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Post-Money Valuation: Everything Startups Need To Know

What is post-money valuation for startups? Valuations are one of those parts of startups that many entrepreneurs and founders only wake up to once they head out fundraising, or begin negotiations to sell their companies. That’s not ideal and certainly leaves you scrambling to catch up when you want to be out ahead of it.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Create A Proven Path To A Well-Paying Job

Austen Allred is on a mission to help people level up their skills and incomes, and his startup is helping thousands of them find new roles in tech fields, online. On the Dealmakers Show, Allred talked about reading a life-changing blog post, embracing uncertainty, empowering remote work and the next generation of tech workers, edtech, and outcome-based pricing and business models. Plus, raising $100M, and balancing a cash flow positive business versus a growth only mindset.

He Built A $1.3 Billion Business By Giving Companies Complete Control Over The Browser

Mike Fey has gone from playing soccer to writing software to building really big businesses. On the Dealmakers Show, Fey shared his professional journey, including going through acquisitions, the luck of other companies making layoffs, rebranding, restructuring and saving businesses, why not to listen to your customers, and who to talk to instead. Plus, creating pitch decks, raising a $20M seed round, positioning your startup for an aggressive raise, and when stealth mode works for startups.

He Sold His Last Company For $3.5 Billion And Now Raised $1 Billion To Invest In Other Entrepreneurs

Pete Flint has taken two companies through IPOs, as well as taking one through a $3.5B merger. Now he is heading up his own venture capital fund to help empower the next generation of founders. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Flint talked about creating MVPs and fundraising, IPOs and M&A transactions, content and SEO, and assembling a team and a $450M investment fund. Plus, the keys to getting through crises and tough periods in the economy.

Who Qualifies As An Accredited Investor?

Who qualifies as an accredited investor? In other words, what is an accredited investor, and why does it matter for your startup? Accredited investor status differentiates them from those that are not accredited to participate in certain types of investments, and at what level. It also makes all the difference in who you can market your investment opportunities to, and how.

He Sold His Company For $640 Million And Now Is Helping World-Class Companies In LATAM

Since growing and selling a company for 10 figures, Brian Requarth has created a community and fund for other entrepreneurs aspiring to create highly successful startups of their own. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Requarth shared his experience growing companies by turning personal challenges into opportunities, capitalizing businesses, and M&A transactions. As well as expanding your horizons by embracing the adventure of uncertainty, and building marketplace businesses.

How To Assess Your Startup’s Financial Health

How to assess your startup’s financial health? In other words, how do you assess how financially healthy your startup is? Financial health is the lifeblood of any business. Just like for humans. The vast majority of businesses, and especially startups, fail because they run out of money. In fact, just about every cause of new business failure in the first five years can really be tied back to financial management. It’s also what takes down even large incumbents with billions of dollars.

How Investors Review Pitch Decks From Startups

How investors review pitch decks before funding startups? Just like selling your customers, it’s not so much about you, but rather meeting their needs, and wants, and understanding how they think so that you can show them what a great opportunity you are offering.

This Entrepreneur Raised $90 Million To Create The Netflix For Banking

Eytan Bensoussan has taken on the mission of reinventing financial services for small businesses, and dramatically increasing their survival rates. On the Dealmakers Show, Bensoussan talked about growing up in a family of small business owners, fintech for small business, the art of stubbornness, and how to perfect your fundraising during changing times.

How To Think About Startup Traction

How to think about startup traction? In other words, what’s the best way to think about traction for startup founders? Traction is one of the most pivotal metrics for startups. Growth is vital for all businesses, no matter what size and stage of maturity. It is even more critical for startups. For survival, especially when it comes to fundraising.

He Built GrubHub Into A $7 Billion Business And Now Raised Millions To Fix Your Home

Mike Evans raised $84M for his first startup, before taking it public. He’s now working on a new gender-inclusive venture that is creating jobs at a great scale. On the Dealmakers Show, Evans talked to us about being hangry, why money is only the sixth most important thing in picking an investor, how to put your board members to work, what to do with yourself when you take your company public for a lot of money, and the benefits of a business with bigger barriers to entry.

Accredited Investors Vs. Non Accredited Investors

What is the difference between accredited investors vs. non-accredited investors when it comes to fundraising for your startup? This can still be a very confusing part of the process of fundraising for startup entrepreneurs. Yet, it is a critical differentiation. One which not only means different processes, but also has serious, and very expensive consequences if you get it wrong.

