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This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Transform The Planet’s Agriculture

Agam Khare is on a huge mission to solve some of the largest challenges that humanity faces. They’ve already made great progress, and have raised $100M on the journey so far. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Khare talked about college startups, infinite clarity, fundraising, hiring and doing the best work of your life.

Formula For Break-Even Analysis

What is the formula for break-even analysis? Every business operates to fulfill one common goal, and that is to generate profit. However, before a company can start being profitable, it has to cover all the costs. The point where a company's cost and revenue reach equilibrium is called the break-even point.

How To Read A Term Sheet?

How to read a term sheet? Every business transaction comes with a set of terms and conditions that are agreed upon by both parties. Since startup funding is one of the most important transactions, especially for startups, there should be no surprise that it comes with a set of terms as well.

This Entrepreneur Raised Over $450 Million To Deliver Virtual Chronic Care Solutions

Sean Duffy has already raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his enterprise health company that is blending technology and medicine together. On the Dealmakers Show, Duffy talked about providing virtual care, innovating in the rigid and highly regulated US healthcare system, making sales at the enterprise level, managing boards, and leadership.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Make Crypto Safer And More Convenient To Use

Joshua Goldbard is on a mission to make crypto easier, more secure, and more efficient to use for everyone. His startup has already made important contributions to this venture, as well as finding a skill for great timing. On the Dealmakers Show, Goldbard shared how he went from a high school dropout who doesn’t code, to running a hedge fund and starting a well-funded crypto company. Plus, we talk about timing markets, the crypto winter, the value of simplicity, a $1.5M lunch, and how startup funding has changed in the past few years.

How To Go About Corporate Venture Investors

How can startups leverage corporate venture investors to fund their startups? Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is becoming an increasingly significant part of, and force in the startup ecosystem. It is a source of financing that can come with many other benefits as well.

How To Represent Financials In A Pitch Deck

How to represent financials in a pitch deck? Financial slides are the ones that investors spend the most time viewing when it comes to pitch decks. They can easily make or break your fundraising efforts. As well as determining how much you are able to raise, from whom, and on what terms.

This Entrepreneur Raised $109 Million To Help Businesses Communicate With Their Customers

Pieter de Villiers operates and innovates at the intersection between communications and commerce. Where he has been creating a world in which we never have to suffer with being left on hold by a brand again. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, this entrepreneur shared his vision of commerce through chat at scale, what has and hasn't changed in fundraising, how to fund life cycles, the impact on technology adoption, and how it relates to economic cycles.

This Entrepreneur Raised $50 Million To Build The Future Of Wireless

Doug Kirkpatrick has already raised tens of millions of dollars for his technology startup, which is transforming our wireless infrastructure in a more sustainable and connected way. One the Dealmakers Show, Kirkpatrick talked about connecting the parts to create innovative new solutions that push things forward. Including seeing the world through new lenses, being on both sides of the table as a founder and funder of startups, and the future of connecting the world.

What Kind Of Returns To Expect As A Successful Founder

What kind of returns to expect as a successful startup founder? There are many reasons to get involved in or launch a startup. Financial gain can certainly be a big one. It is definitely hard to ignore the headlines of so many entrepreneurs raising enormous amounts of funding and rapidly building billion-dollar businesses.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Drive More Women Into Positions Of Power

Carolyn Childers’ startup venture is on a mission to get more women into senior executive positions and keep them there. She’s already found the backing of over $140M to make that happen. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Childers shared how her career evolved from investment banking to corporate to startups. Plus, how she’s built a nationwide professional network and has navigated through a Series B funding round.

Pitfalls Of Non-Dilutive Capital For Startups

What are the pitfalls of non-dilutive capital for startups and their founding entrepreneurs? There are many ways to fund a startup. Two of the main categories of funding are dilutive and dilutive capital. Each has its benefits and potential detractors. So, how do these capital sources differ? What falls under their umbrella? What are the perks and pitfalls of each? How do you get the money?

How To Think About Startup Dilution

How to think about startup dilution? In other words, how should startup entrepreneurs think about dilution? Dilution is a factor that is often overlooked by new entrepreneurs. Yet, it can have an immense impact on the journey, and certainly the ultimate outcome and exit.

