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This Entrepreneur Raised $104 Million To Give You The Right Insight At The Right Time

Jeremy King’s tech startup has already raised over $100M on its journey to help equip B2C companies to speed up their own growth, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions. On the Dealmakers Show, King shared how the hard part of becoming an entrepreneur may not be what you think it is, the science of business consulting, how to be prepared for investor meetings, and more.

How To Know What Is The Right Employee Option Pool

As your startup business grows and you consider employing staff, it's critical to decide what should be the right amount of equity options you have to set aside for your team. Effectively sizing an equity pool is complex balancing work with which many entrepreneurs make mistakes.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Transition Every Urban Mile To Electric Vehicles

Mina Nada ditched his law degree to find something more impactful in the real world. He’s turned his once side hustle into a fast-growing global business that has already attracted $100M in financing. During this episode of the Dealmakers Show, Nada shared how he was drawn into entrepreneurship, what he learned in consulting, using debt versus equity to fund your startup, and the future of transport and delivery.

How To Educate Startup Employees About Equity

Equity compensation is a significant motivator for startup employees to join and stay engaged with their company.  As equity can be a crucial motivator for startup employees, it is often included in startup remuneration. Yet many companies aren't going above and beyond to help their employees understand and maximize their stock options. Which detracts from the value on both sides. When joining, engaging, and remaining with their organization, startup employees can benefit from more education on this topic. 

How To Write An About Us Page For Your Business

How to write an about us page for your business? The about us page is one of the first and the most supporting pages you will ever design. It reveals the story behind the business and the experts that work to bring that story to life. When visitors want to learn more about your business, they will visit the about us page.

She Sold Her Las Startup And Now Raised $51 Million To Help You Create Content That Sells

Liz Giorgi got her feet wet bootstrapping her first company. After getting that business acquired she has gone on to launch a fast-growing venture-backed startup that has already raised tens of millions of dollars. On the Dealmakers Show, Giorgi talked about bootstrapping versus VC-backed businesses, how to position your company for an acquisition, and how the markets are changing. Plus, the future of the internet, fundraising, and how to build a great team.

How To Increase MRR

How to increase MRR? MRR, or monthly recurring revenue, provides a snapshot of your company's finances. It's one of those critical indicators you keep an eye on month after month, hoping to see progress. Simply explained, it's monthly revenue generated by active clients for your business. In this article, we'll look at what this metric is, how to calculate it for your own business, and how to apply some basic strategies to help you boost your MRR. So, without further ado, let's get started.

This Entrepreneur Raised $125 Million To Create Plant-Based Chicken Products

When former tennis player Ross Mackay found himself at a crossroads in his career he took on the challenge to change what we eat. Venturing out with just a couple thousand dollars in hand, he has built a startup that has already raised $125M, to take on a twelve-figure industry. On the Dealmakers Show, Mackay shared his passion for life and business, his daring venture, and how he’s funded and grown it at an incredible pace.

The Pros And Cons Of Letters Of Intent

What are the pros and cons of letters of intent? Business transactions are difficult to negotiate and to make matters worse, the negotiations process can span over weeks and even months in certain cases. So any progress that is made during the negotiations of a deal is worth recording so both parties know that they can move on to the next step. That is where an LOI or Letter Of Intent comes into play. As the name suggests, when parties in a business deal sign this letter, they are showing intent or some level of commitment to keeping the deal going.

He Sold His First Startup For Millions And Now Raised $90 Million To Improve Accounting For SMEs

Arthur Waller is now on his second company. Having successfully exited his first startup, he has already raised a substantial amount of capital for his new fintech adventure. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Waller shared with our audience his experience with going through an acquisition, as well as strategizing fundraising, and choosing the best time to sell your startup. Plus, managing large numbers of cofounders, and the future of accounting and financial data.

How To Choose The Best Deal Structure When Selling Your Startup

How to choose the best deal structure when selling your startup? Selling a startup is a major decision for any entrepreneur. However, before the actual sale of the startup can take place, there are many sub decisions that the owners need to make. One such sub-decision is choosing the right deal structure for your business sale transaction. The right deal structure will not only make the transaction simpler but will also improve the chances of a successful sale, and the ultimate outcome. The deal structure allows both the buyer and the seller to specify terms that both parties need to accept in order to complete the sale.

How Stock Vesting Works

Ready to understand how stock vesting works in startups? Stock options are quickly becoming an integral part of employee compensation. Startups love them and employees expect them. However, simply issuing stock options at once is not going to allow a company to get the true benefits of this employee compensation method.