He Built Turo Into A $1 Billion Business And Now Is Investing In Startups That Make Humanity More Resilient

Shelby Clark raised over half a billion dollars for his first company. Now he has switched to the other side of the table to invest in new emerging medicines and as a startup investor. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Clark walked us through getting into startups, creating the Airbnb for cars, building marketplace businesses, his role in the sharing economy, what he’s doing for the LGBTQ community with a resort in Costa Rica, and what he’s investing in from the other side of the table now.

Important Things To Look For In An Investment Contract

What are the important things to look for in an investment contract? What should entrepreneurs be looking at when reviewing investment contracts? If you are launching a startup or are working on a growing business, you will eventually be looking to take on some form of capital. Loans and their paperwork may be more commonly understood by the average individual. You know to look at typical factors such as finance charges, repayment amounts, and repayment dates. As well as prepayment penalties, and clauses that may come into effect in a default.

He Sold His Last Company For Millions And Now Raised $38 Million To Identify The Best Sperm With AI And Improve IVF Outcomes

Gurjeet Singh funded, scaled, and sold his first startup. Now he has raised $37M to make IVF treatment more customer-focused, reliable, and attainable for those eager to have children. On the Dealmakers Show, Singh shared his fundraising experiences, how he has grown two successful companies, the biggest mistake that startups are making, and why you should start with marketing first. Plus, how his latest venture is changing the science of fertility treatment.

He Built Evernote To 200 Million Users And Now Raised $140 Million To Make Virtual Meetings Better

Phil Libin has already launched and sold several startups. His latest venture aims to bring even more great products to life. On the Dealmakers Show, Libin shared his journey of creating things, selling his first company for $26M, fundraising, and bringing efficiency to making new products. Plus, his insight on the main thing to unlocking team productivity, remote work, and the future of work.

Top Service Providers For Startups

Who are the top service providers for startups you absolutely need? Startup businesses require many different services as they go from ideation to launch, scaling, and through an exit. Some things may be done through team members who are on staff. Many others are best done by utilizing existing expert services. As you start out on this venture, grow it, and then prepare to move on, there are many vendors and suppliers you will need, as well as a variety of services that may be more efficiently and effectively handled by outside experts.

How Venture Capital Investors Make Money

How venture capital investors make money? Understanding how VCs operate and make their money is important for startup entrepreneurs. When it comes to fundraising and pitching investors, this is like understanding your customers. A good grasp on how they function will enable you to better position your company to attract capital, and position your venture to secure investments from the best VCs, on the best possible terms.

This Entrepreneur Built Docusign Into An $11 Billion Business By Simplifying e-Signatures

Court Lorenzini is a true serial entrepreneur. With several successful exits under his belt, including building one company with a market cap of over $60B, he has certainly created an impressive portfolio of startups. On the Dealmakers Show, Lorenzini talked about growing up in the bay area, how to validate your startup ideas, and how long you should stay with your startup. Plus, strategies for gaining early credibility and pushing growth, and the power of knowing your future revenues

This Entrepreneur Raised $57 Million To Help You Make Instant And Cheap Cross-Border Payments

Chris Maurice has built a disruptive fintech serving the people of Africa. A startup that has already raised close to $60M as it strives to make peer-to-peer payments even more affordable for everyone. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Maurice shared his experience building a company with an all-distributed workforce, fundraising through your Series B round, the future of crypto, his favorite cryptocurrencies, and more.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Help Americans Invest Better For Retirement

Eric Satz is a serial entrepreneur who sold one of his companies for $560M. His latest venture, which is empowering individuals to invest in more alternative assets with great tax advantages, has already raised $70M through a Series B round. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Satz shared the young hustles that carried him into entrepreneurship, how he went from Wall Street investment banker to coffee shop owner and the three main ingredients that allow for successful exits. Plus, his experience in investing, building a fully remote company, and the advantages of self-directed IRAs.

How To Control Startup Burn Rate?

How to control startup burn rate? How can you get control of and optimize your startup burn rate? Burn rate is one of the most fundamental metrics in startups. It will make or break your venture. In fact, burn rate, and running out of money are still not only really why startups fail, but consistently the biggest risk.

How To Use Startup Capital Well

How to use startup capital well? How do you best use your startup capital? Whether you are pitching investors, and are working on your Use Of Funds slide for a new round now, or you just put a new round of funding in the bank, knowing the best use of the money is vital to survival and success.

This Entrepreneur Raised $118 Million To Help Teams Manage And Optimize Their AI Infrastructure

Omri Geller’s startup is helping fuel the growth of artificial intelligence, by equipping others to build better and faster. On the Dealmakers Show, Geller shared his love for chasing problems and AI. As well as his journey working through the ideation phase, fundraising, going through a big pivot, and his tips for having the right people on board, and how to make it through the tough times of entrepreneurship.