This Entrepreneur Raised $120 Million To Simplify Signing Up For Insurance Policies

Eric Mignot has built an impressive and profitable business by doing what others wouldn’t or couldn’t. Not only has that meant billions in revenues, but acquiring many other companies along the way too. On the Dealmakers Show, Mignot talked about finding global opportunities, developing the adaptability to capitalize on them, using M&A for growth, and mastering integration and insurtech. Plus, why keeping your business idea secret is a newbie mistake you should avoid.

How Investors Interpret Startup KPIs

Are you fundraising for your startup? Here are the KPIs you need to know. This information will help you understand better how investors interpret startup KPIs. Your startup’s KPIs are core to the ability to raise capital. They are the criteria that investors will be evaluating your pitch and company on.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To Create Our Infrastructure In Space

Mina Mitry has become a great example of what it means to think big and follow through on it. His space startup has already raised tens of millions of dollars on its mission to build essential infrastructure in space. On the Dealmakers Show, Mitry talked about fundraising for an infrastructure business, who to hire as a startup, the future of communications, and how the venture capital and space ecosystem has changed in recent years.

Active Startup Investors Vs. Passive Startup Investors

How to make the distinction between active startup investors vs. passive startup investors? Are passive or active startup investors best for your venture? How do you reach them? There are many types of investors and sources of capital that participate in startups today. One of the big differences is whether those investors will be active or passive.

How To Build A Data Room For Investors

How to build a data room for investors in your startup? You may have been hustling away at building your product, finding customers, creating a pitch deck, and networking. Though, if you haven’t created your data room yet, you are not ready for a fundraising campaign.

How To Build Trust With Startup Investors

How to build trust with startup investors? Trust is one of, if not the most important factor, when it comes to getting funding for your startup. So, how do you build that trust with your investors?

This Intrapreneur Got The Backing From A $102 Billion Company To Empower SaaS Startups

Romain Gauthier is using intrapreneurship and the backing of a $107B multinational software powerhouse to fuel the next-generation hypergrowth companies. On the Dealmakers Show, Gauthier shared his journey, and mission to help create the biggest companies of tomorrow. Including balancing innovation with best practices, new ways to think about B2B and customer relationships, and team building.

How To Create A Fundable Pitch Deck

How to create a fundable pitch deck for your startup? Not every startup business is fundable. Most pitch decks and pitches do not get funded by investors. In fact, fewer than 1% of pitch decks may bring in any funding.

How To Filter Startup Investors

How to filter startup investors? How should founders filter startup investors for their funding rounds? From the outside, it may appear that startup fundraising is just all about bringing in money, however, and from wherever it can be found. Experienced and savvy entrepreneurs and founders know that who they choose and allow as investors in their businesses can be far more important than the money.

How To Get Private Funding For Your Startup

How to get private funding for your startup business? Your startup needs funds to go live, survive, and continue to thrive. Private funding of one type or another is probably where much of your financial fuel will come from. So, how do you get it? Where does it come from? What will it take to raise it, and how is that different from public funding?

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Pioneer Deep Brain Stimulation

Andre Mercanzini has now raised $70M for his important healthcare startup. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Mercanzini shared his extensive startup journey. Including managing the failure of strategic partners and exits. As well as spinoffs, the extra challenges facing technical founders, and fundraising for health tech startups.

How To Structure Your Pitch Deck

How to structure your pitch deck? In other words, what’s the right way to structure your pitch deck? Your pitch deck is the vanguard and heart of your fundraising efforts. It will make or break your campaign and have a huge impact on your overall business success.

Typical Questions Investors Will Ask Entrepreneurs

What are the typical questions investors will ask entrepreneurs? What investor questions do you need to be prepared to answer when you are raising money for your startup? It is one thing to put on a bold presentation or to create a beautiful pitch deck. Yet, it can be quite another to be able to ensure that holds up to investor scrutiny and to check all of their boxes and investment criteria.

How To Write Fundraising Materials

How to write fundraising materials? In other words, how do you write your fundraising materials to ensure your next round is a success? Fundraising is one of the most crucial parts of launching and managing a startup. Without the money to get started, and continue to grow, not much else may matter. Yet, this is also one area in which most entrepreneurs have the least experience.