How To Pitch In A Venture Capital Meeting

Knowing how to pitch in a venture capital meeting is a critical skill every entrepreneur must learn. What distinguishes a memorable pitch from one that is completely forgotten? A good pitch that impacts investors is the one with a mix of attractive numbers, a demonstrated MVP, and a winning persona. However, "remarkable" does not automatically imply "profitable." The reality is that venture capitalists in Silicon Valley receive many pitches each week, but not all of those good proposals turn into the chosen ones.

He Built A $1.5 Billion Business By Improving Decision Making With Data

Matthew Scullion got an early start in entrepreneurship. Even though he grew up far from Silicon Valley his latest company has raised hundreds of millions from top VCs. Now one of the first unicorn companies from his corner of the world, his venture serves fast-moving small businesses and global corporate giants alike.

Incorporation And IP: What To Ask Your Legal Team

Incorporation and IP are closely linked aspects that every entrepreneur must figure out with the assistance of their legal teams. Intellectual property (IP) is a part of almost every business big or small, and when you are incorporating your business you have to take steps to protect your IP. Contrary to common beliefs, intellectual property is not exclusive to large companies. An IP strategy has become almost essential in today’s business world.

He Raised A $105 Million Series A Financing To Make It Easy To Choose Your Insurance

Bruce Lucas took his first startup from zero to being a billion-dollar public company. He has since raised more than $100M in funding for another venture. One which he sees as being recession-resistant. On the Dealmakers Show, Bruce Lucas shared the journey of taking a company through an IPO, fundraising, his top tips before starting a business, and his outlook on the economy and companies ready to weather what’s next.

How Mergers And Acquisitions Work

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a common activity in the corporate world. Last year saw a fresh spike in M&A transactions. While mergers and acquisitions take place in almost every industry, they are very common in the healthcare, technology, financial services, and retail sectors due to the presence of large established players that tend to acquire smaller companies. M&A can be beneficial for both parties involved.

Startup NDAs: Everything Entrepreneurs Need To Know

What are startup NDAs and what do you need to know about how they work? As an entrepreneur trying to grow your startup, you will often have to share sensitive information related to your business with outsiders. That is where NDAs or Non-Disclosure Agreements come in to protect your startup's confidential data.

He Built A $1 Billion Business By Making Your Company’s Finances Easy

Hristo Borisov is on a mission to build the world’s biggest bank, without holding a single dollar. So far they’ve raised $240M, and have been growing incredibly fast. On the Dealmakers Show Borisov shared his personal journey of going from engineer to founding, financing, and growing his unicorn tech startup. Including building a winning team, how they are transforming the finance space for businesses, and overcoming 62 investor rejections in one round.

LLC Or C-Corp For Fundraising

LLC or C Corp for fundraising--what is the better choice for an entrepreneur? Starting a business can be a daunting task and there are different aspects you have to consider when launching a startup. Startup owners have a lot on their minds, and fundraising is one of their biggest concerns. The type of entity you register your startup as can have a major impact on how your business can raise funding.

He Built A $2 Billion Business By Turning Your Data Into Meaningful Insights

Spenser Skates started flexing his skills as a tech entrepreneur when he was just 16 years old. He has since raised almost $300M for his latest venture, before taking it through an IPO. On the Dealmakers Show, Skates took us through his journey, including fundraising through a Series F round, and how to think about an IPO and your team. Plus, the real metrics that startup founders should be focusing on when it comes to driving and valuing their businesses.

Venture Capital Funding For Startups: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for information on how to raise venture capital funding for startups? Venture capital firms are the most famous source of funding for startups. They are often seen as the ‘holy grail’ of financing sources for entrepreneurs. Mostly due to the headlines they fuel, the feeling of success, and the large amounts of capital that they can provide.

This Entrepreneur Raised $150 Million To Democratize Commercial Real Estate Investing

Ryan Williams’ startup has not only raised substantial equity for his tech startup but has seen it invest in over $1B in assets. On the Dealmakers Show, Williams shared how he began exploring entrepreneurship at just 13 years old. Then went on to work in corporate America, before deciding to level the playing field in real estate and investing.

This Entrepreneur Raised $75 Million To Make Men Drastically Healthier

Sokratis Papafloratos is a serial entrepreneur who has started, built, and exited. His newest venture into digital health is his biggest and boldest yet. During his appearance on the Dealmakers Show, Papafloratos shared his journey into entrepreneurship and starting and selling business. Plus, how the game of business is changing, what it takes to compete in this new era, and his vision for men's health and wellness.