Financial Funding Tips For Entrepreneurs

What are the top-most financial funding tips for entrepreneurs? Thinking about funding for your startup? Check out these top tips for how to get the money your company needs, and to optimize how you do it. Money is the lifeblood of every business. It is even more critical for startups. You are going into business to make money. In this case, it certainly takes money to make money.

How To Create A Strategic Sales Plan

How to create a strategic sales plan? In other words, how do you create an effective strategic sales plan for your startup? Sales are the fundamental lifeblood of all businesses. Without sales, there is no business. While this may be optimized for gaining users and market share in some early-stage startups, the purpose of a business is to conduct commercial activity. To sell things, bring in revenues, and turn a profit.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To Stop Climate Change For The Future Of Humanity

Andrew Ponec sold his first startup after just four years. Now he has raised $80M to tackle climate change in a $100B a year industry. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Ponec talked about walking through purgatory to find product market fit, raising big money for a pre-revenue startup, decarbonization, dropping out of school to launch your first startup, and taking your company full cycle through an acquisition.

This Entrepreneur Raised $61 Million To Create The First Challenger Bank For Enterprises

Rafael Stark is now on his second tech startup. This time around, he has already raised tens of millions of dollars from the likes of Jeff Bezos, and business leaders from Slack and Coinbase. On the Dealmakers Show, we talked about building on the hard times, balancing growth and profitability, the real metrics of startup success, fundraising and dilution.

What Is Financial Modeling?

What is financial modeling all about? How is financial modeling applicable to new startups and seasoned businesses? What should you be modeling as an entrepreneur and CEO?

He Sold A Startup That Protects The Value Of Food For $200 Million

Ryan Begin recently exited his startup to a private equity firm for $200M. A venture that’s all about diverting what would be wasted food. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Begin shared his venture into renewable energy, talking about the issue of food waste versus wasted food, and how he achieved a great exit, even after getting rejected by every business school he applied to. Plus, his thoughts on resisting taking outside capital, how to know when you are ready to scale, and navigating acquisitions.

How Do You Describe A Technology Platform In A Pitch Deck?

How do you describe a technology platform in a pitch deck? What’s the best way to describe your tech startup when fundraising? Technology platforms have been among some of the biggest startup successes. They have raised huge amounts of capital. They can also be more complex to explain and to raise funding for.

This Entrepreneur Raised $500 Million To Make Apps That Serve 500 Million Users

Luca Ferrari is the CEO and co-founder of Bending Spoons—a technology platform that specializes in giving birth to and scaling digital products and AI startups. He has raised $500 million between secondary sales and debt. On the Dealmakers Show, Ferrari talks about folding your company and rolling the money into a new venture. Both bootstrapping and raising funding, and the difference between primary and secondary equity. Plus, what you get when Google makes a baby with Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway.

Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template

What is the Sequoia Capital pitch deck template? What are Sequoia Capital’s recommendations for creating a pitch deck? What does well known VC Sequoia Capital pitch deck template look like? How do you utilize their format to create a deck of your own that you can go out fundraising with?

Things To Think Before Hiring An M&A Advisor

What are the things to think before hiring an M&A advisor? What are some of the key questions that founders should be asking themselves before hiring an M&A advisor? Selling and exiting a business, or even merging it with another parent company, is a big deal. Even for the majority of successful entrepreneurs, it is an event that only comes along once in a lifetime. Though, for a few, it can be the beginning of a very virtuous cycle in which they create a system for building and selling companies.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Protect Data With 100% Accuracy

Gary LaFever has been involved in the launch and exit of several startups already. Now he is tackling an even bolder venture with a big data startup that has already attracted tens of millions of dollars in investment. On the Dealmakers Show, LaFever talked about setting big hairy audacious goals, thinking forward and doing the crazy and impossible things, and raising capital for them. Plus, the future of data, ideas versus timing versus technology, and selling your company.

How To Create A Competitive Analysis In Your Pitch Deck

How to create a competitive analysis in your pitch deck? In other words, how do you create and show your competition in a pitch deck There are other entrepreneurs and companies with similar ideas, and working on this problem out there somewhere. If you are successful in proving this market, and growing your company, even more entrepreneurs and large incumbents will become interested in this space.