This Entrepreneur Raised $150 Million To Create A Digitized Economy

Anton Katz has gone from Olympic shooter to becoming an instrumental coder who has been creating the framework for the new global digital economy. On the Dealmakers Show, Katz walked us through his journey from learning to code without a computer, to lessons from raising tens of millions of dollars in capital, to the advantages of building a company in a down market, and the future of trading digital assets.

He Sold His Startup To LinkedIn For $90 Million And Now Raised $80 Million To Combat Opioid Addiction

Ankit Gupta is a repeat entrepreneur who has not only built and scaled startups but who has been through the full cycle to an exit too. In his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Ankit Gupta shared his experiences with the audience. Including, launching successful college startups, why companies acquire startups, the art of gaining great mentors, and picking your investors at each stage of fundraising.

How To Sell Your App

How to sell your app? Thinking about selling an app business or app you’ve created? Selling your app and business could prove to be a very rewarding and profitable move. It can be a competitive space, but it is a strategy that has made other entrepreneurs and programmers very wealthy.

How To Prepare A Pitch For Investors

How to prepare a pitch for investors? How do you make sure you are best prepared to successfully pitch investors and bring in the capital your startup needs? Fundraising is an essential part of launching and managing a startup business. It is an art and science that frequently makes all the difference when it comes to which startups survive and dominate, and make the headlines versus those that don’t.

How To Attract Investment

How to attract investment for your startup business? Money and hustle are the fuel that your startup runs on. You only have so much time in the day to hustle. Capital and financing remain critical to keep the machine moving and give you something to hustle with and grow.

Angel Investors vs. Venture Capitalists

What is the difference between angel investors vs. venture capitalists? Angels and VCs are two of the most well-known funders of startups. How do they differ? What are their varying roles and investment criteria contrasted when it comes to funding? If these staples aren’t a good fit for your startup, with other sources of capital are there to consider, and how do you land them?

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Build The Future Of Immigration

Amir Hemmat pivoted careers and threw himself all in when he discovered social entrepreneurism. He has now built a sizable business around that, with the backing of some of the most notable international investors. On the Dealmakers Show, Hemmat talked about trading a traditional career for entrepreneurship, mission-focused startups, fundraising, onboarding immigrants, and the future of immigration.

How To Negotiate Your Valuation With Investors?

How to negotiate your valuation with investors? One of the biggest challenges startup founders will face during the process of building their business is raising investment. Getting funding is essential for startups out there because no startup can function or grow without enough funding to support its expenses.

This Entrepreneur Raised $65 Million To Upgrade Your Work From Home Set Up

Remote work now seems to be the dominant way to operate. A new era that isn’t going to go away. As many companies, from startups to international banks, grapple with the change, Chris Herd’s company is stepping up to help. On the Dealmakers Show, Herd shared how his earlier experiences in sports and work prepared him to run his own business. Plus, team building, hardware as a service, and copywriting as a fundraising superpower.

How To Find If A Startup Investor Is Evil Or A Felon

How to find if a startup investor is evil or a felon? Bringing in an investor to your startup is much like getting married. It may be even more important than that. You are locking into each other for what could be 10 or more years. You may even end up giving them substantial control over your company in the process.

This Entrepreneur Raised $50 Million To Modernize Sexual Harassment Training

After selling her first startup, Roxanne Bras has raised $50M for her most recent venture. On the Dealmakers Show, Roxanne shared how her earlier experiences helped innoculate her from the challenges of entrepreneurship, what the transition from founder to CEO is like, and the fun she has had fundraising, including signing term sheets while in labor.

How Many Sources Can I Add To One Pitch Deck Slide?

How many sources can I add to one pitch deck slide? Pitch decks will make or break your startup. They can single-handedly determine whether you’ll get the funding and other support your startup needs to succeed. It is a delicate design exercise, which pits you against thousands of others competing for the same investors.

He Went From Flying In War Zones To Raising $440 Million To Electrify Mobility

Rick Luebbe is a great inspiration for those that have been thinking of launching their own startup but haven’t just taken off and flown into the midst of it yet. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Luebbe shared his experiences of putting the fear of falling at business in perspective, launching multiple startups, going through pivots and spin-offs, raising $440M in funding, and creating the future of electric travel.

How To Put A Financial Forecast?