How To Negotiate An LOI

Understanding how to negotiate an LOI is a critical skill every entrepreneur must learn. Selling up is a big decision for every entrepreneur, and the sale can take several months to complete. So it almost goes without saying that there is going to be a lot of paperwork involved in a business sale. There are many complex agreements that need to be completed for a business sale to be successful. However, a Letter Of Intent or LOI is one of the initial contracts that are drafted between buying and selling parties.

He Has Created Over 2,500 Jobs With His Startups And Now Helps You Find What You Need Instantly

Arvind Jain knows the value of hard work and conviction. His passion for creating a system that solves problems has led to him being the founder and mastermind behind brilliant applications such as Glean and Rubrik. Arvind took his passion for solving problems and thought about ways that he could help everyday people to improve their lives in different ways. Arvind learned early on that innovation must be coupled with determination and effort to create a successful business. So he started by pursuing his passions and interests in school and later took the tech world by storm when he decided to launch his own business.

How To Get A Certified 409A Valuation?

As a startup owner, have you wondered how to get a certified 409A valuation? Business valuation is a common practice for every business. The valuation process is used to determine the worth of a company at any given time. However, when a company, especially a startup wants to issue stock options, they are required to get a different type of valuation known as a 409A valuation. 

She Raised A $24 Million Seed Round And Hired 400 People In 10 Months To Take On A Trillion Dollar Market

Christine de Wendel kickstarted her fintech startup with a massive $24M Seed round. Followed by an even larger Series A fundraising round, just four months later. On the Dealmakers Show, Christine de Wendel shared what it takes to successfully build a hyper-growth company. Including how to assemble a 400-person, all remote team, in seven countries, in just 10 months. Plus, the best job you can get before becoming an entrepreneur, choosing your startup idea, and how to find some work-family balance in the midst of it all.

This Entrepreneur Raised $50 Million To Create The Most Modern Payment Card Platform

After years of growing some of the most well-known financial and technology brands, John Macllwaine decided to take the reins of the future with his own fintech startup. On the Dealmakers Show, Macllwaine shared the reality of building a global business and achieving scale. Including bringing customers together with unique business models and unlocking innovation. As well as a fundraising strategy, and how a variety of work experiences can lead you to entrepreneurship.

Startup Employee Compensation: ISO vs. NSO

How to work out startup employee compensation is a critical question that most entrepreneurs face. Startups often have fewer funds at their disposal than their incumbent counterparts. This means that they have to look for alternative ways to compensate their employees instead of relying on traditional monetary compensation, and benefits. That is where employee stock options come in, and they are beneficial for both the employees and the company.

This Entrepreneur Raised $75 Million To Create High Performance Electric Motorcycles

Stefan Ytterborn started building companies when he was just 19 years old. He has now been at it for 30 years. He has launched, grown, funded, and exited. On the Dealmakers Show, Ytterborn shared his no-boundaries approach to starting companies that he is passionate about. We talked about selling companies for $65M and raising even more for his latest business. He gave us his insights on the future of transportation, how the investment space is changing, his incredible intuition about what’s going to be big next, and how you can develop it too.

How To Exercise Stock Options In Startups?

When an employee joins a startup they are walking into an uncertain employment opportunity. If the startup fails to live up to expectations, employees may have to start the job hunt all over again. The base pay isn’t always as lucrative as going to a bigger and more established corporation either. So it is natural for employees to lean on stock options as compensation for joining a startup to add to the upside potential.

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Protect Customers Of Large Corporations

Angus McDonald has gone from growing up on a rural farm, to operating a fast-growing global tech startup that has raised tens of millions of dollars in capital. On the Dealmakers Show, McDonald shared his take on fundraising strategy, handling rejections, go-to-market advantages, taking on trillion-dollar industries, and the future of insurance.

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Board Of Directors

What do startup entrepreneurs need to know about building a board of directors? A board of directors is an incredibly important part of any business. Even more so for startups with big aspirations. Unfortunately, there is a lot less knowledge and awareness, or information out there on this pivotal part of the business than for fundraising, marketing, recruiting, or even selling your company.

This Entrepreneur Raised $630 Million To Open The Doors To Homeownership

Wei Gan has brought together hundreds of millions of dollars in both equity and credit facilities to scale his startup in an incredibly fast-growing market. On the Dealmakers show Wei Gan shared his approach to fundraising. Including equity versus using non-dilutive capital. Plus, mission-driven startups, collaborating in, versus disrupting industries, and what he is doing about America’s lackluster homeownership rate.