This Entrepreneur Raised $110 Million To Make Crypto Green

Thomas Puskas is now on his third startup. A clean energy company that is using tokenization to ensure we have plenty of fresh air to breathe. On the Dealmakers Show, Puskas shared how he moved into the renewable energy space, has been using tokenization to raise capital for his latest of three startups, and where he sees the future going.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Bring Healthcare Home

Vijay Kedar has gone from being an investor to the founder of his own health tech startup. His venture has attracted the backing of some of the most respected investors, while raising $100M over the past five years. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Kedar shared how healthcare is shifting to the home, how the tech and infrastructure to enable that is changing, and what it is that separates great companies from simply good ones.

This Entrepreneur Raised $60 Million To Create The New Infrastructure Of Fintech

After leading several businesses through to successful exits, Gaston Irigoyen has already raised $60M for a new company, in less than two years. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Irigoyen talked about the process of selling your business, startup fundraising, business ideas, and how his new venture is building the infrastructure to enable others to expand and scale their businesses.

What To List Under Solution In A Pitch Deck

What to list under solution in a pitch deck? How do you convey your solution to investors in a pitch deck? For most entrepreneurs, the solution is the big focus of their pitch decks. So, getting this slide right can be paramount to your startup’s success.

How To Explain The Founder Personality In A Pitch Deck

How to explain the founder personality in a pitch deck? In other words, how do you convey your startup’s cofounder personalities when pitching investors? The personalities of the founders of a startup can be absolutely pivotal. This can apply to all types of factors in business.

This Entrepreneur Raised $650 Million To Reduce Dependence On Petroleum

John Bissell is going even further than carbon neutral, by pioneering carbon-negative materials to help combat climate change on a large scale. On the Dealmakers Show, Bissell talked about taking on this multi-trillion dollar industry, the truth about recycling, raising capital, and managing a public versus private company. Plus, how they are growing at $1B each quarter, and how to get a job with them.

Where To Find The Best Pitch Deck Template

Where to find the best pitch deck template? What is the best pitch deck template to use to raise funds for your startup? Using an existing pitch deck template can be one of the best hacks for creating a winning deck that leads to getting funded. So, where do you find a great template?

This Entrepreneur Raised $72 Million To Make Manufacturing Autonomous

Theo Saville has a vision of the world in which one-click manufacturing is the new normal. His startup has already raised tens of millions of dollars to make that happen. On the Dealmakers Show Saville shared his passion for disrupting the manufacturing process, the only three things you should be focusing on as a founding CEO, and the fundraising journey his company has been on. Including the many sources of capital available for startups, who still writes checks in a crisis, and how long it takes to raise money from different types of investors. Plus, how his company plans to add 50% more team members, and what he’s looking for if you want to get hired.

Elements Of A Smart Business Goal

What are the elements of a smart business goal? You aren’t going to get very far in life or business without goals. Of course, like business ideas, goals can be plentiful and don’t always lead to great success.

This Entrepreneur Raised Over $300 Million To Reinvent The Business Internet Experience

Tim Creswick, CEO of internet service provider Vorboss, has already raised hundreds of millions of pounds to help unlock more economic and business growth potential in one of the world’s most popular financial capitals. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast Creswick talked about hiring for startups, bootstrapping your business, long side hustles, and the […]

How To Start Off A Good Pitch Deck

How to start off a good pitch deck? First impressions are everything. When it comes to pitching investors for funding your startup, it is critical to start off well. How do you lead in with a strong cover slide to your pitch deck? How do you begin well with your verbal introduction when pitching investors live? How do you continue to keep up a good flow through your pitch to convert prospective investors into partners and dollars?

How Do You Protect Your Pitch Deck?

How do you protect your pitch deck? Particularly, how can you protect your startup’s pitch deck when you are sharing it with others? Aspiring startup entrepreneurs often worry about protecting their information. Especially when it comes to sharing their pitch decks. Some even work away in secret for years, in what they call ‘stealth mode.'

This Entrepreneur Built A $1.7 Billion Business By Empowering YouTube Creators

Aaron DeBevoise took his first two companies full cycle through an exit. He’s now building something even bigger, with a startup that has already been valued at $1.5B. On the Dealmakers Podcast, DeBevoise talked about enduring 200-plus pitches for a series A round, before successfully selling the company. Plus, raising over $1B, and the superpower you want as an entrepreneur.

How To Present The Strategy On A Pitch Deck

How to present the strategy on a pitch deck? In other words, what’s the best way to show investors your strategy in your startup’s pitch deck? Strategy is one of the main differentiators that startups have. Not only from incumbents in the industry, but also from other startups vying for funding, and to get the best investors on board.