How to put a financial forecast? Managing a business is never an exact science, and business owners constantly have to make tweaks to their operations in order to make it grow and succeed. The best business decisions are those that are based on facts and data. Therefore, if you are trying to predict the future performance of your business, you need to create a financial forecast.

This Entrepreneur Raised $1 Billion To Provide Financial Solutions For The Underserved

Tarek El Sherif took the bold step of not only launching his own startup, but also moving to a whole new country to do it. On the Dealmakers Show, El Sherif walked us through his experiences in investment banking, the current consolidation of fintech companies, developing fundraising strategy as you progress through new rounds, and how startups have changed from being disruptors to enablers.

Business Plan Writers And Consultants

Enrolling the help of business plan writers and consultants can be an essential part of successfully launching, funding, and growing a new startup business. There may also be times when you need to completely revamp your plans as you pivot and plot new stages of your business journey.

How To Read A P&L Statement

How to read a P&L? There are two key ways a business can generate profits, one is by reducing the amount of money it loses in the form of costs and spending, and the other is by generating more revenue through sales. So in order to understand whether your business is profitable or not, it is essential that you know how to read your company’s profit and loss statement or ‘P&L’.

This Entrepreneur Raised $60 Million To Create The Air Traffic Control For Ground Transportation

Anshu Prasad has already raised tens of millions of dollars for his tech startup that is working to transform the dynamics of the transportation industry. On the Dealmakers Podcast, Prasad shared his approach to accelerating your learning and understanding of startups and business building, finding product market fit, and how he’s helping big companies solve big problems. Plus, building a remote-first company.

How To Make The Ask In A Pitch Deck

How to make the ask in a pitch deck? Pitching is all about the ask. It is this whole point of creating a pitch deck, and presenting your pitch. So, how do you include your ask? There are a couple of ways to get to the amount of funding you are looking for from a specific investor. However, while you may be focused on, and be tempted to jump to the ask, it is important to understand that setting up the ask comes far before the last slide in your pitch deck. It is best set up before you even deliver your deck or verbal pitch.

This Entrepreneur Raised $200 Million To Help Companies Reduce Inefficiencies

When David Pennino finally achieved his goal of starting his own business his former employers were so scared of his success that they went to extreme lengths to stop him. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Pennino talked about what to invest in as a business, and not, the dangers of phantom equity, the value of mentors, and the crazy lengths your competition will go to if they fear you. Plus, the benefits of bringing in fresh investors and board members, as well as the increased profitability of fewer meetings.

How To Read A Cap Table?

How to read a cap table? Since it is not always easy to keep track of who owns what percentage of the business and even the total equity that has already been issued, it is important to have a document that records all the shares and shareholders of the company.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To Improve Your Access To Critical Financial Services

Boaz Yaari has brought a whole new investment product to the market with his bold fintech startup. A fast-growing venture that has already attracted close to $80M from notable investors. On the Dealmakers Show, Boaz Yaari shared his lessons on leading from the front, spotting super trends, and how early you should start preparing for your next fundraising round.

What Are Voting Rights?

What are voting rights? A company needs investors (who often become shareholders) to provide the financing needed to support its business. While shareholders do get financial benefits from their investment in a company, they also get certain voting rights that allow them to vote on the company's decisions.

How To Read Financial Projections

How to read financial projections? When you have a good financial projection, it can show you if the business has enough money coming in to support itself. There are several things that can be learned from reading the financial projection if it has been prepared correctly.

How Does Equity Work In A Startup?

How does equity work in a startup? Initially, the equity holder in a startup will mostly be a single founder or a team of founders that are responsible for the business idea. However, as time passes and your startup starts to grow, you may feel the need to increase the number of equity holders in the form of investors or future employees.

This Entrepreneur Raised $60 Million To Bring Consumers And Producers Closer In Retail

Since making the shift from law to entrepreneurship Constantinos Calios has raised tens of millions of dollars for his fast-growing European-based startup. On the Dealmakers Show, Calios shared why he made the shift to startups, the marketing channel he has used to spur rapid growth for his company, and the rollercoaster ride of having to restructure your cofounders, team, and investors that entrepreneurs often have to go through.

Reasons Why You Need A Pitch Deck

What are the reasons why you need a pitch deck? In order to get the funding you need to grow your business, you need to be able to convince investors that you're capable of making their investment worth it. This can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have any experience with pitching and selling your business.