Why Is Due Diligence Important?

Due diligence is one of the most important parts of building and operating a startup. It is also all too frequently one of the most under appreciated parts of the process of creating, maintaining, and growing a company.  As such it often becomes much harder and riskier and disruptive than it needs to be.  It […]

He Previously Built A $6 Billion Business And Now Raised $50 Million To Bring Developers And Customers Together

Serial entrepreneur Dheeraj Pandey has raised tens of millions of dollars for his latest tech startup. On the Dealmakers Show Pandey shared many of his learnings from working with brand new startups to giant corporations, as well as building, financing, and taking his own public. Plus, we talk about evolving business models, leadership, building the best teams, and the future for developers.

Difference Between For-Profit And Non-Profit

What’s the difference between a for-profit and non-profit organization? Which is right for the venture you are embarking on? Picking the right legal structure and classification for your organization is very important. It can impact everything you do and want to do in a huge way, and many diverse ways.

Tips For Selling Your Business

Check out these quick tips for selling your business that can be one of the biggest moments of your life. How well it turns out can depend a lot on the timing, your work to maximize the exit, and the steps you take to ensure a smooth process through the closing and beyond.

This Entrepreneur Raised $75 Million To Simplify Small Business Insurance

David McFarland has raised tens of millions of dollars to improve the insurance industry, and in turn, empower brokers and their small business customers to survive and thrive. On the Dealmakers Show, McFarland shared with the audience how he made the leap into entrepreneurship and has built a fast-growing business of his own. We talked about calculating risk, decision making, company culture, hiring and firing, and of course, fundraising.

How To Build A Powerful Culture

How to build a powerful culture for your startup business? Company culture has become one of the hot topics in the startup and business world. It’s not just a buzzword. Culture certainly impacts organizations in very tangible ways. It frequently makes or breaks them. It can open up their potential, or quickly tank even very successful and trendy organizations.

How To Quickly Sell Your Business

How to quickly sell your business? Whether you are selling your business out of necessity or opportunity, speed is pivotal. There are a variety of risks and advantages directly tied to the time it takes to sell a business. Everything is at stake. Yet, being one of the most unique types of business transactions, acquisitions can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of years. The mayhem that uncertainty can hit you and your company can be devastating alone.

This Entrepreneur Raised $85 Million To Reinvent The Publishing Industry

Ali Albazaz has now raised nearly $100M for his new method of publishing that is rivaling the kindle. On the Dealmakers Show Albazaz shared the struggles and successes on the journey to disrupt the publishing business. Including when you know you’ve got a successful business idea, finding the right business model, and of course, storytelling and successful pitching for startup fundraising.

How To Finish A Pitch Deck Presentation With Impact

One of the most critical skills every entrepreneur must learn is how to finish a pitch deck presentation with impact. If you are in the process of raising capital for your business via safe notes, not only do you need to understand the fundraising process well, but you also need a great pitch deck to make a good impression with investors.

How Legal Counsel Can Expedite An Acquisition

Understanding how legal counsel can expedite an acquisition is critical for every entrepreneur. When selling your startup, you have two essential goals. First, to get the optimal price and terms, and secondly, to do it quickly. Employing legal counsel makes the most sense because they can partake in the negotiation process to ensure you get the best deal possible. Attorneys provide sound legal advice, draft all the paperwork on your behalf, and ensure it gets done swiftly while protecting you.

This Entrepreneur Built A Billion Dollar Business In 2 Years By Building The Passport For The Internet

Reed McGinley-Stempel has built a very fast moving startup, raising $120M, to create a billion dollar company through the middle of a crisis. On the Dealmakers Show Reed talked about how businesses are sabotaging their own success with passwords, authentication, and online forms, what he has learned about picking the right time, and the top objectives in onboarding new hires. As well as how his company is creating a new passport for the internet. 

How To Increase Business Success

How to increase business success, and elevate your future chances of winning? Everyone wants their business to be a success. Clearly wanting it alone isn’t always enough. Nearly 6M businesses can be started each year, just in the US. You’ve probably only heard of a handful of them.