How Many Charts Do You Need To Include In A Pitch Deck?

How many charts do you need to include in a pitch deck? Visuals are an incredibly important part of any successful pitch deck. Charts are certainly some of the most important visuals that you will include in your deck when fundraising for your startup. So, how many charts should you plan to include in your pitch deck? What types of charts do you need? How do you ensure that they are effective in helping run an efficient and successful fundraising process?

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Help Other Businesses Innovate Faster

Sagi Rodin took his passion for technology and value creation to launch his own startup that is growing fast in its mission to enable others to innovate better and faster. On the Dealmakers Show, Rodin talked about hiring your first team members, choosing your investors well, starting out in a crisis, expanding internationally, and raising $70M for his startup, Frontegg.

This Entrepreneur Raised $230 Million To Help You Capture The Sun’s Power And Produce Your Own Energy

Erik Martinson’s solar startup has now raised well over $200M. With big plans to continue to scale beyond their current footholds in Europe. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Martinson shared his insights on cleantech trends, bootstrapping and fundraising, how to deal with supply chain issues, changing regulations, and crises. Plus, the pain of layoffs, how they plan to add 4,000 new employees to their team, and his top advice for others starting a business.

How To Format A Pitch Deck

How to format a pitch deck? What is the right way to execute the formatting? Getting the format of your pitch deck right is just as, if not even more important, than the content on your slides, all the details of your startup, and the investment opportunity.

How To Forecast Sales For Your Business

How to forecast sales for your business? Forecasting sales is an integral part of operating any form of business. You can’t expect to keep operating without knowing your sales forecasts or how to reach your goals.

This Entrepreneur Raised $160 Million To End Beverage Containers

Sean Grundy’s startup is on a mission to have a big impact on the environment and beverage industry. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Grundy shared his experiences with for-profit versus nonprofit organizations, testing pricing, and product-market fit, and converting investors into capital. Plus, why not to wait to launch your startup.

How To Forward A Pitch Deck To An Investor After The Introduction

How to forward a pitch deck to an investor after the introduction? In other words, what’s the best way to send your pitch deck to investors after you’ve been introduced? Introductions to investors remain one of the best ways to run an efficient and successful startup fundraising campaign. Getting those vital introductions can make all the difference in getting funding, putting it in the bank on time, and finding investors that fit your needs.

This Entrepreneur Raised $170 Million To Create The Farm Of The Future

Craig Hurlbert has been involved in the launch, capitalization, and exit of a number of companies. His most recent venture raised almost $200M before going public in just around three years in business. On the Dealmakers Show, Hurlbert shared his learnings from operating on both sides of the table, how to reverse engineer your business and exit, the four pools of capital for your startup, and the big project he is working on now.

Executive Summary Of The Pitch Deck

How do you create an effective executive summary of the pitch deck? Did you even know that your pitch deck should have an executive summary? Some top entrepreneurs, startup advisors, and dealmakers recommend it. It could be the one piece of the puzzle that you are missing in order to get more investors to say yes and get your next round of funding in the bank.

How To Show Growth In A Pitch Deck

How to show growth in a pitch deck for your startup? Growth is one of the most important metrics in a pitch deck and fundraising campaign. It is one of the most important data points for internal teams and founding entrepreneurs themselves too.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Elevate Your Beauty And Wellness Salon Experience

Matt Danna went from product manager to founder and raised $100M for his software startup.During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Danna shared how going into product management prepared him for entrepreneurship, the pros and cons of bootstrapping your startup, his thoughts on picking the right investors, building a vertical software business, and surviving and thriving through economic crises.

This Entrepreneur Raised $460 Million To Disrupt Mail And Sports Cards At The Same Time

Leore Avidar is now on his fourth startup. He currently runs two fast-growing companies that he has raised $100M or more, for each. On the Dealmakers Show, Avidar shared how early failures are critical to getting under your belt to succeed later. Plus, the only five things you should be doing as an early-stage startup, the most important questions to ask when hiring for your startup, and the three things you should be focusing your time on as a founding CEO.

What Is A Mission Statement?

Mission statements have long been a foundational and key element of businesses. That certainly hasn’t changed and is unlikely ever to do so. This is a core part of every startup business. One which will determine the customers you are able to win and keep, perhaps where you can do business, the talent that will join your team and how much they are willing to work for, your fundraising capabilities, and the investors you can attract.

What To Include In The Forecast Slide Of A Startup Pitch Deck?