This Entrepreneur Raised $75 Million To Help You Save Money At Your Doctor’s Appointment

Michael Botta has chosen to dedicate his life to taking on the broken US healthcare system. That has recently taken the form of a very fast-growing health tech startup that has already raised tens of millions of dollars from some pretty high-profile investors. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Botta walked us through his story of getting involved in healthcare. Including how business and health services have changed in the wake of pandemic lockdowns, and the strategy involved in building marketplace startups.

How To Pitch An Idea To Investors

How to pitch an idea to investors? Do you have a great business idea that you want to pitch to investors? If so, you must ensure that your presentation is well crafted and well rehearsed. You should ensure that you're not missing any key points or and that your presentation is polished and professional. Most importantly, you want to make sure that your idea gets funded, and the only way to do that is by convincing investors that they need what you've got.

Types Of Due Diligence

Due diligence is the term used to cover a wide variety of investigations during a business deal. There are many types of due diligence, including asset, legal, environmental, and even human resource-related investigations. In general, due diligence is an investigation conducted before closing a business transaction. Primarily conducted by the party that is financing or buying an asset or liability from the other one.

This Entrepreneur Raised $54 Million To Allow Anyone To Access Data Without Engineering Teams

Kashish Gupta has already raised tens of millions of dollars for his fast-growing data startup. In fact, they are hiring to keep scaling this year. On the Dealmakers Show, Kashish Gupta shared his experiences working on both sides of the table, going through pivots, and enjoying inbound pre-emptive rounds from investors. Plus, he provides his unique takes on selling, building a board, and what product-market fit should really look like.

Series B Funding: Everything Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Funding a startup doesn’t stop with the initial funding round. If a startup’s aim is to grow large and quickly, they need more financing rounds one after another to gather the funds they need to fuel it. When your startup has successfully raised money through series A financing, you can do a series B funding round to raise more funds.

This Entrepreneur Raised $70 Million To Help Develop Drugs More Ethically

Charles Fisher’s AI startup has attracted some significant capital as it works to speed up solutions for both pharma companies, and their patients. On the Dealmakers Show, Fisher shared how he made the leap from academia and corporate to entrepreneurship, what drove him to become an entrepreneur and his fundraising journey.

What Is A Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet is a statement of a company's financial condition. It is drawn up at the end of each accounting period, and while it is created by accountants in the finance department, it forms part of the annual report, which is distributed to all shareholders.

This Entrepreneur Raised $140 Million To Simplify Your Schedule

Matt Fairhurst has built a powerful business on deskless workforce technology. One which has proven global demand, and has attracted tens of millions of dollars in capital. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Fairhurst shared how being in a band prepared him for entrepreneurship, how to prove your startup concept and get money coming in fast, and more.

Private Investors: How To Find Them

Every entrepreneur should know what are private investors and how to find them. Finding an investment as a startup founder with little to no past experience in securing funding can be scary. Lenders such as banks do provide lives of credit and small business loans, however, they may not be keen to invest in a startup with no track record or proven revenues.

Best Crowdfunding Sites For Startups

Which are the best crowdfunding sites for startups? Crowdfunding has taken the world by storm and has provided capital for many types of businesses and ventures. The aim of a startup or small business is to find a way to grow their ideas, and crowdfunding sites have helped them to achieve that. It is one of the best ways that startups can find funding and raise awareness.

He Sold His College Startup To IBM And Now Raised $115 Million To Build A Secure Network

Avery Pennarun launched his first successful startup in college. He is now on his second tech startup, and investors have been more than eager to help fund it. On the Dealmakers Show, Pennarun talked about his common sense, but an unconventional way to sell your tech solutions, his fundraising strategies for good and tougher economic times, and his vision of the future of the internet.

How To Get A Startup Business Loan

How to get a startup business loan? The number one barrier for entrepreneurs trying to launch their new business is gathering the necessary funds. In fact, getting the funding is often much more difficult than launching the product itself. One of the most obvious ways to fund your startup is by getting a startup business loan from a lender.

This Entrepreneur Built A $1.7 Billion Business By Turning Your Data Into Action

Manish Sood has taken his idea for a startup to becoming a billion-dollar company. They are aiming to go even far larger than that. On the Dealmakers Show, Sood walked us through his journey of the emotional highs and lows of startup life. Including waiting four years to raise their Series A round, using the Rule of 40 for growth, and deciding the right time to shift from CEO to CTO of your own company.