How Dilution Impacts The Outcome For Entrepreneurs

How dilution impacts the outcome for entrepreneurs and their startups? Dilution is a major factor in startup businesses. It is hugely influential on outcomes, and in many ways for the founders themselves. This is also one of the factors which new entrepreneurs frequently overlook in the rush to get going, and the chaos of getting to market and everything else involved. Still, it only takes getting it wrong once to really learn your lesson. Hopefully, that doesn’t come at the cost of the next 10 years of your work.

This Entrepreneur Raised $250 Million To Modernize Legal Workflows

Troy Pospisil has been on both sides of the table. Both investing in companies, and more recently raising $250M for his own startup. On the Dealmakers Show Pospisil shared how he prepared himself to take the leap as a serious entrepreneur, the two economic factors to test to see if you have a real business, the fundraising process, and the difference between good products, good businesses, and good investments.

How To Attract A Family Office To Invest In Your Business

How to attract a family office to invest in your business? Is an investment from a family office the right move for funding your business? Family offices can provide valuable capital to startups, existing businesses, and even funds. If your company needs more capital, they could be a great choice.

How To Create A Sense Of Urgency When Fundraising

As a founder, how can your startup create that all-important sense of urgency needed to fill up your next fundraising round? In other words, how to create a sense of urgency when fundraising? Without a sense of urgency, nothing is going to happen even if you have nailed it on your business model. You are going to burn a lot of time, money, energy, and labor on preparing and running a fundraising campaign. All for a few results. Why do you need to master this? What are some practical ways you can compel investors to step up?

This Entrepreneur Raised $100 Million To Create Sustainable Materials With Mushroom Technology

Eben Bayer appears to have struck on a truly remarkable solution for more environmentally friendly materials, with massive potential. His startup has already raised over $150M in capital. On the Dealmakers Show Bayer shared plenty about his journey. Including quitting your first job, on the first day, landing your first investor, spinning off businesses, and the three critical elements needed to have a successful business.

What Is An Option Pool?

An option pool is a form of compensation where a company rewards those who contribute to its health and future with an equity share. This is paid from a “pool” of shares the company keeps aside specifically for this purpose. This typically happens when entrepreneurs validate their business model and go out to build a corporation with a team around it.

Private Placement Memorandum: When To Use It

Small private companies raise funds without going public from selected investors using a Private Placement Memorandum or PPM. A PPM allows companies to get investment for their business without actually having to register their stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC to the same extent as a public company.

Common Mistakes When Issuing Stock Options To Employees

What are the common mistakes when issuing stock options to employees? Stock options have become an integral part of compensation in the market. Today, many employees expect to get stock options when joining an organization. However, the process of issuing stock options is not easy and there is the risk of serious mistakes at the time of issuance. The companies issuing stock options for the first time are especially prone to making mistakes when issuing stock options.

This Entrepreneur Raised One Of The Largest Pre-Seed Financing Rounds Ever

Cesar Jimenez raised a $60M pre-seed funding round for one of his startups. After the financial crisis of 2008, this entrepreneur vowed to keep on going, and currently operates two successful ventures. On the Dealmakers Show, Cesar Jiminez shared his story of dealing with crises and working through a business failure. As well as how he found the way forward to do even better with his two most recent companies.

Asset Purchase Agreements: Everything Entrepreneurs need to Know

An Asset Purchase is a less well-known form of business acquisition in which the buyer doesn’t buy the shares of the target company, but buys the assets instead. Common scenarios when asset purchase is sometimes preferred is when the buyer wants to acquire the assets of the target business instead of acquiring the complete business entity.

This Entrepreneur Went From 110 Investor Rejections To Raising $60 Million In Just 48 Hours

Clayton Gardner has raised $75M in capital to modernize investing. His startup is already helping tens of thousands of individual investors diversify into new asset classes with ease. On the Dealmakers Show Gardner talked about learning investing, getting your reps in, different asset classes, fundraising, what to do when your startup is running out of money, pivots, and building successful companies.

What Is A SWOT Analysis?

What is SWOT analysis? How is it used in startups? What are the parts of this type of business analysis you’ll need to pull together? A SWOT analysis is one of the most fundamental parts of a business. It has many applications throughout your journey and operations. This is true even if you don’t plan to go seek outside funding from VC firms yet. Nailing this research and diagram can make a huge difference in your survival, traction, and how big you get. So, what is it? How do you present and prepare one? What do you need to include?

He Sold His First Company For $100 Million And Now Raised $250 Million To Create Electric School Buses

Duncan McIntyre took his first renewable energy startup through to a great exit. He is now on his second venture, which is making great strides in improving sustainability and creating greener cities. On the Dealmakers Show McIntyre revealed the process of going full cycle, how he prepared for entrepreneurship, and how he raised over $250M for his latest business. Plus, private equity versus venture capital firms, and his top advice when launching a business.