What to include in the forecast slide of a startup pitch deck? The forecast slide is one of the most powerful in a startup pitch deck. It can be the bulk of your pitch as an early-stage startup. At every stage, it is how you show the vision, potential, and attractive financial rewards for potential investors. It is certainly pivotal in creating the needed sense of urgency required to get your audience to take action.

This Entrepreneur Raised $74 Million To Outfit You For The New Virtual World

Timmu Toke started his first business at 20 years old while still in business school. He has since raised over $70M for his avatar startup. On the Dealmakers Show, Toke shared his journey of iterating to find product market fit. Including his tips for running a startup with multiple cofounders, where to headquarter your company, and running an efficient fundraising process.

Where To Put The Team Slide In A Pitch Deck

Where to put the team slide in a pitch deck for your startup? The team slide is one of the most important and pivotal slides in any pitch deck. Its placement is incredibly vital to get right. So is understanding what investors are looking for in a team from their perspective. As well as exactly what should go on your team slides, and not. Plus, how to augment and make up for a weaker team when you try to pitch investors. Or how to strengthen and improve the appeal of your team to startup investors.

This Entrepreneur Raised Nearly $100 Million To Help You Take Control Of All Your Devices And Appliances

Sreevathsa Prabhakar bootstrapped his first startup through selling his company for $20M in cash. Now he has raised nearly $100M for a global customer care and after sales business. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show Prabhakar talked us through his journey, including when what seems unlucky takes you where you need to be and turns out good. Plus, the two mindsets of bootstrapping versus raising VC money, and building a recession proof career and business. 

What Is Needed For The Financials Portion Of A Pitch Deck?

What is needed for the financials portion of a pitch deck? What do you need to include? The financials slide is one that investors will spend the most time viewing in a pitch deck. In fact, at least 10% of the total time they will spend on your pitch deck may be on a single financials slide.

This Serial Entrepreneur Raised $60 Million To Get Your Health Questions Answered

Matteo Berlucchi has started and exited four startups already. Now he has raised $60M for what may be his biggest venture of all. On the Dealmakers Show, Berlucchi shared his journey of launching and selling a variety of companies. Including using a startup to stop a war, the biggest determinants for startup success, and the only two things you may really control as a startup entrepreneur. Plus, AI and self-service healthcare.

How Do We Make Money Slide In A Pitch Deck

How do we make money slide in a pitch deck? Where does the how we make money go in your pitch deck? What should be on it? Showing potential investors how you make money is one of the most important parts of your pitch. Unless this is a charity, no matter how noble your mission and desired impact, or how much investors like you as people, this is a financial decision. If this is a business, it is about making money.

The Why Now Slide In A Pitch Deck

What is the why now slide in a pitch deck? The why now is one of the most important parts of any pitch to investors. How can you best convey it in your pitch deck to raise the funding and support to fully capitalize on the potential your startup has? Nailing this one factor is key to closing any form of sale. Including your end customers, bringing in co-founders, advisors, and key hires. As well as closing investors to fund your business and provide other valuable support.

This Entrepreneur Raised $170 Million To Improve Decisions Around Conservation And Security On Earth

Payam Banazadeh fell in love with space at a young age. He has since worked for NASA and has now launched his own space startup that has attracted over $170M in capital from investors. On the Dealmakers Show, Banazadeh shared his fundraising experiences, how his company is creating and managing big data from space, and his take on your team as your superpower. As well as his company's plans to hire a lot of additional people over the coming months.

How Many Words Should Be In A Pitch Deck?

How many words should be in a pitch deck for a fundraising startup? Words are incredibly powerful. Even more so when it comes to sales and starting a company. That can apply to everything from your branding, company, name, email address, and slogan, to your ad copy, mission and values statements, and investor updates. It is especially vital when you are fundraising for new capital and financing. Where your pitch deck and the words it contains are all important to get the funding your venture requires.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Streamline The Property Transaction Process

Dayu Dara Permata turned her early frustration with the real estate experience into the largest property platform in Southeast Asia. During her appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Permata talked about the chicken and the egg of engineering and business, intrapreneurship as a way to learn entrepreneurship, and gain the confidence to take the leap, the 5 Ps of venture building, launching your business in a time of crisis, and diversifying funding to get through the tech winter.

How Much Cash Is Needed For Startup Costs?

How much cash is needed for startup costs? In other words, how much money do you really need for a startup? Can you afford to start a business of your own? How much do you need to raise or borrow? What’s a reasonable amount to ask investors for? These are all important questions that aspiring entrepreneurs should be asking themselves. You certainly don’t want to dive in and quickly run out of money. That can be incredibly discouraging and won’t serve those you want to help at all.