This Entrepreneur Raised $59 Million To Provide A Path To Lower Incident Rates In A $8.2 Trillion Market

David Fontain has now raised almost $60M for his startups, in a huge industry that needs more help and innovation than ever. On the Dealmakers Show, Fontain shared how he stepped into startups and was inspired to launch his latest group of companies. Plus, using insurtech to create safer workplaces and insurance savings, and developing your fundraising strategy when you are taking on something big and complex.

How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

How to use LinkedIn to grow your business? Since its launch in 2003, Linkedin has become one of the most popular social media platforms around. Founded by Reid Hoffman, the company started out as a social network for professionals and quickly became one of the most popular sites on the internet. Today, Linkedin is used by over 500 million users worldwide and is an industry-standard for professional networking online. It's perfect for making connections and finding genuine common interests and building brands. It allows you to interact with important professionals and opportunities.

What Are The Key Metrics To Include In Your Pitch Deck

What are the key metrics to include in your pitch deck? It is only a matter of time before entrepreneurs find themselves needing to contact potential investors to secure funding for their new business. However, unless you are prepared to pitch your business or idea to investors properly, you might not be able to secure sufficient funding or any funding at all.

This Entrepreneur Raised $176 Million To Help You Cross The Atlantic In 90 Minutes

AJ Piplica has raised some serious money for his startup that could be a part of a new era of transportation and social interaction. On the Dealmakers Show, AJ Piplica shared what the hardest part of building a technology company really is. Plus, raising funding during tough times, and when you are almost running out of money. As well as the tremendous growth his company is enjoying as they continue to hire, while others are making layoffs.

How To Negotiate A Term Sheet?

How to negotiate a term sheet? With startup culture on the rise, more and more entrepreneurs and small businesses are seeking investment to either launch or grow their businesses. However, investors aren’t just going to give away their money for the sake of growing your business. Instead, they expect certain benefits in return for their investment.

He Sold His First Company To Google And Now Raised $119 Million To Simplify Paying People

Andrew Brown sold his first company to Google. He is now on his second startup. Which has already attracted substantial funding in its mission to simplify essential operational functions for small businesses. Brown recently appeared on the Dealmakers Show to share his journey from discovering tech to starting his first business, going through acquisitions, and navigating both fundraising and challenging times like COVID.

How Long Should Your Business Plan Be

How long should your business plan be? A business plan is a document that describes in detail the strategies and tactics of how to achieve your goals. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake that they don't need to write a business plan. However, writing a business plan can be very beneficial as it will improve your chances of financial success and may also help you receive financing from banks and investors.

The 10 Most Common Funding Sources

What are the 10 most common funding sources every entrepreneur should know about? Funding is critical to getting your startup off the ground. Competition is fierce, and investors are selective. So knowing the best ways to raise funding is a great place to start. Let’s look at the 10 most common funding sources to help you kickstart your new company.

When Is The Right Time To Pitch To Investors?

When is the right time to pitch to investors? Anyone who wants to start a business needs to learn how to pitch to investors. Despite their importance in raising funding for the startup, many founders fail to understand how to create fundraising decks and do not bother learning how to give pitches or build investor relationships until they have to. Irrelevant if you are a first-time startup owner or are raising Series B capital, we are here to help you in your fundraising approach and help show you the right time to pitch to investors.

She Raised $150 Million To Simplify Your Path To The Perfect Home

Nikki Pechet’s technology startup has now raised some serious capital through a Series C round. Even though she left her job and started pitching while pregnant. On the Dealmakers Show, Pechet shared her insights on brand affinity, taking on a trillion-dollar industry, closing funding rounds while having a baby, and the truth about what being a founder is like. Plus, how they are hiring for even more growth.