Selling Your Business? Start With An NDA

Every successful business has a secret sauce that gives it an edge over the rest of its competitors. Companies take regular steps to ensure that their confidential information remains a secret and doesn’t get leaked to outsiders. However, when you are selling your business, you may have to disclose confidential information to parties that are interested in purchasing your business.

How Shareholder Agreements Work

Shareholders are key stakeholders of a company as they own a portion of the company in the form of stocks. So in short, a shareholder shares the ownership of a business with various other shareholders. Since there is no limit on how many shareholders a company can have, it is important to keep everything in order between the shareholders and the company through a legally binding agreement.

10 Most Active Companies Buying Startups

The phenomenon of active companies buying startups is becoming increasingly common in today’s world. Unicorns are booming in the current market and not the magical sparkly kind. Unicorn is a coined term that refers to startup companies or businesses that are valued at $1B or more.

LOI: How To Draft One And What To Include

An LOI can be a robust tool for enabling collaborations. Business transactions involve a lot of back and forth before the parties involved can come to an agreement. Since business deals require valuable time and effort, all parties involved in a transaction may want to make sure that there is at least a basic agreement in place before they commit more effort to negotiations.

This Entrepreneur Raised $80 Million To Take The Drill And Needle Out Of Dental Visits

Mike Cataldo is now on his second healthcare startup. After a successful exit on his first venture, his new company is rolling out a whole line of new innovative products in the dental space. On the Dealmakers Show Cataldo shared his experiences in raising capital, the process of going through an acquisition, and the four tenents of effective hiring and teamwork.

Types Of M&A Advisors For Startup Acquisitions

What are the types of M&A advisors for startup acquisitions? An M&A advisor helps businesses through the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. Whether you are a startup business or a large corporation, you will undoubtedly want to collaborate with an M&A advisor if you are considering a transaction that involves purchasing a new business, selling a startup, or merging your current startup with other companies.

How To Negotiate An Asset Purchase Agreement

When a company is being sold, the selling party usually has two options for selling their business. The sale can either be structured as an asset purchase, or it can be structured as a stock purchase. When two parties decide to choose the asset purchase structure, they have to agree to an asset purchase agreement that contains the key details of the asset purchase. It is in the best interest of both the buyer and seller to use a formal asset purchase agreement because the agreement specifies various aspects of the purchase.

Biggest Startup Acquisitions Of All Time

One thing corporations enjoy doing with their money is acquiring other businesses in big merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions. Every day in the business world, the big players are taking out their competition by purchasing them. The great majority of takeovers involve middle-market and micro-market enterprises, but often only the multi-billion-dollar purchases receive news attention.

How To Evaluate An LOI For Your Startup Acquisition

As an entrepreneur, you should know how to evaluate an LOI for your startup acquisitions. For a good reason, a letter of intent (LOI) is frequently among the first documents prepared in a merger and acquisition transaction. An LOI is a vital first step since it establishes an essential foundation for the acquisition, which aids in the negotiation of the final agreements.

He Pulled Off His First IPO At Just 29 And Is Now Helping Cannabis Brands To Grow Quicker

Raymond Nobu-Chang has had a series of highly successful startup launches and exits. That includes taking his first company public when he was just 29. On the Dealmakers Show, Raymond Chang shared with the audience what he has focused on to build big, successful companies, and take them all the way across the finish line. Including raising the capital, generating $100M in sales in the first 12 months of opening, and how he thinks about dilution.

Tax Implications For Startups

What are the tax implications for startups? As you begin to get your feet off the ground, it might seem a little too early even to start considering taxes and how you can reduce them. But in truth, you are in the best position you can be to not only restructure your business but plan for how your business can get important tax benefits and deductions, and avoid unnecessarily large bills.

How Employee Stock Options Work?

How employee stock options work? Employee compensation has evolved over the years. There has been an addition of new incentives on top of the basic salary. One compensation method that has risen in popularity in recent years is stock options. Employee stock options are an investment based incentive that allows employees to make a good amount of money down the road, if the company and their work is successful.

Series A Funding: Everything Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Ready to raise a Series A funding round for your startup? Here’s what you need to know first.The Series A is a very important funding round for startups and their founders. This is often the first real institutional funding round. It is a big leap from seed, pre-seed, and friends and family rounds.