This Entrepreneur Raised $170 Million To Help Students Fund Their Education

Tess Michaels has found her way to have a big impact on the world around her by creating new financing solutions for students. During her appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, she provided some incredible insights on how to build a successful startup that scales. Including, honing your business idea, raising debt versus equity funding, plotting your product roadmap, and finding the right go-to-market channels for building a sound, sustainable and scalable business model.

What Is The CAC In A Pitch Deck?

Wondering what is the CAC in a pitch deck for your startup? This is one of the most important factors and metrics for your company, and when pitching potential investors for your startup. It is vital that you know what your CAC is, how to pitch it, the questions that angel investors and VCs will ask you, and how it all fits together.

This Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur Raised $130 Million To Help Brands Sell More Online

Alexandre de Vigan started out as a lawyer helping to manage M&A transactions before leaping into the fray with his own startup. On the Dealmakers Show, he shared his big lessons from working in mergers and acquisitions and what it is really like to become a founder. Including fundraising, and the journey to finding product market fit. Plus, his take on marketing tech, and the future of merchandising.

What Does Traction Mean In A Pitch Deck?

What does traction mean in a pitch deck? In other words, what is traction in startup fundraising? Traction is a very important part of fundraising and startup pitch decks. Perhaps even more critical than your business idea, who you are, and the technology you’ve built. If you want to get funded, or raise another round of financing, then it is vital to know what investor expectations are of traction. As well as where to put it in your pitch deck, and how to show it.

This Entrepreneur Raised $85 Million To Help Anyone Concerned About Their Mental Health

Corbin Petro has already raised close to $100M to fund her startup venture that is changing the US healthcare system. On the Dealmakers Show, Petro shared how she switched from the public to the private sector and has been pushing for change in healthcare in the United States. Including rethinking substance abuse and mental health services. Plus, how to raise money from strategic investors, and restructure your board.

This Entrepreneur Raised $60 Million To Help People Around the World Become Fluent In English

Sameer Shariff launched a startup to make a big impact in the lives of 1.5B people that are dealing with the same challenge. On the journey, they’ve already raised $60M and built an international presence. On the Dealmakers Show, Shariff shared lessons from working at Google, as well as bootstrapping, startup accelerators, and raising money. Plus, balancing building a cash flow positive business with scaling, building a global, yet localized and decentralized business, and the value of learning English.

How VCs And Investors Read A Pitch Deck

How VCs and investors read a pitch deck? When you think about it, this is probably the single most important question that startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs should be asking. Well before considering any design ideas, bullet pointing out a framework for slides, or practicing a verbal pitch.

How To Show Your Competition In A Pitch Deck

How to show your competition in a pitch deck? In other words, what’s the best way to show your competition in your pitch deck? Showing your competition is one of the core components of creating a pitch deck, and making any pitch to startup investors.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To Make Your Travel Experience Even Better

Noam Toister has raised tens of millions of dollars on his journey to improve the travel experience worldwide. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Toister shared how he took his company through various rounds, how to know when you have a good business idea, the difference between a lifestyle business and a true startup, and his thoughts on choosing partners. Plus how to grow your venture through crises.

How To Present Your Projections To Investors

How to present your projections to investors? In other words, what is the best way to present your projections when pitching startup investors? Almost no matter what stage your startup is at, projections of what you anticipate to happen and be able to achieve in the future are a huge piece of the fundraising puzzle. It will be absolutely key to opening investors’ vaults and accessing the capital to make your vision a reality.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Transform The Planet’s Agriculture

Agam Khare is on a huge mission to solve some of the largest challenges that humanity faces. They’ve already made great progress, and have raised $100M on the journey so far. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Khare talked about college startups, infinite clarity, fundraising, hiring and doing the best work of your life.

Formula For Break-Even Analysis

What is the formula for break-even analysis? Every business operates to fulfill one common goal, and that is to generate profit. However, before a company can start being profitable, it has to cover all the costs. The point where a company's cost and revenue reach equilibrium is called the break-even point.

How To Read A Term Sheet?

How to read a term sheet? Every business transaction comes with a set of terms and conditions that are agreed upon by both parties. Since startup funding is one of the most important transactions, especially for startups, there should be no surprise that it comes with a set of terms as well.

