bootstrapping, and what equity fundraising and face tattoos have in common.

Why Pitch Decks Require Equal Balance Of Text And Visuals

Why pitch decks require an equal balance of text and visuals? When your startup is looking for funds from investors you know your pitch deck needs to be great. Getting the right balance of text and visuals is a big part of this. As you are seeking funding for your startup, your pitch deck must have all the necessary information required by investors.

How To Make Your Pitch Deck Stand Out For Investors

How to make your pitch deck stand out for investors? According to experts and researchers, an average investor spends less than four minutes evaluating your pitch deck. This means that you do not have much time to mark your proposal as good or bad. This is the time taken by investors on pitch decks sent through electronic mail. In the case of stage pitches and presentations, the investor might give you a little more time to make the right impression. Though you only have seconds to make a strong first impression.

This Entrepreneur Raised $750 Million To Transform The Way Organizations Use Energy

Erik Schiemann has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in financing to scale commercial solar across the US. During our interview on the Dealmakers Show Schiemann shared his passion for exploring what else is out there, developing the mindset of comfort in the chaos, the principle of learning to clean your own weapon first, and what’s happening in the renewable energy space. Plus, how to create and pull off a spin-off.

How To Memorize Your Pitch Deck

How to memorize your pitch deck? Presenting your pitch deck in front of investors can be intimidating. Every little detail has to be strategically done - from how you present yourself and the presentation style to perfecting your script. To deliver a stellar pitch deck, it needs to be tailored to the audience. If each pitch is customized, memorizing them can pose a challenge.

This Entrepreneur Raised $170 Million To Modernize Dental Benefits

Alex Frommeyer has been a builder all of his life. He has taken that from childhood construction projects to engineering technology, and now creating a large and fast-growing startup. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Frommeyer shared his experiences raising $170M in capital out of Ohio, working with investors and board members, and even being fired as the CEO of your own business. Plus, Insurtech, and the future of dental insurance in America.

How To Pause During An Investor Meeting

Learning how to pause during an investor meeting is one of the important skills for an entrepreneur. Whether it’s to regulate the pace of your pitch or to give yourself some much-needed breathing space. The art of the pause is crucial to maintaining your flow in front of investors.

He Grew Up In A Trailer Park And Now Raised $68 Million To Tackle A $3.5 Trillion Industry

Reichen Kuhl is an entrepreneur who seems to have a knack for turning challenges into big wins. He has already raised tens of millions of dollars to solve a problem facing millions of US households, that was born out of him being told “no.” On the Dealmakers Podcast, Reichen Kuhl shared his journey into entrepreneurship, including participating in the Amazing Race. We talked about how getting denied for an apartment changed everything, proving your business idea, and finding a B2B angle for your product.

Tips On How To Pitch To Investors

What are the best tips on how to pitch to investors? For startups, raising capital is one of the most important aspects of your business survival. Stepping in front of investors for your pitch can be nerve-wracking and difficult. Don’t fret. This article compiles a list of the best tips for entrepreneurs like you to follow to ensure your pitch lands with potential investors.

Best Pitch Decks From Startups

Now that you’re ready to raise funding for your venture, it’s advisable to check the best pitch deck from startups. You’ll get some great ideas on how to proceed. Entrepreneurs have to network with the right group of investors, have several investor meetings, and most importantly, give a pitch.

He Went From Homeless To Raising $64 Million For His Google-Like Digital Attribution Engine

Rasty Turek has gone from living on his own at 14 years old to raising $64M for a startup that may be in one of today’s fastest-growing markets. On the Dealmakers Show Turek shared his journey from homeless to working at Google and founding his own company. Plus, his experience starting the same company twice, living in a world without entrepreneurship, building business moats and network effects, and being years early with an idea. As well as his favorite books, the rise of UGC, and more.

How To Make A Pitch Deck Interactive

How to make a pitch deck interactive? Having a pitch deck meeting can be intimidating, and holding the potential investor's attention is your number one goal. You might see their eyes stray to their phones to send out a not-so-important email or text message. This can be your worst pitch deck nightmare, but there are a few ways you can grasp their attention, and one of them is to make it interactive.

This Entrepreneur Raised $130 Million To Acquire Amazon Sellers

Malte Horeyseck is a multi-time startup entrepreneur. His most recent venture rolls up his previous experiences in M&A, backed with over $100M in funding. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast, Horeyseck shared his global approach to starting businesses, the art of funding and integration in mergers and acquisitions, creating category killers, and the steps in building leading international brands.

How To Rehearse Timings In A Pitch Deck

How to rehearse timings in a pitch deck is one of the first skills an entrepreneur should learn. A pitch deck is a presentation designed to provide prospective investors an overview of your company and its goals. Your pitch deck must be carefully prepared if you want to make the most of it.

He Built A $2.6 Billion Business By Directing You To Related Content On The Internet

Adam Singolda is taking his adtech company public through a SPAC. They’ve already amassed over $1B in annual revenue, and with over $500M raised expect to keep on growing to become a household name. On the Dealmakers Show Singolda talked about his obsession with LEGO, spending five years in the financial desert, SPACs, and building your own team of superheroes.

Best Backgrounds For Pitch Decks

How would you choose the best backgrounds for pitch decks? Are you looking for some essential funding to power up your business? Do you want to find out the ways to impress potential investors? Do you want to seal the deal with the best outcomes?

Great Businesses You Can Start While Keeping Your Day Job

Are you looking for some great businesses you can start while keeping your day job? Most people today are looking for ways to augment their existing income streams with side-line businesses. Some of those have the potential to grow into full-time careers and big businesses of their own too.

What Is A Good File Size For Pitch Deck Presentations?

Entrepreneurs often ask - what is a good file size for pitch deck presentations. Creating a winning pitch deck can be incredibly difficult and takes much time to perfect. There are many factors involved, including finding the perfect file size for your presentation. There are some recommended size limitations and different aspects of the sizing that you need to consider in this process.

5 Best Pitch Deck Design Services

What are the 5 best pitch deck design services? Do you need a pitch deck designed for you fast to help you put your best foot forward when meeting investors? Pitch deck designers are a great way to ensure you come with a quality presentation.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To 3D Print Your Next House

Alexey Dubov is a global entrepreneur who has started several companies. His latest venture has already raised tens of millions of dollars in capital, and has been establishing new construction standards. During our time on the Dealmakers Show Alexy Dubov shared his early start into entrepreneurship, some of the innovative products he has worked on, his approach to team building, and what it takes to raise capital for your startup.

How To Create A Tagline For Your Pitch Deck

How to create a tagline for your pitch deck? When creating a pitch presentation, or a pitch deck, you need to cover all of the important pieces of your business. You are laying out your business plan, but in a way that grabs the audience's attention, and points out the most important sections. It also explains what you are looking for, what you are, and how you will use the invested money.