How To Start A Business In 5 Steps

How to start a business in 5 steps? Starting a business is an exciting opportunity. One which can also appear complicated with many different tasks on the surface. There are many things to consider from refining your idea, writing a business plan to assess your finances, and choosing your legal business structure. It can be daunting for first-time entrepreneurs. In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to do to start your own business.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To Bring Verified Data Into Existing Workflows

Tomer Kagan is now on his third startup. His latest venture has already raised tens of millions of dollars for a company that has helped us get through some of the deadliest disasters in recent years. On the Dealmakers Show, Kagan talked us through his learnings in the startup world, including the 2008 Great Recession and COVID. Plus, how he has navigated multiple funding rounds for his ventures.

Tomer Kagan On Raising $80 Million To Bring Verified Data Into Existing Workflows

Tomer Kagan is now on his third startup. His latest venture has already raised tens of millions of dollars for a company that has helped us get through some of the deadliest disasters in recent years. The company, Merit has attracted funding from top-tier investors like Bossanova Investimentos, Quiet Capital, GovTech Fund, and Collier Fund.

How Does A Pitch Deck Work

How does a pitch deck work? If you have an idea for a startup and need money to make it happen, writing a good pitch deck could be the most important part of your business plan. To be able to communicate, or pitch your vision to investors, your pitch deck is the first step in that process.

This Entrepreneur Raised A $120 Million Series B Round To Digitize A $500 Billion Industry

Lucas Martinez chose to compete in one of the biggest competitions out there. The quest to win at taking a $500B industry online. His startup just closed a new round of funding, with $120M more in capital to succeed. On the Dealmakers Show, Martinez shared who you should be hiring, the future of job boards and recruiting, the pains of rebranding, his fundraising experiences, and why his startup has three CEOs.

What Are Oversubscribed Financing Rounds?

What are oversubscribed financing rounds? Every company has a target set for the amount of financing they want to raise during each financing round. However, it is possible for them to raise more funds than they originally asked for with more interest from investors. Investors love a good investment opportunity and might be willing to invest more than you asked for if they believe in your company.

Pitching Hacks When Presenting To Investors

You’ll need several pitching hacks when presenting to investors. Pitching is a vital part of your startup life. It can also be a huge and lengthy learning curve. A luxury that many entrepreneurs don’t have.

Genius Ways To Fund Your Startup

Ready to learn about genius ways to fund your startup? Want to grow your startup into a multi-billion dollar success story? Then you are going to need funding. Many of us have heard of traditional funding methods such as getting a bank loan. Though you may need to get more creative in the early days of your venture, or access to far more capital to grow your business to really realize your vision.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Improve Your Financial Wellness

Ennie Lim has already raised several million dollars in equity, plus a $100M credit facility to help improve financial wellness in the workforce. During her appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Ennie Lim talked about turning a crisis into an opportunity, the ugly side of payday lending, pitching investors, and financial therapy.

What Is A Convertible Note?

What is a convertible note? When a startup is seeking funding, there are two main methods that they can use. One is in the form of debt, and the other is in the form of equity. However, in some cases, the investor may lend money to a startup and later want to convert the loan into ownership.

This Entrepreneur Raised $700 Million To Make Your Car Ownership Fun And Sustainable

Max-Josef Meier has started and sold companies, as well as being an angel investor himself. His latest technology company has already secured hundreds of millions of dollars in financing. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Podcast, Max shared his experiences in fundraising and acquisitions. Plus, what really makes for a successful startup, how it can be easier to ask for more money than less, and the future of getting a car.

How To Read Your Income Statement

An income statement is a financial statement that shows the revenues, expenses, and profits of a business over a set period of time such as a month or quarter. It's often referred to as an "income and expense report" or a "profit and loss statement." It tells you how much money you made, how much it cost you to make that money, and if you made a profit. It’s also a snapshot of the health of your business, you can use it to see what’s working and what isn’t.

This Entrepreneur Raised $75 Million To Build The Ultimate Immersive Gaming Platform

Bård Anders Kasin is now on his second tech start. His most recent venture has already raised a substantial amount of capital to create a whole new category of tech-driven entertainment. On the Dealmakers Show, he shared how he got started working on the Matrix movies at just 16 years old, the psychology of raising big funding rounds, and the cons of being in stealth mode. Plus, finding the right business model for you, category creation, and how his company is pushing the boundaries and is creating the next generation of technology and entertainment.

What Is A Cash Flow Statement

What is a cash flow statement? Cash flow can make or break your business. The reason for this is that if the money doesn't come in at a steady or fast enough pace, then there is not enough to maintain the business, which could end up failing. Ideally, you want to have a positive cash flow, which means that more money comes in than goes out. If your company has a positive cash flow, it will be able to pay its expenses and invest in growth.