This Entrepreneur Raised Over $450 Million To Deliver Virtual Chronic Care Solutions

Sean Duffy has already raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his enterprise health company that is blending technology and medicine together. On the Dealmakers Show, Duffy talked about providing virtual care, innovating in the rigid and highly regulated US healthcare system, making sales at the enterprise level, managing boards, and leadership.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Make Crypto Safer And More Convenient To Use

Joshua Goldbard is on a mission to make crypto easier, more secure, and more efficient to use for everyone. His startup has already made important contributions to this venture, as well as finding a skill for great timing. On the Dealmakers Show, Goldbard shared how he went from a high school dropout who doesn’t code, to running a hedge fund and starting a well-funded crypto company. Plus, we talk about timing markets, the crypto winter, the value of simplicity, a $1.5M lunch, and how startup funding has changed in the past few years.

How To Go About Corporate Venture Investors

How can startups leverage corporate venture investors to fund their startups? Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is becoming an increasingly significant part of, and force in the startup ecosystem. It is a source of financing that can come with many other benefits as well.

How To Represent Financials In A Pitch Deck

How to represent financials in a pitch deck? Financial slides are the ones that investors spend the most time viewing when it comes to pitch decks. They can easily make or break your fundraising efforts. As well as determining how much you are able to raise, from whom, and on what terms.

This Entrepreneur Raised $109 Million To Help Businesses Communicate With Their Customers

Pieter de Villiers operates and innovates at the intersection between communications and commerce. Where he has been creating a world in which we never have to suffer with being left on hold by a brand again. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, this entrepreneur shared his vision of commerce through chat at scale, what has and hasn't changed in fundraising, how to fund life cycles, the impact on technology adoption, and how it relates to economic cycles.

This Entrepreneur Raised $50 Million To Build The Future Of Wireless

Doug Kirkpatrick has already raised tens of millions of dollars for his technology startup, which is transforming our wireless infrastructure in a more sustainable and connected way. One the Dealmakers Show, Kirkpatrick talked about connecting the parts to create innovative new solutions that push things forward. Including seeing the world through new lenses, being on both sides of the table as a founder and funder of startups, and the future of connecting the world.

What Kind Of Returns To Expect As A Successful Founder

What kind of returns to expect as a successful startup founder? There are many reasons to get involved in or launch a startup. Financial gain can certainly be a big one. It is definitely hard to ignore the headlines of so many entrepreneurs raising enormous amounts of funding and rapidly building billion-dollar businesses.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Drive More Women Into Positions Of Power

Carolyn Childers’ startup venture is on a mission to get more women into senior executive positions and keep them there. She’s already found the backing of over $140M to make that happen. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Childers shared how her career evolved from investment banking to corporate to startups. Plus, how she’s built a nationwide professional network and has navigated through a Series B funding round.

Pitfalls Of Non-Dilutive Capital For Startups

What are the pitfalls of non-dilutive capital for startups and their founding entrepreneurs? There are many ways to fund a startup. Two of the main categories of funding are dilutive and dilutive capital. Each has its benefits and potential detractors. So, how do these capital sources differ? What falls under their umbrella? What are the perks and pitfalls of each? How do you get the money?

How To Think About Startup Dilution

How to think about startup dilution? In other words, how should startup entrepreneurs think about dilution? Dilution is a factor that is often overlooked by new entrepreneurs. Yet, it can have an immense impact on the journey, and certainly the ultimate outcome and exit.

This Entrepreneur Raised $120 Million To Simplify Signing Up For Insurance Policies

Eric Mignot has built an impressive and profitable business by doing what others wouldn’t or couldn’t. Not only has that meant billions in revenues, but acquiring many other companies along the way too. On the Dealmakers Show, Mignot talked about finding global opportunities, developing the adaptability to capitalize on them, using M&A for growth, and mastering integration and insurtech. Plus, why keeping your business idea secret is a newbie mistake you should avoid.

How Investors Interpret Startup KPIs

Are you fundraising for your startup? Here are the KPIs you need to know. This information will help you understand better how investors interpret startup KPIs. Your startup’s KPIs are core to the ability to raise capital. They are the criteria that investors will be evaluating your pitch and company on.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To Create Our Infrastructure In Space

Mina Mitry has become a great example of what it means to think big and follow through on it. His space startup has already raised tens of millions of dollars on its mission to build essential infrastructure in space. On the Dealmakers Show, Mitry talked about fundraising for an infrastructure business, who to hire as a startup, the future of communications, and how the venture capital and space ecosystem has changed in recent years.

Active Startup Investors Vs. Passive Startup Investors

How to make the distinction between active startup investors vs. passive startup investors? Are passive or active startup investors best for your venture? How do you reach them? There are many types of investors and sources of capital that participate in startups today. One of the big differences is whether those investors will be active or passive.