This Entrepreneur Took His Cannabis Startup From Zero To $200 Million In Revenue In Just 4 Years

Jim Cacioppo has experienced being on all sides of the table. Including investing in companies, starting and growing them, and acquiring them. His current venture has gone from launch to hundreds of millions in revenue, and becoming a public company in just a few years. On the Dealmakers Show Jim Cacioppo shared his journey into investing in, growing and buying businesses. As well as how his approach to team building has helped, and rasing $35M with just an idea and a pitch deck

Benefits Of LLCs For Entrepreneurs

When you research the benefits of LLCs for entrepreneurs, you’ll find that it is highly advantageous. Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to set up a business. These unique individuals are willing to put in the effort when others aren’t. However, they aren’t immune to the risks of launching a company. It is also always wise to be sure everything is optimized.

How To Find A Mentor For Your Startup

How to find a mentor for your startup? A mentor can propel your startup forward by detecting potential flaws in your startup and model ahead of time. Moreover, they can work closely with you to help fix these flaws so they don’t turn into major problems down the road. They can also enable you to see greater potential and angles you may have overlooked.

How To Pitch Your Business To Family And Friends

How to pitch your business to family and friends? What’s the best way to pitch your friends and family with your business idea? Family and friends play an integral part of launching and running any business. There are actually a variety of reasons to pitch them with your business idea.

Negotiation Tactics For Acquisitions

Every entrepreneur should learn negotiation tactics for acquisitions. Negotiation is a process in which two or more parties with their own wants and interests debate an issue in order to reach an agreement. Negotiation skills are vital in business for both casual day-to-day interactions and formal transactions such as negotiating employment terms, service delivery terms, […]

This Entrepreneur Raised $60 Million To Use Data For Customer Benefit

Mark Hookey bootstrapped and took one startup through to an exit before raising tens of millions of dollars for his most recent company. A venture which is working to empower businesses to get better data, and be able to use it more efficiently and effectively. On the Dealmakers Show Hookey talked us through his adventures building businesses in many parts of the world. Including raising capital in different countries and continents, using extension rounds to grow, and managing acquisitions and integrations. 

How To Ask Your Family And Friends To Fund Your Startup

How to ask family and friends to fund your startup? In other words, what’s the right and best way to ask your family and friends to help with funding your startup? Businesses run on money. Finances are even more important for smaller new ventures. Having your friends and family participate in this can be an important step in growing your company to where you want it to be. 

He Sold His First Company For $80 Million And Now Raised $100 Million To Fuel Psychedelics

Cosmo Fielding Mellen has been making huge strides in fueling the second psychedelic renaissance. This time with a professional pharmaceutical theme.  On the Dealmakers Show, Cosmo shared the journey of getting your emerging ideas taken seriously, gaining visibility, to getting funded, and beyond. He has worked with the likes of Richard Branson, and many other pioneering entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world. His latest venture has put $100M in the bank to forward this revolution to becoming accepted in the mainstream. 

How Much Is A Lawyer Consultation For Startups?

How much is a lawyer consultation for startups? New startups rarely have the legal expertise on board inhouse to handle compliance and other legal matters. Many legal hurdles can potentially harm your startup if you are not getting the required legal support.

How Stock Options Work In Startups?

How stock options work in startups? Stock options have become a popular mode of compensation for employees. Since startups often struggle with affording competitive salaries for their employees, stock options make for a great incentive for employees to stick around. Stock options are offered by startups to their employees, so they may agree to work for lower salaries.

She Sold Her Last Company For Millions And Now Is On A Mission To Create Sustainable Brands

Marci Zaroff has had a string of startup successes. She has raised, launched, grown, and sold a variety of brands that enable us to live the change, eat the change, drink the change, be the change, and wear the change that we all wish to see in the world. During her appearance on the Dealmakers Show Marci shared the 5 P’s driving her long career in transforming industries to become healthier and more eco-friendly. We talked about developing supply chains, raising money, and picking your investors and acquirers wisely. 

How To Talk To Customers

Knowing how to talk to customers is one of the most critical elements of success for business, and especially startups.  Unfortunately, most startups don’t do it enough, and it bankrupts them, and starves them of cash. Many other businesses just haven’t nailed talking to customers in the right way. 