This Entrepreneur Raised $275 Million To Get 1 Billion Electric Vehicles On the Road

John de Souza has already launched and exited three companies. His latest startup is taking on a huge and pressing problem. Their solution has already attracted substantial investment from big investors. On the Dealmakers Show, John shared his adventures in traveling the world, starting and selling companies, and his take on a potential economic downturn. Plus, how he is facilitating the massive shift to electric cars, is solving the charging problem, and the difference between electric versus green cars.

How To Convince Investors To Invest In Your Business?

How to convince investors to invest in your business? Fundraising is not just about securing a sum of money for your business’s development. It is about winning the trust, and support of individuals that are putting money into your business or product. Once you are able to get the investors to believe in your business and its growth potential, securing the actual investment will eventually follow suit.

How To Get An Investor?

How to get an investor for your startup? Funding is the financial fuel a business needs to support its business operations. An investor is someone who is willing to provide that financial support in exchange for a return on using their capital in your business. Depending upon the stage your business currently stands at, this investment may come from different sources and types of investors. That is because the amount of funding a business needs can change drastically as it grows.

This Entrepreneur Raised $79 Million To Automate Security And Compliance

Entrepreneur Shrav Mehta has already raised tens of millions of dollars for his security startup, and they have a lot of room to grow. On the Dealmakers Show, Mehta shared his insights on building your team, cyber security, and how to know you’ve got a winning startup idea, and should quit your job. Plus, fundraising, how to pitch well, and investor expectations change by funding round.

Startup Funding Stages

What are the different startup funding stages? Every startup is founded with the goal of succeeding and growing into a market leader. However, it takes time, patience, and most importantly lots and lots of funds in order for a startup to achieve the goals set by the founders. As a startup climbs the ladder of success and growth, its functions expand, its expenses grow, and it needs more funding to sustain its growth.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Simplify Development For Developers

Arjun Narayan has already raised some serious money for his tech startup. One which is helping businesses automate and make real-time improvements to customer experiences online. On the Dealmakers Show, Narayan shared the value of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the hard things early. Plus, counterintuitive selling, fundraising, and how far they take their commitment to transparency at his startup, Materialize.

What To Give An M&A Advisor To Have Them Sell Your Startup

What to give an MA advisor to have them sell your startup? If you are planning to sell your startup an M&A advisor can help you understand what goes into an acquisition and how much your company is worth. They'll also help you prepare for the negotiation process and make sure all of your financials are in order. As well as carrying you through the process to a successful closing, and being prepared to excel post-closing.

This Entrepreneur Raised $81 Million To Give You Real-Time Insights On Competitors

Jason Smith has now launched at least five startups. He successfully exited his first. Which has propelled him through to his latest venture which has attracted significant funding to help businesses operate at their best in their competitive landscape. On the Dealmakers Show, Smith talked about the importance of timing, picking a cofounder, and filtering business ideas to create a successful startup. Plus, why entrepreneurs should take a gap year to travel the world, fundraising, and how having a better handle on the competition can improve every area of your business.

Sample Investment Contract

What is a sample investment contract? When trying to raise funds for your business, you will have to prepare a variety of different legal documents in order to support the process and make sure the process runs smoothly. During the period in which you are raising money, one of the most important documents you will enter into is an investment contract.

Should I Use An M&A Advisor To Sell A Startup

Exiting a business is not nearly as simple as it sounds, and you should use an M&A advisor to sell a startup. If you are considering selling your business and want to get the best possible deal for it, you will need the assistance of a reliable professional intermediary to advise you and manage the whole process. The primary reason behind this is that a successful M&A process is rarely easy or simple.

This Entrepreneur Raised $120 Million To Trade Your Future Revenues For Non-Dilutive Capital

Paul Becker is now on his second tech startup. He has successfully raised over $120M for both of his ventures. The most recent of which aims to help SaaS companies optimize their own funding and financing. On the Dealmakers Show, Becker shared how he got started in tech, how business ideas and pivots evolve, and how to pick the right time to sell your company. Plus, we talk about fundraising, choosing your investors, and debt versus equity financing for startups.