Seed Round: Everything Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Thinking of raising a seed round for your startup? Here’s what you need to know… The seed round is a critical stage for raising capital to fund and advance an early stage startup. It may be your most important round. So, when should you start raising it? What do you need in order to secure the financing you want? How do you get the investors on board? Let’s take a look at what entrepreneurs need to know about this stage of funding for their startups, and how to excel at it…

How To Plan A Startup Acquisition

How to plan a startup acquisition? Sooner or later your startup business is very likely to end up being acquired. Rather than leaving that to chance or giving the other side all of the power in the situation doesn’t seem smart. That's considering how much you have and will put into this venture. So, what are the parts of planning a successful acquisition?

This Entrepreneur Took Two Startups To IPO And Now Raised $375 Million To Do Healthcare Differently

Allon Bloch is a repeat founder who has been with at least two ventures through going public so far. His newest venture has raised nearly $400M to disrupt and transform a third industry. On the Dealmakers Podcast Block recently shared his adventures in startups. Including what he’s learned about the reality of markets and the economy, betting on yourself, starting up in a crowded marketplace, and gaining the perspective of being on the other side of the table as an investor too. 

What To Include In Your Startup Acquisition Data Room

What to include in your startup acquisition data room? Years ago, when a business was sold, the buyer would request financial and historical company documentation as part of the due diligence process. These records would be kept in a secure facility that would be monitored at all times.

How Cofounders Should Think About Equity Splits

How cofounders should think about equity splits when launching a new venture? Cofounder splits can end up being one of the most important factors for startups and entrepreneurs. There are a variety of common pitfalls, which if overlooked and ruin everything else. While a smart start can provide excellent advantages and a superior path to growth.

This Entrepreneur Raised $125 Million To Help You Shop And Buy In Seconds

Allison Barr Allen, an early member of Uber, and angel investor, has now helped raise over $100M for the payments startup she co-founded. On the Dealmakers Show, Barr Allen recently shared how she became an accidental entrepreneur, what she learned about startup fundraising from the lens of being an investor herself, and how to grow your business fast. 

Legal Stages Of An Acquisition

What are the legal stages of an acquisition? Whether the founders desire to remain with the company or detach themselves from it, the occurrence of an acquisition is almost inevitable in the long run for most entrepreneurs. Understanding the process and getting the right help will be critical, and make all the difference in the ultimate outcome.

This Entrepreneur Raised $75 Million To Save You Money On Auto Loans

Kevin Bennett has been on a mission to transform consumers’ financial relationships with their cars. His startup has already raised tens of millions of dollars from notable investors and is growing rapidly. On the Dealmakers Show, Bennett shared his journey into entrepreneurship. We talked about how to get through the tough days as a startup founder, learning the life cycle of startups, the value of coaches and advisors, and sustainable competitive advantages. Plus, fundraising and landing investors.

How To Easily Raise Capital For Any Startup

How to easily raise capital for any startup? What are the best strategies you can use? Startups need capital. To go big, go fast, and have a big impact, the vast majority of businesses are going to need a financial injection. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of ways to finance a business from the pre-seed stage through to the exit. These are some of the easy and innovative ways to fund your venture today.

He Sold His First Startup To Microsoft And Now Raised $200 Million To Deliver AI-Powered Recruiting

Anoop Gupta had his first startup acquired by Microsoft, just 18 months after launching. He has now raised nearly $200M for his current company. On the Dealmakers Show Gupta detailed his journey from falling in love with academia, to startups, corporate, and back to the freedom of entrepreneurship again. Including what you learn from your first startup, pivoting and creating fast-growth companies, and the future of recruiting and finding a job match for tech talent.

How An M&A Advisor Helps You During An Acquisition

How an M&A advisor helps you during an acquisition? You've decided to sell your business, and now it's time to start preparing it for sale. Hiring a merger and acquisitions advisor to assist you in selling your business can provide enormous amounts of help over selling it on your own.

What Is An M&A Advisor?

What is an M&A advisor? There are consultants and advisors on all sides of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) world. These include investment banks that operate as middlemen in megamergers, law firms that perform due diligence and contractual work. Change management experts that provide advice during the post-merger integration phase are also M&A advisors.

Creative Business Ideas

Creative business ideas form the cornerstone of any new venture. Want to start a business of your own? Need to come up with a new idea? Check out these creative business ideas, and some principles for coming up with your own.

Startup Employees: How Much Should You Pay First Employees?

How much should you pay first employees? That’s one question every entrepreneur faces at some time. Has the time come for you to start expanding your startup business? Do daily operations seem to be overwhelming you, or are there simply not enough hours in the day? Then looking for your first employees could be the route to the next stage and scaling your business.